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Check Your Mailbox!

Dear Residents,

Your ballots and voters' pamphlets should be in your mailbox by now!  

Measure 34-236, the countywide public safety levy, will be on the ballot for renewal. This measure would continue funding for special enforcement teams, operation of the county jail at full capacity to minimize the early release of offenders, prosecution services, and probation and parole supervision.

The levy also funds services to address and prevent juvenile crime. Did you know that juvenile crime has declined four out of the last five years in Washington County? Juvenile Services Message.

The levy is proposed at 42 per $1,000 of assessed value. That works out to about $107 per year for a home with an assessed value of about $255,000 - or about $9 per month.

Whether you live in a city, an unincorporated area, or a rural community, you receive services from this levy. Please take time to vote and mail your ballot before October 26.  


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Related News

Meth Trafficking Operation Nets 30 Arrests

A year-long investigation, targeting a methamphetamine trafficking organization, culminated in 30 arrests this week.

The Washington County Westside Interagency Narcotics Team (WIN) and at least 20 local, state and federal partners executed a joint search and arrest warrant operation at 18 different commercial and residential properties in the Portland Metropolitan area.

So far, this operation resulted in -- 
  • 66 people investigated, of which 30 were arrested
  • 26 pounds of meth seized
  • Cocaine seized
  • Approximately $90,000 in cash seized
  • Vast amounts of stolen property recovered, including firearms and a $3,000 bicycle
  • Multiple children in hazardous environments being reported to DHS
Additional items are pending seizure, including vehicles and funds.

Investigators also discovered over 1,600 chickens at a property in the 21400 block of Farmington Road in Aloha. Investigators believe most of them were used in a large illegal cockfighting operation.

WIN is a multi-agency task force comprised of personnel from the Beaverton, Hillsboro, and Tigard police departments, Washington County Sheriff's deputies, the Oregon Air National Guard, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Homeland Security Investigations, and the Drug Enforcement Agency.  

Your Sheriff's Office participation in the WIN Team is one example of the special enforcement team services that are funded by the Washington County Public Safety Levy.

If Someone Starts Shooting in Public, Should I Take Action?
Concealed Carry and Other Considerations
One way to process events like the shooting in Roseburg is to run through the scenario in your mind.  How might you react?  What if you are with your family?  Planning and thinking through various scenarios is a healthy way to give yourself peace of mind and to live safer.  If you already have a plan, improve it.  If you don't, start today.
We cannot endorse any action during an active threat event, but we can share important considerations that may help you decide whether or how to respond if you are in such a situation. 
clip art of crowd
Watch: Run. Hide. Fight.
Before making the decision to use your weapon, you should strongly consider if that is the right decision. Exercising your right to carry a firearm does not mean you are required to act during a crisis. Depending on the circumstances, you could aggravate or complicate the situation.  

Also, do not assume that simply pointing your firearm at an active threat will stop them or even slow them down. If you choose to confront an active threat, you must be prepared to use your firearm.
Our firearms and tactical experts offer the following considerations for people who carry concealed, but their guidance can be helpful to get others thinking as well.  Keep in mind that an active threat may have a gun, a knife, or even a vehicle as a weapon.  Not every threat will be a shooter. 
If at all possible, call 9-1-1 immediately.
Assess the situation.  How many threats are there?  Are you in a position of tactical advantage, or are you already cornered?  You need to be able to assess the backstop behind your target, and to see who is between you and the threat.  How comfortable are you firing your weapon, and do you have extra ammunition with you?

Position yourself for concealment.  If possible, choose a position behind an object or structure that both conceals your location and provides a barrier before engaging the shooter. 
Separate from other people.  You may want to consider separating from your family or others.  Once you engage, the threat's focus will turn to you and those around you.  If the threat comes to you, you may have to take immediate action.
Consider Physical Responses to Stress.  Under high levels of stress, we know a threat's field of vision will narrow to some degree, often to pinpoint vision.  They may lose the ability to see peripherally and suffer diminished hearing.  It may feel like the threat is in slow motion.  This may also happen to you, depending on your experience.
Are you prepared to engage the threat?  This is the toughest part of the plan.  Are you prepared to take the threat's life to save the lives of others?  The threat has already made the decision to kill people.  Have you ever considered this scenario?  Is it part of your mental plan?
When shooting stops, make it clear you are not a threat.  If you took action and successfully engaged the threat, you need to understand that you may be presenting to police as an armed and unknown threat (or possibly to other well-intentioned armed citizens).  If you continue to display your weapon, when police encounter you, there are only fractions of a second when life or death decisions are made.  After you engage a threat, our trainers recommend you ensure your empty hands are plainly visible.  Either re-holster or put down any weapons, depending on the environment, situation, and proximity of police.
It is highly unlikely that you will ever find yourself involved in an active threat situation; however, if you do, and you have a concealed carry license, it is good to be prepared.  Practice with the gun you carry.  Practice regularly drawing from a concealed carry position using the holster you will be wearing. 
Practice until you are proficient with your gear.  Be aware of your surroundings.  The first time you think about how you will respond to an active threat situation should not be during an active threat event. Plan ahead.

