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Meet the Newest Members of the FFCR Team!
Help a Child, Eat at Joe's! FFCR's 9th Annual Claws for Kids Luncheon - Monday, 11.3.14
Success in Review: The Stories of Alana and George
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Citizen Review Panel Highlights - July 2014

44 children had their cases reviewed

227 court orders were issued

60 new cases were referred by the Dependency Court; their cases will be reviewed in the next 5 months

36 volunteers attended Advanced Skills Training

From the Executive Director                   9.18.14
In the Midst of a Hurricane... 

It's busy here at Florida Foster Care Review. In keeping with the surge in children entering Miami's foster care system, FFCR is experiencing an increase in the number of reviews we're managing. We're also hearing cases of young adults ages 18 to 21 who have opted for extended foster care, made available to them beginning this past January 1.

As a result of both these factors, the well-being of even more young people depends on the oversight provided by FFCR and our extraordinary volunteers. As Judge Cindy Lederman put it in an article detailing a report on the strained system, "'Children are more harmed when we see them.... It is as if the courtroom has become an emergency room. And we are in the midst of a hurricane.'"

Florida Foster Care Review was founded to help in just such troubling times. We have expanded our team, but we still need you to pitch in.

I invite you to go the extra mile by signing on as a sponsor (details available here) of our annual Claws for Kids Luncheon on 11.3.14. But that's not all... I also ask you to mark your calendar for Give Miami Day on 11.20.14. We'll have creative ways to get involved, so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter today.

Last but definitely not least, we need more volunteers! If you are interested in reviewing cases of children and youth in care in order to ensure their safety and well-being, please contact us here.

Together, we really can make a difference for the children in our community. Thank you.


Candice L. Maze, Executive Director
Florida Foster Care Review
Meet the Newest Members of the FFCR Team!
Annaleah Krenn and Melissa Diaz

FFCR is fortunate to add Annaleah Krenn's unique skillset to our team. Annaleah joined this summer as a Review Specialist for the Citizen Review Panel (CRP) Program.

"Community involvement is key to effective changes in any system. Volunteers not only bring a wealth of their own resources to share but also play an integral role in spreading the word about the continual need for community awareness and involvement in the dependency system," said Annaleah. "The system is not a 'they' entity; it is an 'us' entity," she added.

FFCR was also thrilled to welcome Melissa Diaz to the staff team in July of this past year. Melissa's extensive social work experience is a great match for her new post as Review Specialist for the CRP.

"My heart has been and will always be invested in the child welfare system," said Melissa. "I was drawn to FFCR because of the time that is dedicated to each and every case the organization reviews."
Help a Child, Eat at Joe's!
FFCR's 9th Annual Claws for Kids Luncheon - Monday, 11.3.14


This highly anticipated luncheon, featuring fabulous networking and food that only Joe's Stone Crab can offer, is now in its ninth year. Buy your individual tickets, tables and/or sponsorship packages today! And don't forget... Claws for Kids will feature a raffle with great prizes, like a 7-Night Royal Caribbean Cruise (subject to terms and conditions). This is an event you won't want to miss.
Success in Review
The Stories of Alana and George


Like so many of the children whose cases FFCR reviews, Alana came into care under tragic circumstances. Alana's older sister physically abused her while their mother was hospitalized. The sister, claiming that Alana was ungovernable, declared that she no longer wanted to care for her. Alana entered care, and he mother died soon after. Sadly, Alana's sister failed to participate in therapy services to work through the issues that had brought Alana into care in the first place.

During a Citizen Review Panel (CRP) hearing in early 2014, Alana revealed that she had a substance abuse problem and wanted help. Continue reading ⇒

George initially entered care after his father allegedly abandoned him to his biological mother, whose parental rights had been terminated nine years before. After the father went two years with no contact with George and failed to engage in assigned case plan tasks, his parental rights were also terminated. One year later, in 2012, the case management agency applied for services for George from the Agency for People with Disabilities, and the request was approved.

Not long after, George's mom appeared before the court to request visits with her son. The court granted the request, and George and his mom began unsupervised visits in January 2014.
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