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New Permanency Roundtable Program Offers Hope
Help a Child, Eat at Joe's! FFCR's 9th Annual Claws for Kids Luncheon - Monday, Nov. 3
Volunteer Spotlight: Chris Barovich Makes a Difference
Success in Review: Helping Youth Move Toward Permanent Connections
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Citizen Review Panel Highlights - June 2014

41 children had their cases reviewed -
20 were new to the CRP

136 court orders were issued, with an average of 
3.3 orders per child

66 new children were referred by the Dependency Court; their cases will be reviewed in November

From the Executive Director        August 5, 2014

Big changes are afoot at Florida Foster Care Review, and they're not just skin-deep with a new name and logo.

Making sure that children and youth in foster care are safe and receiving the services they need is and will always be at the heart of what Florida Foster Care Review does. But it is precisely our work in that area - through the Citizen Review Panel - that has given us both the knowledge and the drive to do more.

To that end, we're expanding our scope of work - leveraging our understanding of the challenges facing children in foster care and our expertise in citizen review - to develop and implement new solutions to improve children's opportunities for success. As an example, check out the new Permanency Roundtable Program described below - it's an exciting first step!

But our expanded efforts mean we need expanded support. And that means you. That's why you're receiving our new monthly newsletter. We promise to keep our content short, relevant and interesting. Stick with us and you'll be part of making a difference in the lives of some of the neediest children in our community.
Read on for more about what's underway, and thank you!

Candice L. Maze, JD
Executive Director, Florida Foster Care Review 
Permanency Roundtable Program Offers Youth Hope for a Family, Lifelong Connections
Concentrated, Team-Driven Process Offers a New Approach

In conjunction with Our Kids of Miami-Dade/Monroe, Inc., FFCR is currently launching the Permanency Roundtable (PRT) Program, a revolutionary new initiative designed to focus the skills and knowledge of various stakeholders on the goal of finding permanent families for all youth, including those likely to age out without permanent connections. The initiative has the potential to curtail many of the negative outcomes associated with aging out, including homelessness, unemployment, involvement with the criminal justice system, unplanned pregnancy and more. Continue reading ⇒
Help a Child, Eat at Joe's!
FFCR's 9th Annual Claws for Kids Luncheon - Monday, November 3
Claws for Kids is back! Continue reading ⇒
Volunteer Spotlight
Chris Barovich Makes a Difference


FFCR volunteer Chris Barovich was moved to action by the heartbreaking murder in 2011 of ten year-old Nubia Barahona by her adoptive father. Nubia and her brother were placed with their adoptive parents despite red flags, including resistance from her Guardian ad Litem. Following the news coverage, Chris considered becoming a Guardian ad Litem but was unable to make the required time commitment due to work. Determined to help prevent future tragedies like Nubia's, Chris searched for another way to help and discovered FFCR. Continue reading ⇒
Success in Review
Helping Youth Move Toward Permanent Connections


Twelve year-old Stacey's case came before the Citizen Review Panel (CRP) in January of this year. Stacey had been in foster care since June 2012, when her adoptive mother reported that she was ungovernable and requested her removal. At the time of her first review, Stacey's permanency goal was established as adoption, but Stacey refused to participate in any adoption recruitment events. The panel recommended that Stacey be sent to therapy to explore her feelings of loss of her previous adoptive family and to discuss her attending future adoption-related events. Continue reading ⇒
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The Team at Florida Foster Care Review