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Sharing Holiday Cheer With Local Kids

Thanks to generous donations by Cornelius Fred Meyer, Cornelius Walmart, 
Comcast, the Washington County Police Officer's Association, and the Western Washington County Firefighter's Association, underprivileged children enjoyed the opportunity to go holiday shopping with Washington County deputies serving the City of Cornelius.

On December 8 at the Cornelius Fred Meyer and then on December 9 at the Cornelius Walmart, a total of 45 local children joined deputies for a "Shop With a Cop" event. We thank local schools for nominating eligible children and all the sponsors for making so many smiles possible!
A Simple Welfare Check May Save a Life

On December 10, a woman in another state called to report that for several days she was unable to reach her mom, age 70, and she requested deputies check on her. Deputies were happy to find the woman alive, although injured and unable to get up from the floor. While she could not remember when she fell, it appeared she was there for at least a day. She was quickly transported to the hospital for evaluation.

During the busy holidays, please take time to check on relatives or neighbors who live alone or who may have mobility or other health issues.

If you become worried and you can't check on them yourself, please do not hesitate to call non-emergency dispatch at (503) 629-0111 to request a welfare check.

In the past year, deputies performed 3,176 welfare checks.
That's Not Rudolph - It's a Drone!

You will be noticing unmanned aerial vehicles flying overhead -- experts say it's only a matter of time. Will Santa put a drone under your Christmas tree? If so, you'll enjoy the recent New York Times Field Guide to Civilian Drones article.

You may also want to pay attention to the new Drone Registration Rules promulgated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) this month.

About 700,000 new drone owners will need to register their names, home addresses, and e-mail addresses with the FAA.

Registration is free for the first 30 days, and is required for drones weighing one-half to 55 pounds.  

More info is available in the New York Times article, Drone Registration Rules Are Announced by F.A.A.
You Broke Our Record for One Warm Coat!

With your help, Sheriff's volunteers collected 1,247 new and gently used coats for people in need here in Washington County. That is a huge increase from last year's collection of 472 coats!

We thank you for your generosity and all of the Sheriff's Office volunteers who continue to make this program a success. Read more.
Community News

Deputy Akin and K-9 Stark
Sheriff's Media Releases

Deputy Micah Akin and his dynamic K-9 partner "Stark" reached their 100th capture.
Sheriff's Office employees held a fundraiser for HomePlate, the County's only non-profit provider of drop-in centers for youth experiencing homelessness.
Sheriff's Deputies and Explorers conducted an undercover compliance mission where teenagers attempted to buy alcohol from stores around the County.
A former Corporal at the Sheriff's Office, who was terminated in August, was arrested and charged with several crimes.
Deputy Rue and Pippin

Stolen Dog Spotted a Year Later in Sherwood
November 30 - Deputies arrested a Sherwood woman for Theft I of a companion dog. This dog had been reported stolen out of Beaverton one year ago. Pippin the dog is now home for the holidays!  Read more.

Arson at Construction Site in Bethany
December 7 - A construction company has suffered $5,000 in losses over the past several weeks, due to the arson of Honey Buckets at their Bethany construction site. No suspects have been identified yet in this crime of Criminal Mischief. If you know anything about this case, please call non-emergency dispatch at (503) 629-0111.

Heroic Citizens Help to Save a Life in Raleigh Hills
November 23 - A fellow bicyclist immediately started CPR on an unconscious man who lay on the grounds of an apartment complex. A woman took over CPR while the fellow bicyclist called 9-1-1. Deputies took over chest compressions from the unknown woman who was performing CPR and immediately opened up the injured man's airway. The man began breathing, and he was taken to the hospital. The investigation revealed the man fell off his bike and hit his head. Thanks to the outstanding efforts of these citizens and deputies, this man is alive and doing well.

Washington County Sheriff's Office badgeHonorable Service

On December 9, several members of your Sheriff's Office received awards from the Oregon State Sheriffs' Association for honorable service. The awards are in every division and span multiple work groups.

Deputy David McPherson, Distinguished Service
For his fast actions in applying a tourniquet to a gunshot victim's leg. He is credited with saving the man's life.

Special Deputy Todd Ehlert, Civil Support Staff of the Year
For his exemplary work in the Civil Division.

Left to right: Deputy David McPherson, Todd Ehlert, 
Sheriff Pat Garrett, Detective John Shipley, 
Deputy Brian Rogers, Deputy Jerry Shamoon
Detective John Shipley, Distinguished Service
For his untiring efforts and commitment as a Child Abuse Detective.

Deputy Brian Rogers, Distinguished Action
For sacrificing his personal vehicle (off duty) to intentionally stop a seizure victim's speeding vehicle as it careened down the freeway and then rendering aid.

