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Jan Singing with Lions Gate Chorus Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! It's a perfect day to connect with my loyal readers and let you know how grateful I am for your comments, feedback and support of my coaching work over the past year.  You rock! 

I am heading to Honolulu in a few weeks for the Sweet Adeline International a cappella singing competition. I sing with the 120-person Lions Gate Chorus from Vancouver, BC and last International competition we proudly came home with 3rd place Bronze medals.  Since that time I have been busy coaching our chorus members and leaders on the mental mastery part of competing and how to go beyond self-imposed limitations to achieve a personal and group peak performance onstage.

Identify your self-imposed barriers to success by reading my feature article below and working through the  free pdf  Break your Glass Ceiling Worksheet.

To your success! 


 Jan Carley BA, CEC, PCC  

Professional Certified Executive Coach   

Creative Coaching Group e:jan@creativecoachinggroup.com 

Feature Article: Breaking Your Glass Ceiling

woman breaking through glass ceiling The glass ceiling metaphor that describes the invisible, unbreakable barrier that keeps women and minorities from rising to the top of the corporate ladder (regardless of their qualifications or achievements) is a well-documented sad reality. However, the even more insidious and crippling barriers to success are our self-imposed limitations - our own 'glass ceiling'.     


What limits do you put on your success?  What barriers are you creating that hold you back and keep you playing small?  I bet everyone has experienced first-hand the effects of having limiting beliefs about your capacity and level of success you could have in your life. Maybe those limiting beliefs prevented you from pursuing a new job, a new adventure, or even a new relationship.   Some of our limiting beliefs were taught to us, some were modeled for us by our elders and some we learned or picked up by osmosis. Some were arrived at by as little as one simple off-hand comment from a teacher or a sibling, years earlier. We then attached importance to that comment, gave energy to it, and that limiting belief became our truth.  


To conquer these limiting beliefs and break through our glass ceiling, we need to have an awareness of the barriers we put in our way and the things we do to sabotage our success. Awareness is the first critical step to change. Once aware, we must then be willing to change.  We must be willing to think differently, to risk, explore, be vulnerable and even sometimes fail in order to get different results.   By taking responsibility for rung of the success ladder on which we are standing, we take the first important step to breaking our own glass ceiling.    


What messaging do you give yourself about success? How often do the words "I can't do..." pop into your head? We now know that we can rewire our thinking and our view of success. The brain does and can change with repeated and directed attention toward that desired change.  "The brain is not like a computer that has fixed wiring and connections. Every aspect of you is created by the brain revising itself in response to your interactions in the world... How you define yourself - the person you are - is a product of plastic changes in your brain." - Neuroscientist Michael M. Merzenich, PhD, at the University of California


Our human capacity is infinite. We can't be sure right now what our life possibilities are so why limit them? All through history people - ordinary folk like you and me - have achieved the impossible against all odds.  Boundaries have been constantly stretched and unthinkable dreams have become everyday norms.  All you need is a belief in possibility and a willingness to break your own glass ceiling and commit to your greatest success.    


Are you ready?


Click here to download your BREAK YOUR GLASS CEILING PDF WORKSHEET and work through the six steps to help you move past your internal barriers.


Don't have a printer handy? Then grab a piece of paper and work through the following steps to create a new success paradigm. 

1/ Success Vision - If anything were possible in your life, what would be there?  Let your mind go and write down your vision of your most successful life. 

2/ What if? - Determine your What if? possibilities. If your Success Vision were possible, what would that mean for your life? How would you feel? What would change for you?  

3/ Limiting Beliefs  - Identify the limiting beliefs you have around your Success Vision. What thoughts do you have that conflict with the attainment of your Success Vision?  

4/ Truth Meter - Put your limiting beliefs up to extreme scrutiny on the Truth Meter.  Assess your limiting belief statements on a scale of 1-10 as to how true your statements are. Are your beliefs absolutely true?  

5/ Embrace the Possibilities - Check your truth meter. If any of your limiting beliefs are not 100% true, you can decide to change them.  Ask yourself how you need to shift your thinking in order to begin to moving into your Success Vision.  

6/ Act - Now that you have created a new success paradigm for yourself you can begin living into that vision by creating incremental small steps that move you forward.  Click here to download a free chapter on goal-setting from my book, Harmony from the Inside Out, to create your Action Plan.

Lightbulb of the Month

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"The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible."  


-Arthur Clarke, Screenplay co-writer 2001: A Space Odyssey     

Breaking Your Glass Ceiling Coaching Special with Jan
If you are ready, then so am I! If you completed the  Breaking Through exercise pdf download and know that it is time for you to move past your self-imposed limitations and into your greatest success, then why don't you let me help launch you?

I have three openings in my schedule if you want to get going immediately and intensely in a 3-hour glass ceiling smashing coaching session by telephone. 

3 hour glass breaking coaching intensive with Jan Carley
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About Jan Carley

Jan Carley square Jan is a Professional Certified Executive Coach credentialed with the International Coach Federation. She is passionate about inspiring high-achieving individuals and teams to acknowledge their signature brilliance, leverage their strengths and focus their actions to maximize their performance potential. Jan combines creativity and positive, whole brain thinking to support and energize transformative change through her signature harmony from the inside out coaching approach.

3rd edition of Jan's book  

The 3rd edition of Jan's popular book, Harmony from the Inside Out, is now available for purchase and includes a bonus 50-page Action Guide download.  Purchase the book online at www.harmonyfromtheinsideout.com


Jan lives in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, and is available for individual and team coaching, workshops, and speaking engagements worldwide. PCC logo

Contact Jan at 604 873-1763 

email: jan@creativecoachinggroup.com


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