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Coalition Update: 

FIRST Joins the Coalition's Leadership Council

We are pleased to welcome FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) to the Coalition's Leadership Council. FIRST was founded by inventor Dean Kamen in 1989 as a means to show students of every age that science, technology, and problem-solving are not only fun and rewarding, but are proven paths to successful careers and a bright future for us all.

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Top Article:
Senate Passes ESEA Rewrite With Big Bipartisan Backing, 81-17
Education Week

For the first time since 2001, the U.S. Senate Thursday passed a sweeping overhaul of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, the country's federal K-12 law, which if enacted would significantly roll back the role of the federal government in public education and give states more flexibility in the process.  

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Stay in the Know:
Latest STEM Education Policy News Across the U.S.
University Learning: Improve Undergraduate Science Education

Undergraduate students are not being taught science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects as well as they need to be1. Too often, faculty members talk at students rather than engaging them in activities that help them to learn and apply core scientific concepts and skills.

Why Black Students Struggle in STEM Subjects: Low Expectations

New Republic 

DeAndre is a high school junior and a high-achiever in mathematics and science from an urban area. DeAndre is not hardened, but he is fragile. His STEM identity is especially tenuous. There are thousands of young men like DeAndre in urban cities across the country, who are STEM high-achievers and have the potential to succeed as STEM professionals. However, too often they receive negative messaging about their continued success in STEM.

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Top 10 Myths about Teaching Computer Science

Communications of the ACM 

It's summer time in the Northern Hemisphere. At my university, it's the time when faculty kick back -- and argue about education and computer-class.jpgteaching on the faculty email lists. Since most faculty arguments about education tend to be filled with more hot air than research and evidence, I'm offering my Top Ten list of Myths About Teaching Computer Science (e.g., all statements that people have said to me) with links to the evidence supporting why I think they're false. 

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New Study Confirms Need for Valid Computer Science Education Assessments
Top Education Board

A new study released today by the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) finds there is a dearth of valid and reliable assessments for measuring student learning in computer science (CS) education. Sowing the Seeds of Assessment Literacy in Secondary Computer Science Education, released during CSTA's annual conference, highlights the challenges US high school teachers face when examining student understanding of computing concepts and identifying current models for computer science (CS) assessment. 

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Around the Community

STEM Magazine, July Issue




Students Get Hands-On Training in Drone Technology

A California-based nonprofit is planning to invest up to $1 million to bring a high-tech learning lab to the Coleman A. Young International Airport, where Detroit students and the public can get hands-on training in the hot field of drone technology.

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Museum of Science, Boston Awarded 100Kin10 Fellowship

Four employees from the Museum of Science's National Center for Technological Literacy® have been selected to participate as a team in the 100Kin10 Fellowship Program. The new grant-making effort is designed to address a critical need in the nation's schools--the lack of engineering-related programs for K-12 students. 

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National Science Board Honors Three with Top Science Awards

James Duderstadt, The American Museum of Natural History, and The National Center for Technological Literacy all received National Science Board awards last week.

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Two Professions, One Viewpoint

Are teachers like doctors? The information in this article stems primarily from the experience of Mike, an oncologist who is now a high school teacher with a strong positive argument for enabling doctors and other experienced professionals to become teachers.

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Reingold Hiring STEM Educators 

Reingold is searching for teachers and other experts to revise and create written classroom activities that will help K-12 teachers incorporate statistical information and data into their existing lessons.  

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Nation's Brightest Seeks Applicants for Game Show  





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