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News from the Woods -- March 17, 2015

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Hello from Forests for Maine's Future:

In this edition of our e-newsletter you'll find links to interesting articles about forests in

Raindrops on fern. (Photo The Rankin File)

Maine, New England and around the globe:


Faking it on Maine Maple Sunday (because Mother Nature may not be in the mood to help)

Appalachian Mountain Club adds 4,311 acres, including Baker Mountain, to its holdings.

Governor's plan for managing public lands comes under fire. And . . .  governor faulted for withholding land conservation funds.

Learning to love winter camping at Hidden Valley.

The Charter of the Forest: older than the Magna Carta, this ancient document changed Britons' use of the countryside.

Post fire logging can reduce fuels for future forest fires for four decades.

Northeastern forest soils continue to lose carbon decades after being logged.

Gene variants provide clues to which pines will be able to cope with climate change.

There's nothing rotten about deadwood.

In case you missed it, check out our February Fresh from the Woods feature on mechanical harvesting in the southern part of Maine. Or our January feature on wood heat in Maine. Coming later this month, a feature on woodlot management for the birds.
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