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Welcome to Around the Piano!

Classic Pianos is using a new multimedia format to communicate our "Passion for Pianos" with a larger audience—bringing you podcasts, videos, slideshows, as well as the written word.

In this and future editions we will spotlight locally and nationally-recognized performing artists, feature interviews with fascinating people in the industry, promote meaningful community events, share the latest developments in the piano-manufacturing world and highlight some of the interesting current activities at Classic Pianos.

Our goal is to open doors for a higher-level of music discovery by sharing our "Passion for Pianos" in this way.

We hope you enjoy your experience Around The Piano!

All the best,
Ben Klinger

Sales Manager
Classic Pianos

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Dr. Jill Timmons The Musician's Journey
Is the myth of the starving musician a concept of the past? Dr. Jill Timmons answered that
question and illuminated new pathways for musicians during a recent conversation with Around The Piano.

Dr. Timmons Interview
Dr. Timmons' fresh perspective on the opportunities for today's "musician-entrepreneur" reaches well-beyond the music industry.

Tell us the name of her publishing house and be automatically entered to win a copy of her special title. Click Here to submit your answer.
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Pianos In The Parks Meet The Piano Doctor
Delivering twenty pianos to twenty King County parks was a logistical feat that paired many municipal and corporate partners. The positive outpouring from the community was beyond our highest expectations. Experience some of the images that captivated us over the summer, and get a glimpse behind the scenes: Part 1, Part 2 Combining artistry with technical excellence, John Slavick brings the greatness out of every piano he services. John Slavick Interview
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Disklavier Month

November is Disklavier Month. We are offering huge incentives this month to all customers who purchase new Disklaviers. The Disklavier is a piano that combines tradition with technology in a way that has changed the way people think about what a piano can do.

The Disklavier is, first and foremost, a traditional piano. However, it does MANY other things! It is the most advanced player-piano in the world, enabling people who don't play, the opportunity to enjoy piano music of all styles on their piano. In fact, there are more than thirty stations that stream piano music 24/7 through Yamaha's Disklavier TV/Radio Network. Disklavier also has the ability to record performances, so you can share your music with loved ones around the world.

Institutions use Disklavier worldwide, enabling prospective students to play their audition pieces on a Disklavier in one city, while it performs for a jury on another Disklavier in a different city! You might think this would cost a fortune, but it doesn't. Please let us know if you would like more information, or if you would like to visit us for a demonstration.


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The New Yamaha


Bach In The Subways Day: Seattle Around The Piano at Christmas
After nineteen years of research and development, Yamaha has introduced a new line of pianos that has had a profound impact on the artistic community.

Listen to what great artists are saying:
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Every year on March 21, Johann Sebastian Bach`s birthday, musicians celebrate Bach in the Subways Day by offering free performances of Bach`s music in subways and public spaces around the world. Stay tuned to hear how this event is taking shape in the Seattle Area.

BitS-Day is gathering lots of momentum locally, and we will keep you posted as March 21st draws near.
Bach In The Subways
Be the first to know how you can buy and download the first Around The Piano Christmas Live.

One hundred percent of the proceeds will go to the Snowman Foundation. Please contact us for more information.

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