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Deputy Receives Community Service Award

Pictured left to right: newly retired Jail Commander Mike Lenahan, Jail Lieutenant Erroll McCrea, Jail Deputy Jerry Shamoon, and Sheriff Pat Garrett
Last month, Deputy Jerry Shamoon received the 2016 Community Service Award from the Valley Presbyterian Church in Raleigh Hills. Deputy Shamoon was recognized for leading multiple inmate work crews to accomplish community service projects throughout Washington County. This program allows low-risk inmates, who are carefully screened and supervised, to do work on projects that benefit the community.

Congratulations, Deputy Shamoon! Your dedication and service is greatly appreciated.

Health Care for the Mind

The Mental Health Response Team, which consist of a deputy and a clinician, respond to people in crisis
You probably know that Washington County deputies and mental health clinicians work together to respond to police calls for service as the Mental Health Response Team. They respond to thousands of calls every year, and we are continuing to explore ways to best respond to the needs of people in mental health crisis.

Urgent care facilities are increasingly common. Whether it's obtaining a prescription for a child's ear ache or treating a soccer-related swollen ankle, an urgent care center meets a need when your doctor isn't available - or if you don't have one - and prevents an unnecessary trip to the emergency room.

Work is underway in Washington County to provide the same type of service to people who are in emotional crisis or dealing with mental health concerns. The mental health urgent care center (MHUCC) will offer crisis counseling, information and referral, and connections to ongoing treatment. Services will be geared toward individuals who do not require intensive, hospital-based help. Anyone using the MHUCC will do so voluntarily.

The center will not be open around the clock. Instead, it will operate extended hours, including weekends. Both walk-ins and appointments will be available. Hours of operation may change over time, based on demand and funding availability.

Your Sheriff's Office sees this center as a priority because it will better serve the mentally ill in our community. Families of the mentally ill will be provided with a new resource to help loved ones. It will also give law enforcement an option, other than jail, for people exhibiting concerning behavior.
Now Recruiting for Reserve Deputy Sheriffs

What is a Reserve Deputy?
Reserve deputies are highly trained volunteers who assist regular deputies on patrol, many community events, and special enforcement projects.

Who Can Apply to be a Reserve?
You may be surprised to learn the men and women who volunteer their time in our Reserve program come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Whether you, or someone you know, is interested in a career in law enforcement or just enjoy helping others, this program provides a great opportunity to serve your community in a rewarding way. 

What Does it Take to Become a Reserve?
Applicants must be at least 21 years of age, free of felony convictions, and pass many tests which include written, oral, physical, psychological and medical testing, as well as a thorough background investigation. Once selected, Reserve candidates attend a 300 to 350-hour training academy that runs annually from January to June. The training is free of charge in exchange of the participant's volunteer service. Reserve deputies receive the same elite-level training as our regular deputies.

Ready to join the next Reserve Academy?  Please apply by April 30, 2016

Sheriff's Media Releases
Deputies responded to a disturbance at a home where a male was breaking windows and damaging his property. The man's behavior escalated rapidly, forcing deputies to respond with lethal force. The man was eventually taken safely into custody and transported to a hospital. He is expected to make a full recovery.

The Enhanced Sheriff's Patrol District (ESPD) Advisory Committee works with the Sheriff and other Sheriff's Office officials to review and offer recommendations regarding the level and type of police services in the District, as well as future considerations for long-range opportunities.

Sheriff's deputies serving the City of Cornelius responded to a reported fight on South Beech Street. The investigation revealed a knife was used and the suspect fled the scene; he was located and arrested.

Deputies responded to a crash on SW River Road, south of SW Rosedale Road, where a man did not survive his injuries after striking a power pole. This case is still under investigation.

An Aloha man attempted to engage in inappropriate sexual conduct with at least one underage male. Detectives arrested the man as he arrived to meet a 15-year-old boy at the Portland International Airport.

