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June 2014
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2014 AALAS
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Oct 19-23, 2014
Monthly Specials
June Monthly Special: Biohazard Bags 8 x 12

Lab Supply carries a number of specialty products in addition to the feeds and enrichment devices we keep in stock. We are proud to provide a large selection of bags for biohazardous waste and materials. These autoclave biohazard bags work great for transporting waste and other hazardous materials from your facilities. June's Special Product of the month is our 8 x ...

Below are a selection of our featured items in June. We offer many bedding options.  Call us to place your order at 800-262-5258.

Lab Supply, Inc
Bed-R'Nest For Rodents
Lab Supply offers Bed-R'Nest bedding for rodents. This bedding was designed to be comfortable for the rodent and efficient for their caretakers. Bed-r'Nest is made of 100% virgin kraft paper, and is designed to resemble the thin strands of grass and other materials mice instinctively use to build nests in nature. Bed-r'Nest is irradiated, ensuring safe and variable-free ...
Crink-L'Nest Bedding
Crink-L'Nest bedding provides enrichment to mice and rats in their cages. Allows for tunnelling and foraging. Strands stay fluffed for optimum play. As a 100% virgin paper product, there are no cotton fibers or strands to irritate the animals. Available in natural kraft or white paper. Manufactured from paper which is biodegradable and incinerable. View this product on our online ...
Enviro-dri Rodent Bedding
Enviro-dri allows mice and rats to participate in their natural nesting behaviors. Enviro-dri is a controlled, manufactured product made up of 50% recycled paper and 50% virgin kraft paper fibers to ensure consistent, high quality. Loose paper strands of paper cater to rodent's species specific behavior of nest building. Because Enviro-dri is a paper product, it can be incinerated for easy, ... Read More
Enviropak Bedding
New Enviropak bedding packages make the process of changing rodent bedding quick and easy. Lab Supply is now providing an innovative combination of NestPaks & Enviro Dri called Enviropak. Enviropak's are autoclavable and suit any type of solid bottom cage. They are also available certified and irradiated. This product is proven to be the BEST nesting material available, easily ... Read More

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