Watch:  Run. Hide. Fight.
Why Rake Leaves?  

Please Don't Pile Leaves in the Road!
Tip from the Code Enforcement Deputy 

October in Washington County is when the leaves really begin to fall to the ground, but please don't rake and pile them in the roadway!

Many residents in the unincorporated areas mistakenly believe the County will take care of leaves that are piled in the street, but Washington County DOES NOT provide this service. Instead, the piles of leaves clog storm drains and cause localized flooding. 
Please dispose of them in the yard debris recycling containers provided by your garbage disposal service.

Deputy Dale Swall works full time addressing code enforcement. This position works with health, land use, and other county officials to help residents abate and correct code issues. Deputy Swall finds that most issues and complaints are easily resolved once people understand the code requirements.

One exception:  If you receive a notice directly from a provider, such as Clean Water Services, you should follow the instructions.  Some areas are targeted for leaf pickup as a method of managing water runoff, but not as a countywide service for all residents.

Take Advantage of Free Community Training

Are You a Caregiver for a Family Member?  
November is National Family Caregivers Month, and we want to treat you to the 12th annual Washington County Family Caregivers Conference on Friday, November 6, from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm. Come learn how to make your job easier. It's free and lunch is provided for all caregivers. More.

Fighting Elder Abuse - a Community Forum 
Sheriff Garrett will give opening remarks for keynote speaker San Diego Deputy DA Paul Greenwood. You will gain practical advice on how to combat elder abuse, and insights on today's scams targeting senior citizens. Friday, October 23, 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm, Hillsboro Civic Center. RSVP (503) 846-3060. More.

Monthly Landlord Forums - Marijuana Laws and More!
Your Sheriff's Office and the Westside Crime Prevention Coalition will begin hosting free monthly landlord forums in October. This is our way of supporting you as owners of rental property by offering training to help you better manage your properties. Forums are held on the second Wednesday of most months (October through May) at 6:30 pm. Attorney Jeffrey S. Bennett and his team kick off the forums with "New Marijuana Laws and Landlord Rights." More.

Keeping Illegal Activity Out of Rental Property 
($55 fee includes breakfast, lunch and a Landlord Training Manual)
On November 21, your Sheriff's Office and the Westside Crime Prevention Coalition will host training for landlords entitled "Keeping Illegal Activity Out of Rental Property." This 8-hour class is highly recommended for property owners and managers of single and multi-family housing, and will be instructed by John Campbell of Campbell DeLong Resources, Inc. This in-depth course includes topics such as applicant screening, rental agreements, ongoing management, partnership with residents, crime prevention through environmental design, warning signs of drug activity, eviction, working with law enforcement, and Section 8 Housing. 

Pre-registration is required.   More.   Printable Flyer.   Registration Form.
Community News

Crash into Power Pole -- Cedar Hills
On October 9, just before 2 am, multiple deputies responded to a crash at SW Butner Road near SW Woodward Way. A Nissan coupe had crashed into a PGE pole. The driver and his passenger fled the scene, leaving the vehicle unoccupied with the engine compartment on fire. A deputy located the passenger a short distance away, and the driver was located hiding in a yard by K-9 Stark. The driver was arrested for Hit and Run, Criminal Mischief, Reckless Driving, and Reckless Endangering.

Robbery -- Oak Hills
On October 7, at 1:45 am, a man reported that he stopped to get gas and decided to talk to a group of older teens about selling him some marijuana. He followed four of them down Cornell Road when one of them got into his car. Upon seeing the money, the suspect began hitting him. He was then pulled from the car and beaten. He was robbed of $500, his beanie cap, and his license before they broke the tail light on his car and left. The suspects were captured on video.

Hillsboro Man Dies in Motorcycle Crash -- Midway
On the evening of October 13, deputies responded to a motorcycle crash on SW Vanderschuere Road in the community of Midway. They found Kevin Prince, age 42 of Hillsboro, had failed to negotiate a curve in the road and crashed his 2007 Harley Davidson motorcycle into a guide wire for a power pole. He did not survive his injuries. Press Release.

