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Jan Carley square I could barely tear myself away from the TV to write this newsletter.

Watching the incredible athletic prowess and dedication that enables an athlete to get to the Olympics and imagining the mental fortitude needed to deal with their competition results is truly awe-inspiring.  With events sometimes won by a mere 3/100th of a second, it makes the 'every moment counts' concept so paramount to success. 

Read the feature article below for my Olympic Success Pentathlon to add some gold medal steps to your winning formula.


 Jan Carley BA, CEC, PCC  

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Feature Article: 5 Keys to Olympic-Style Success

Olympic fever has gripped all parts of the world.  In honour of the 2014 Olympic Games, I have created a winter success Pentathlon: five sports which, if mastered, will help you achieve success in any business or life project.   The Start, The Foundation, The Strategy, The Risk and The Support are symbolized by our 5 pentathlon sports.  Be sure to participate in all 5 sports to ensure Olympic-style success.




Event # 1    LUGE -  The Start is critical  

The START is a critical component of any project, yet getting started is often the hardest part. Put simply, the start sets you in motion. Without the start, there can be no finish.  

In the Luge, one of the most dangerous sports in the Olympic Games, the start is the most critical part of the race and the only part of the race where the athlete has control over the outcome. A great amount of force is required to get the luger moving at the start of the course and then gravity takes over.  

Like the luge, it might take a lot to get yourself moving and lift your project or business off the ground but once you have begun, another energy will take over and keep the momentum going.  Set yourself up for success with the other 4 Success Pentathlon events and you will be sure to start smart.   


Event # 2     FIGURE SKATING - Make sure you have a Strong Foundation  

Although we get swept away watching the breathtaking triple axels and quadruple jumps of figure skating competitors, every basic foundational technical element must be rock-solid before one even contemplates successful execution of the more demanding jumps. Technical mastery is at the foundation of every move the skater makes.  What we get to witness at the Olympics is that beautiful moment when the skater transcends technique.  

How does this apply to your project or business?  You have to have a strong foundation upon which to build innovation and possibility. You must ensure your foundation is in place, that you have done the pre-work before you attempt the big jump. Having the foundational elements in place will allow you to Start (Event #1) with confidence.  


Event # 3   CURLING -  

Planning and Strategizing   

Although for some, the pace of a curling match seems excruciating slow, the time spent in planning and strategizing ensures a curling team's success. Strategizing is a decision-making process each team goes through before, during and after a game.  Described as 'chess on ice', curling embodies extensive planning components such as setting goals, making game plans, deciding game style, shot selection and ongoing game evaluation.  

Strategic planning to ensure success is a concept often overlooked in our excitement and drive to get a project moving. To effectively launch a project or program the pre-planning must be in place (vision, purpose, strategies, and action plans) and you must build in provisions for ongoing evaluation and revisions.  A goal without an action plan is just a good idea.  



Ski Jumping Event # 4   SKI JUMPING -  You have to take risks   

In ski jumping, the goal is to fly as far as possible in the air (and with style).

If you want to achieve your greatest success you have to let go of solid ground and be prepared for a little 'air time'.  The scary bits are the pieces that really pay off.  How big are you willing to play?  If you aren't feeling slightly uncomfortable as you launch a project or program, you probably aren't playing big enough.  The bigger the dream, the bigger the self-doubt.  Now breathe...and jump!


Event # 5   HOCKEY  - Support ensures success 

Like a successful hockey team, in order to achieve any goal you need to have support. A great team is there for each other, and anticipates where and how to back each other up.  Good teams become great teams when they trust each other enough to sacrifice the 'me' for the 'we'.  If you are heading out alone as a 'me' on your journey, you will find that you are more vulnerable, and therefore more susceptible to getting knocked down in challenging times.  Enlist support from every possible corner. Line up your fans, keep your focus on the greater 'we'.


The Start, The Foundation, The Strategy, The Risk, The Support - Your Keys to Olympic-Style Success.   

Lightbulb of the Month

blue lightbulb


 "Breathing... is always the best solution"   

-Patrick Chan, Canadian silver medalist figure skater (when interviewed about how he approaches a challenging quad jump in competition)  



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Jan Carley is a Professional Certified Executive Coach credentialed with the International Coach Federation. She specializes in coaching high-achieving individuals and teams to focus and clarify their vision and leverage their signature strengths to maximize their performance potential. She is Associate Faculty of the renowned Royal Roads University Executive Coaching Program and is a certified facilitator of the Strength Deployment Inventory TM. 

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