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Jan Carley squareHappy New Year! I was recently back east visiting my 88-year old  mom and as I began writing this month's article about how to "Live Your Vision", I realized that the experience of living with my mom at her retirement residence for 10 days had considerably shifted my perspective. You see, my mom is living with advanced Parkinson's disease and every simple motor task that we take for granted is a huge physical challenge for her. As I watched my mom spend 15 minutes struggling just to get her arm through her sweater sleeve while getting dressed, I thought about how amazingly courageous she is, and marvelled at her spirit to "keep on keepin' on."


In contrast, I thought about how quickly most of us routinely give up on our goals and dreams each year. I wondered what it would take for us to have the guts to dig deeper, step up and follow-through and how we could get the courage and access our inner strength to really make good on our good intentions. 


I hope my article below gives you some ideas and inspiration to "keep on keepin' on" with your hopes and dreams for 2013.


To a year of possibilities!

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Feature Article: How to make good on your good intentions

It is the beginning of a new year. A new page. This year will be different. This year you will finally ...(get a new job, get out of debt, lose weight... you fill in the blanks). 365 days of promise and potential laid out before you like a shiny, clean, freshly Zambonied skating rink. So how's it going?


little boy taking a gutsy chanceI know we fully intend to follow through on what we say we want for our lives, but sadly, only 12% of us will keep on with our goals, resolutions and New Year's commitments past January. In fact, many of us will have abandoned our plans already. So why do we give up? Why don't we keep working toward what we SAY we really want? I asked a few of my friends why they abandon their dreams, or don't ultimately put 100% effort into achieving what they say is important to them each year and their top 5 answers were:

1/ Other stuff (life) gets in the way

2/ I don't have the time

3/ Fear of change/or the unknown

4/ I'm not 100% sure what I want

5/ It seems too big/I don't know how to get started


Do any of those sound familiar to you?


Yup! Me too. Are you willing to make the choice to make 2013 different? Do you have the guts to ditch the excuses and follow through this year? Here are some strategies to help.





It is important to have a big- picture compelling vision for your life to keep you inspired. We did this work last month. Did you miss it?  Click here to download the article and worksheets and create your BIG HAIRY 10 Year Vision (H.A.I.R.Y = Heartfelt, Aligned, Irresistible, Rockin' and Yours). Keep your Big HAIRY Vision in mind and present for yourself as you create your smaller, measurable, incremental goals.



You have to make space for what you want in 2013 , for a new paradigm or new way of being. If there is a bunch of junk in the way (be it physical clutter, mental, emotional or spiritual ), you aren't going to have space for what you really want. Let go of everything that you do not wish to carry with you in this New Year. Some create a ritual of writing down and then burning what they want to let go of. Some of you may need to do a physical clearing of clutter, or other potential things in your way (eg/ getting rid of the bag of cookies in your cupboard). And like anyone living in a snowy climate knows, you must keep the driveway shovelled regularly. Keep your path clear.  



Take an objective and laser-like magnified look at where you are RIGHT NOW. Click here to download my simple JOY METER exercise and identify where you are (without judgement) in all areas of your life.

Ask yourself, what one thing, if shifted, would increase your joy meter in each area?

Then get clear - Which area(s) are most important to tackle first this year?



Motivational pioneer, Tony Robbins, was reported as saying that most people overestimate what they can achieve in a year, and massively underestimate what they can achieve in a decade. So keep your big HAIRY vision in mind and then set specific, measurable goals for the ways in which you will shift your Joy Meter this year. Make sure your planning is realistic. Remember the power of incremental improvement. Each step forward is a step forward! Plan wisely! 



It is important to get real and identify the current or possible roadblocks to achieving what you want. Take the energy out of the roadblocks by "calling them out". Ask yourself what is in the way RIGHT NOW of you beginning to shift your joy meter and moving into your Big HAIRY vision. Make a big 'ol list of what's in the way for you. Keep writing until you run out of obstacles. (Eg/ I am not feeling well/ I have a backlog of work/ My kids are sick/ My house is a mess/My in-laws are coming to visit)

Then ask yourself: "What are the possible things may pop up for me and get in the way of my moving ahead after I have started?" Yup - think ahead to all of the possible roadblocks you may encounter this year as you move forward toward your goals. The things that will conspire to take you off track. (Hint: Think of what in the past has ultimately caused you to abandon a dream or goal. eg/ Work pressures/Fatigue/Laziness/Money pressures)



Remember the formula: Talk-Action = Zero. If you do not take action, nothing will happen. Commit to at least one action per day to move you forward in the area you want to shift. Commit to imperfect action once a day vs. perfect inaction.



Sign up and pay the money for that course, that program or that professional membership. Signing up and paying is not necessarily a guarantee that you will follow through but laying down bucks will generally start you on a road to commitment. Sign up, pay up and then up the ante by adding Step # 8.



Are you gutsy enough to really commit? Tell lots of people what your plans and dreams are. Tell them what you are working towards this year. Tell them what you are committed to. Tell your family, your friends, your co-workers, your dog, your local barista, and your hair stylist. Not only will going public provide a feeling of accountability, it will also get you excited, enthused, and even more committed to your dream. Take your planning past the point of no return.



There is no rule that says you have to start Jan. 1st. There is no rule that says you have to do anything in a certain way. The point is to take action toward your dream and have the courage to keep on keepin' on (even when, and especially when, you don't want to). Be courageous! Jump!



Decide what kind of support you need to keep you on track. Do you need someone reminding you of your HAIRY Vision on a daily basis? Do you need someone checking in and woo hoo'ing at each incremental success-point? Do you need someone to simply encourage you to keep going?   Decide what you need, and then ASK for that support. 

Lightbulb of the Month

blue lightbulb 

"Courage is signing up for a journey that has no end."

                                                                              -Tony McCandless


Feeling gutsy?  Want big success this year? Let me help!

Jan CarleyHaving a coach to whom you can be accountable, and who will inspire, guide, prod and help you leverage your brilliance is a sure-fire way to ensure the success of your dreams, goals, and vision.  If this is the year for you to seriously invest in your future, please contact me right away.  I have a few spots for individual one-on-one coaching clients open right now!

Email me to set up a complimentary 30 minute coaching consultation session to see if coaching with me is the right fit for you. Email jan@creativecoachinggroup.com     www.creativecoachinggroup.com

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