Subway Restaurant Robbery -- Raleigh Hills
Just after 5 am on September 30, the Subway restaurant on Beaverton Hillsdale Highway in Raleigh Hills was robbed by two males. They both entered the restaurant - one displayed a weapon and demanded cash. They fled on foot with a small amount of cash. The clerk was not injured. The suspects were described as two dark-skinned black males, age 16-22, built thin. One was medium height and the other was shorter. Both were wearing dark clothing and had bandannas covering their faces. A Subway restaurant in Portland was robbed about an hour earlier, with similar characteristics. Both suspects are still wanted.

Worker Dies After Being Struck by Train at Lumber Mill -- Near Gaston
In the early afternoon of Tuesday, October 6, deputies responded to Stimson Lumber Mill in western Washington County near Gaston. It appeared an employee, Antonio Avalos, age 46 of McMinnville, fell off the front of a moving train. He did not survive his injuries. OSHA is investigating the incident.

Detectives Search for Missing Man -- South of Hillsboro
On September 26 at about 3 pm, a deputy was called to the 32900 block of SW Plum Tree Court, south of Hillsboro. The person reported a 1994 Ford Taurus was left running, unoccupied and blocking a driveway. It was registered to Matthew Pugh and there were personal items belonging to him and another person inside.  

On September 27, a family member reported Matthew Pugh missing. Mr. Pugh has not shown up for work nor made any contact with people close to him, which is very unusual according to family. Detectives from the Washington County Major Crimes Team are working the case. Pugh is 5'8" tall, 180 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. Please call detectives if you have any information at (503) 846-2700.

Glencoe Road at West Union to Close This Week (October 20-21)
Glencoe Road will be closed at the railroad crossing just north of West Union Road from 7 a.m. Tuesday, October 20 through 7 p.m. Wednesday, October 21.  This schedule is dependent on weather.  The road will be closed to all road users - motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists.  Signs will identify detour routes.  The closure is needed to make repairs to the railroad crossing.  More.

Sheriff's Office and Other County Media Releases
Nothing But the Facts . . . 

Q:  Is Measure 34-236 a new tax?
A:  No. This is a renewal of the countywide public safety services levy.

Q:  Is the levy for the same tax rate?
A:  Yes. The proposed tax rate of 42 per $1,000 of assessed value has not increased since this levy was first approved in 2000. 

Q:  Do I receive Public Safety Levy services?
A:  Whether you live in a city, an unincorporated area, or a rural community, you receive services from this levy. This levy serves all Washington County residents and businesses.

Be sure to mail your ballot by Monday, October 26, or take it to a ballot drop site!

"Unprepared" Has People Talking!

Take some time to watch the OPB program by Oregon Field Guide called "Unprepared."  It aired earlier this month and has Oregonians talking like never before.  Unprepared will give you a big picture view on our statewide lack of disaster preparedness.  

Remember, the goal is not to panic, but to motivate everyone to take action to prepare!  Be prepared, not scared.

Crime Reports icon
Where Have Deputies Been Working?

This link to Crime Reports automatically opens with a view of all requests for police service (except traffic) in unincorporated Washington County during the last 30 days.
  • Click on this link
  • Enter your address to view your area
  • If you live in Banks, Cornelius, or Gaston, type your city in this format: "Cornelius, OR"
  • Click on map markers to view call details
  • Use the Advanced Search to change time periods, add traffic data, etc.

Keep in mind, these are requests for police service, not confirmed crimes.

Gun Safety Starts at Home 

Our thoughts continue to be with the victims, families and loved ones affected by the shooting at Umpqua Community College.   We know that such tragedies, especially close to home, inspire people to take action.  Many donated money to the victims or had a conversation with school officials about campus safety plans.  Others are applying for or renewing concealed carry licenses.
Some may feel a loss of security and control.  One way to cope is to take action to control variables within your reach.  Several ideas are offered in this issue, but we ask you to take one action now.  Please review gun safety in your home.
In many mass shooting events, the guns were taken from home and were not secured.  Please ensure you have gun locks for every gun you own or control.  Every gun purchased from a licensed dealer must be sold with a lock.  Trigger locks are model specific, whereas cable locks work on handguns or long guns.  The locks not only secure the weapon from children, they prevent operation of the firearm unless unlocked with a key.  

You can buy a lock for $3-5, but if anyone in financial hardship needs one, please feel free to request one.  We have a limited supply of free gun locks available.

This Month's "Most Wanted" 

The following people are wanted for committing crimes. Do not approach them.  If you see them or have information to share with law enforcement, please call:

Sheriff's 24-Hour Criminal Records Office at (503) 846-2700 or 
Non-Emergency Dispatch at (503) 629-0111

Wanted flyers are online - click on a photo or visit:

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