April 1, 2014



The next two weeks are jam-packed with great Artist Trust workshops, events and opportunities, so this edition of (re)Source is dedicated to highlighting everything we've got in store for you in the near future!


Come listen to the newest Literary EDGE grads share their work at Elliott Bay Book Company. Drop in for Artist Happy Hour in Spokane. Join our team and help to expand our community statewide as a speaker for the Artist Trust At Large program (and get paid to do it!). Or get connected with fellow artists and learn how to take that next (or first!) step in your artistic career with I Am An Artist in Spokane. 


We look forward to seeing you at one of our events soon!  

Artist Trust At Large: Liberty Lake, Long Beach & Centralia
Melissa Cole, Riverdance,  Public Work Lobby of Spokane Convention Center, mixed media, acrylic, mosaic, copper sculpture, 22'x24', 2009.
April 3, 2014: Liberty Lake Library, Liberty Lake

Are you looking to give your arts career a boost?

Then come join us for an Artist Trust At Large near you!
During this free one-hour event, Artist Trust speakers and artists will present the many ways that Artist Trust serves Washington State artists of all disciplines, and you'll learn how you can use these programs and resources to advance your arts business.
Artist Trust At Large: Be a Speaker
Artist Trust At Large presentation in Vancouver

Deadline for application extended: April 7, 2014


We're seeking new Artist Trust At Large speakers!

Artist Trust At Large, one of our newest and most successful programs, is a free one-hour presentation on our programs and services for artists. ATALs happen all over the state throughout the year. ATAL speakers receive public speaking training and compensation for each presentation completed. Plus, it's a great way to get connected with artists and arts lovers all over the state.


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Artist Trust At Large: Liberty Lake, Long Beach & Centralia
Artist Trust At Large Speakers Wanted!
Artist Happy Hour in Spokane
EDGE for Literary Artists Grand Finale Presentations
I Am An Artist in Spokane
2014 Grants for Artist Projects
Thank You, Lila!
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Top Image: Marissa Rae Niederhauser, 2010. photo: Tim Summers

Artist Happy Hour
Join us for Artist Happy Hour in Spokane on April 11th!

What's one of the most important things you can do to advance your arts career? Expand your network! Come talk shop, meet fellow artists, and get happy. With wine and cheese, of course. Free for Artist Trust Members! If you're already registered for the I Am An Artist Professional Development Workshop in Spokane there is no additional fee for this event.
EDGE for Literary Artists Grand Finale Presentations
Padmaja Ganeshan-Singh, EDGE Grand Finale Presentations, 2013. photo: Nichole DeMent

Graduates of the 2014 EDGE Professional Development Program for Literary Artists will read their poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction.

Featuring: Maria Batayola; Dennis Bensie; Lisa Castillano Szilassy; Larry Crist; Stacy Lynn Gilbert; Stacy Lawson; Deborah Lloyd; Heather McCurdy; Gary Newman; Tom Pors; Rebecca Redshaw; Chelsea Werner-Jatzke.

The EDGE Program provides artists with a comprehensive survey of professional practices through a hands-on, interactive curriculum that includes instruction by professionals in the field, as well as specialized presentations, panel discussions and assignments.

EDGE for Literary Artists is generously funded in part by Amazon.com.
I Am An Artist Workshop in Spokane
I Am An Artist in Spokane
Latino/a artist scholarships available!

Say "I Am An Artist!" and jumpstart or refresh your arts career! The two-day interactive I Am An Artist Professional Development Workshop for artists of all disciplines includes:
          • Work Samples That Look Great
          • Writing a Killer Artist Statement, Resume & Cover Letter
          • Finding & Pursing Funding, Showing, & Performing Opportunities
          • Online Promoting & Marketing
          • Learn from Successful Artists: Q&A
          • Feedback from Your Peers
          • Rock Your Elevator Speech

I'm just halfway through this workshop but I've already stuffed my brain (both sides) with valuable information about grant writing and portfolio presentation and galleries and resumes. Lots of good tips. All that, and sharing notes with fellow artists from various backgrounds and experiences. I highly recommend
I Am An Artist. [Bob Rini, IAAA Participant]  

Guest Presenters & Artists: 

  • Shannon Halberstadt, Spokane Arts
  • Zan Agzigian, literary artist
  • Ric Gendron, visual artist
  • Juan Mas, film artist
  • Suzanne Ostersmith, dance artist
2014 Grants for Artist Projects (GAP)
Julia Haack, Single Seater - Quilted Arches, latex paint on salvaged wood, 8ftx78.5"x10ft, 2012. photo: courtesy of artist.

The Grants for Artist Projects (GAP) provide financial support -- up to $1,500 per project -- for individual artist projects. GAPs support a wide range of artist projects including (but not limited to) the development, completion or presentation of new work; publication; travel for artistic research or to present or complete work; documentation of work; and advanced workshops for professional development. In addition, recipients may also be eligible for a residency at Photographic Center Northwest in Seattle. Individual artists of all disciplines who reside in Washington State are encouraged to apply to the 2014 Grants for Artist Projects (GAP).
GAPs are open to artists working in all creative disciplines including literary, media, performing, visual, emerging/cross-disciplinary arts, and folk/traditional arts.
Thank You, Lila!
Lila at Artist Trust's 2014 Benefit Art Auction.
Lila Hurwitz. Where to start? It's an understatement to say that we can't imagine Artist Trust without her. With over 10 years of service at Artist Trust, she's been a major influence on the organization from top to bottom.  She a leader, a designer, a wordsmith. She's massively talented at brainstorming, she's not afraid to roll up her sleeves and is the only person we know who can rock a golden dress at the Auction every single year.

If you haven't already, please thank Lila for everything, but above all, for just being amazing. Keep in touch with her at doolittleandbird.com!

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