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News from the Woods -- March 3, 2015

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Pellets, birch sap, saving forest seeds, wildlife in winter


Hello from Forests for Maine's Future:


In this edition of our e-newsletter you'll find links to interesting articles about forests 

Trilliums. (Photo: The Rankin File)

in Maine, New England and around the globe:


Gov. LePage's plan could make forestry state's top priority on its public lands. And . . . questions raised about plan to cut more timber on state's public lands.

It's not just you . . . wildlife has it hard during winters this long and cold too.


High demand leads to shortages of wood pellets.

Event marks completion of a project to protect Orbeton Stream valley from development.


Researchers say tropical forests are vanishing faster than previously thought.


For the first time tree seeds will be stored in Finland's seed ark. 


Kenya enlists farmers in protecting the country's crucial high altitude forests.


Birch sap from Finland -- will it be the next trendy drink?


In case you missed it, check out our latest Fresh from the Woods feature on mechanical harvesting machines at work on the smaller woodlots of southern Maine. Or, perhaps, our January Fresh from the Woods feature on wood heat in Maine. If you know of someone who is interested in the Maine forest, please forward our newsletter, to them and encourage your local media to use our monthly Fresh from the Woods features as well.


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