Deputy Jerry Shamoon, Jail Supervisor of the Year
For his untiring efforts as the Jail Work Crew Supervisor in seeking donations while coordinating thousands of free inmate labor toward community projects and helping the needy.

Volunteer Medic, Michael Shertz, MD, Volunteer of the Year
For his time dedicated to providing medical support to the Washington County Tactical Negotiations Team.

And because sometimes you have to sneak one past a humble leader who requests no honorable mention: Sheriff Pat Garrett - Sheriff of the Year, an award that signifies truly exemplary service
How to Avoid a Traffic Citation
Flashing Yellow Arrow Lights 

You are approaching an intersection, and you need to turn left at the light. The signal turns to a flashing yellow arrow. Do you know what you are supposed to do?

First, remember that yellow always means "caution."

If the yellow arrow light is flashing, drivers are allowed to turn after yielding to oncoming traffic, bicyclists, and pedestrians. The oncoming traffic has the right of way.

If the yellow arrow light is not flashing, do not enter the intersection because the light is about to turn red.

Please do not "camp out" in the intersection. Do not pull up early into the crosswalk or any part of the intersection while waiting to make your turn. Drivers wishing to turn must be sure it is safe to complete their full turn before entering the intersection.  

We all have the same goal - to keep traffic flowing smoothly and safely.
Don't Let a Grinch Spoil Your Holiday
Will Thieves Take the Bait?

For grinches looking to steal a Christmas package from your porch, we say beware! That package may have a special tracking device in it.

Recently, Detective Altiere shared with the media that Sheriff's investigators are deploying "bait" packages around Washington County, hoping to catch thieves this holiday season. Package thefts are especially high this time of year, and we are sharing this video with tips on how to avoid becoming a victim. Make it harder for holiday crooks!
Safe Online Shopping Tips

We want to help you be safe when you shop online during the holidays and throughout the new year. Here are a few quick tips to ensure your packages arrive as planned.

Do not use public computers or public wireless for your online shopping. They may contain malicious software that steals your personal information when you place your order, which can lead to identity theft.


Know your online merchants. Shop from businesses you know and trust. To check the reputation of an unfamiliar vendor, consult the Better Business Bureau or the Federal Trade Commission.


Look for "https" when making an online purchase. The "s" in "https" stands for "secure" and means the webpage is encrypted for your protection.


Do not respond to pop-up ads. When a window pops up promising you cash or gifts for answering a question or survey, close it by pressing "Control" plus "F4" on Windows, or "Command" plus "W" for Macs.


What can you do if you encounter problems with an online shopping site?

Contact the Better Business Bureau or the Federal Trade Commission.

You Better Watch Out, I'm Telling You Why . . . 
Deputies Crack Down on Holiday DUII!

Not only is it illegal to drive under the influence of alcohol, it is also a crime to drive under the influence of a controlled substance, such as marijuana. Deputies who are specially trained as Drug Recognition Experts assist on DUII traffic stops. Please be responsible and don't get behind the wheel if you are impaired by alcohol or any other substance.
Happy Holidays From Your Sheriff's K-9 Team!

(Pictured left to right: Taz, Chase, Stark, Radar, and Tux)
Where Have Deputies Been Working?

Crime Reports icon
This link to Crime Reports automatically opens with a view of all requests for police service (except traffic) in unincorporated Washington County during the last 30 days.
  • Click on this link.
  • Enter your address to view your area.
  • If you live in Banks, Cornelius, or Gaston, type your city in this format: "Cornelius, OR."
  • Click on map markers to view call details.
  • Use the Advanced Search to change time periods, add traffic data, etc.

Keep in mind, these are requests for police service, not confirmed crimes.

Believe it or Not!

An inmate came to our jail and complained of a sore back. He had jumped off a roof the night prior to being arrested . . . but that is not the unbelievable part.

He was taken to a medical facility, and they offered to take x-rays of his lower back, which he agreed to. So why was this a bad idea on his part?

The x-ray showed no lower back injury, but it did identify a storage issue. There was a small vial of drugs stored in his special place. Storing anything there is a not a wise idea - forgetting something is stored there and authorizing x-rays is just plain funny.

Next time, he should store his belongings in a traditional fanny pack.
Who Made Santa's Naughty List?

The following people are wanted for committing crimes.  Do not approach them.  If you see them or have information to share with law enforcement, please call:

Sheriff's 24-Hour Criminal Records Office at (503) 846-2700, or 
Non-Emergency Dispatch at (503) 629-0111

Wanted flyers are online - click on a photo or visit:
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