Twice in the Same Week!
03/21/16 - An Aloha man reported his vehicle had been stolen from his driveway; it was recovered a short time later. Then, just three days later, the same man reported his vehicle stolen again from his driveway. Both times, the vehicle was either unlocked or left with keys in the ignition. Please make vehicle theft harder for the criminals; remember to always lock unattended vehicles!

Man Shoots His Own Car - West Slope 
03/26/16 - Just before 5 am, after having his keys taken by a friend who didn't want him to drive drunk, a man fired shots from a .40 caliber handgun in the air and at his own car! Fortunately, no one was injured. Deputies arrested the shooter for Unlawful Use of a Weapon, Recklessly Endangering Another Person, Disorderly Conduct, and Unlawful Possession of Firearms. He had plenty of time to sober up in jail.

U-Turn, U-Turn, U-Turn, U-Go, I-Stop, U-Go . . . to Jail 
03/29/16 - Just after midnight, deputies stopped a vehicle after watching a driver make a U-turn and hit a sidewalk. The driver admitted to drinking and showed signs of impairment. Suddenly, the driver took off, did another U-turn, hit another sidewalk, and sped away. Deputies pursued the vehicle south on SW 185th Avenue, where he made another fast U-turn at SW Hart Road, went into the ditch several times, reaching speeds up to 70 mph. The driver briefly stopped in a nearby neighborhood, then took off one more time. Deputies stopped the vehicle using a pursuit intervention tactic on SW Farmington Road. The vehicle was safely stopped without anyone getting injured. He was lodged in the jail on multiple charges.

Road News

Other News
Measure 34-243, Washington County Emergency Communications System Bond

Do You Have Rights to Unclaimed Assets?
The Oregon Treasurer is safekeeping a record $564 million in unclaimed assets. Maybe some of it is yours!

Where Have Deputies Been Working?

This link to Crime Reports automatically opens with a view of all requests for police service (except traffic) in unincorporated Washington County during the last 30 days.
  • Click on this link
  • Enter your address to view your area
  • If you live in Banks, Cornelius, or Gaston, type your city in this format: "Cornelius, OR"
  • Click on map markers to view call details
  • Use the Advanced Search to change time periods, add traffic data, etc.
Crime Reports icon

Keep in mind, these are requests for police service, not confirmed crimes.

Prescription Drug Turn-in Day
Saturday, April 30 from 10 am - 2 pm

Medicines in the home are a leading cause of accidental poisoning. Rates of prescription drug abuse are alarmingly high - over half of teens abusing medicines get them from a family member or friend, often without their knowledge

Flushing or throwing away medications in a trash receptacle can end up polluting our waters. It's a great time to clean out your medicine cabinet. Protect our kids, families, and environment by properly disposing of your medications.

Saturday, April 30, 10 am - 2 pm
Aloha Bales Marketplace
17675 SW Farmington Road

Saturday, April 30, 10 am - 2 pm
Garden Home Recreation Center
7475 SW Oleson Road

In addition to these events, your Sheriff's Office also has permanent drug drop boxes available in our lobby in Hillsboro and at East Precinct on Murray Boulevard.   
Believe it or Not!

A man came to the jail lobby and wanted to visit an inmate. He explained to the deputy that he had paraphernalia in his backpack, so the deputy asked what it was. The man said he had some pipes and that some were broken. The deputy asked if the man had drugs in his backpack, and the man responded, "No, but you might get some residue off the pipes."

The man then proceeded to tell the deputy he could search his backpack, but to be careful not to get cut from the broken pipes.

Sure enough, when the deputy tested the residue, a test strip turned blue . . . indicating it was positive for methamphetamine.

This Month's "Most Wanted"

The following people are wanted for committing crimes.  Do not approach them.
If you see them or have information to share with law enforcement, please call:

Sheriff's 24-Hour Criminal Records Office at (503) 846-2700, or 
Non-Emergency Dispatch at (503) 629-0111

Wanted flyers are online - click on a photo or visit:

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Your Sheriff's Office is seeking great men and women to join our team! If you are ready for a career that allows you to give back to your community and make a difference every day, consider a career with your Sheriff's Office.

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