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July 18, 2014
A crew with Altair Environmental washes two robotic video cameras used to inspect the City's underground sanitary sewer system.  Fitted on wheels, the cameras roll through the infrastructure and document the condition of the pipes as well as dirt buildup.  Earlier this week, the larger camera was used to inspect a 52-year-old, 30 inch sanitary pipe below Lincoln Drive in the Avondale neighborhood as part of a sewer pipe lining project to help improve our utilities infrastructure system.  More details on this project, including video showing the inside of the pipe, are included in Weekly Briefs below.


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This Week's Items to Know:
Utilities Improvement - Going Trenchless    In previous editions of Weekly Briefs, we've mentioned the City uses cured in place pipe (CIPP), a trenchless technology, to extend the life of the utility system.  A significant CIPP project is underway now in the Avondale neighborhood between U.S. 41 and Osprey Ave.  Approximately .28 miles (1,500 feet) of underground sewer pipe will be lined.  Before that can be done, though, that portion of pipe needs to be bypassed.  So, a 30 inch bypass pipe temporarily is stretched the length of Alta Vista St. from Lincoln Dr. to Osprey Ave., allowing crews to work on the pipe underground without disrupting sewer service.  By running the bypass pipe down the middle of the street, 2-way traffic can be maintained, as opposed to placing the pipe on one side and closing a lane. The bypass pipe is expected to be there for approximately three weeks.
A bypass pipe temporarily stretches down Alta Vista Street.
With the bypass in place this week, crews lowered a robotic video camera into the pipe through a manhole and documented the condition of the pipe.  Typically, inspections like this show that approximately one-third of the pipe is covered with sand, dirt and grime, which impacts the flow and makes the system less efficient.  The camera also provides a 360 degree view of the pipe, revealing any cracks, defects or groundwater infiltration.  This pipe was installed in 1962, and the last time it was inspected was 9 years ago. 

You never know what you'll see inside these pipes.  Check out the YouTube video below which shows the deteriorating condition of the pipe, highlighting the need to line it.

Sewer Pipe Inspection
Video showing the deterioration of a sewer pipe.

After the video inspection, the entire length of the pipe was pressure washed.  Next, the interior of the pipe will be lined with polyester resin.  That will be completed in short segments with each one taking 8-10 hours to cure.  Once in place, the polyester resin will cover and protect the defects inside the pipe, effectively creating a new pipe,
A contractor views a live video feed of the
interior of a sewer pipe.
which is guaranteed to perform well for 50 more years.

CIPP is cost effective and a time saver.  Typically, this method is four times less expensive than open cut road work and much faster.  Although having the bypass pipe in the middle of the street is a temporary inconvenience for Avondale residents, this improvement project ultimately will greatly extend the life of our utilities system.

Thanks to Carlos Marin, the project manager, and the Utilities Department for working diligently to ensure our utilities systems are maintained and operating efficiently.

Selby Five Points Park - Temporary Fence   You may have noticed a bright orange fence around Selby Five Points Park this week.  The Public Works Department installed it as a way to protect the new sod.  A popular downtown park, Selby Five Points sees a lot of activity.  Unfortunately, the heavy usage is preventing the new grass from getting established.  It's hoped that by fencing the area for the next 2-4 weeks the new turf will stabilize and take root.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.  The fence will be removed as soon as possible.
A temporary fence surrounds the new sod at Selby Five Points Park. 
MLK Corridor Streetscape   The streetscape improvement project along Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is officially completed giving the area a nice facelift.  Select bulb outs were removed, ten new desert cassia trees were planted with decorative pavers placed around them, and brick crosswalks also were installed at the Orange Ave. intersection.  The corridor is scheduled to be resurfaced soon.  Together, these quality of life improvements are a way to showcase the community.
Decorative pavers being installed along
Dr. MLK, Jr. Way.

Housing & Community Development Recognition    At the suggestion of HUD, the Director of the Sarasota Office of Housing and Community Development was asked to give a presentation to a national conference about a recent audit by the HUD Inspector General.  Don Hadsell was invited by the National Community Development Association to provide a firsthand account about how Sarasota was so successful in addressing an audit tied to a $23 million grant.  The grant, earmarked for neighborhood stabilization programs, was considered a large amount for a community our size.

Nationally, 85 percent of the communities audited by the HUD Inspector General are found to be in noncompliance with all the federal rules and are asked to repay some of the funding.  Typically, it takes months to resolve outstanding issues.  Sarasota was one of the communities in the top 15 percent which was not asked to repay federal funds -- and the audit was closed out within weeks.  With this very positive outcome, HUD wanted other communities to learn from us.

Many new, complex federal regulations were attached to the grant.  Not only did our staff at the Office of Housing and Community Development rise to the challenge of implementing the grant, they passed with such flying colors they helped establish a national standard.  Congratulations to Don Hadsell and his staff!  The department, by the way, is a joint operation between the City and Sarasota County.

Retail Analysis Presentations    We're looking forward to hearing detailed results and recommendations from a recent retail analysis within the city limits.  Robert Gibbs, a well known retail market expert, City Logo was contracted to study the optimum mix of businesses and retail in four areas:  downtown, Rosemary District, St. Armands Circle and the MLK Corridor.  With an eye on the new mall opening on University Parkway in October, we want to ensure we are taking the best approach to maintain a healthy, prosperous and competitive business environment.

Mr. Gibbs will give three presentations next Monday, July 21 and interested members of the public are invited to attend:

11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
City Hall Annex
1565 First Street
SRQ Media Studio

2 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
St. Armands Key Lutheran Church
40 N. Adams Drive

6 p.m.
City Hall
1565 First Street
Commission Chambers

Clifford Smith - Appointed to FL Historical Commission   In previous editions of Weekly Briefs, I've mentioned the high caliber
Cliff Smith
Dr. Smith's appointment to the Florida Historical Commission runs through December 2016. 
staff we have at the City of Sarasota.  This is ringing true again, as we learned this week that Dr. Clifford Smith, a Senior Planner in the Neighborhood and Development Services Department, was appointed by Governor Rick Scott to the Florida Historical Commission.  Dr. Cliff, as he's known at City Hall, will fill a seat requirement on the seven member board for a historical archeologist.  We are proud that his expertise will be put to use at the state level helping to make recommendations regarding historic preservation throughout the Sunshine State.  Bravo, Dr. Cliff!

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Tues., July 22
6 p.m.

State Street Garage Update
City Hall - Room 112
Wed., July 23
1 p.m.

Blue + You = Movie Night
Free Outdoor Movie:  "Iron Man 3"
Sarasota Police Headquarters - 2099 Adams Lane
(Movie shown on the exterior of the building)
Fri., July 25
8:30 p.m.

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