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Inmates at Work in the Community

Inmate work crews from the Washington County Jail tackle many great projects that benefit our community. They are often seen painting, clearing brush, maintaining parks, and constructing trails in wooded areas. However, they had quite a change of pace last month -- they prepped a vehicle for fresh paint!

Cornelius Police donated a used vehicle to Forest Grove Police, but it needed a makeover before going into service.  Our inmate workers spent 25 hours over 2 days removing decals and lights, sanding, and taping to prepare the vehicle for paint.  A local body shop also allowed them inside the shop to help with the paint prep work.  Thanks to some free labor, taxpayer dollars were saved and Forest Grove has a shiny new mobile response vehicle to bring evidence processing and specialized equipment to crime scenes - nice!

National Magazine Features Your Sheriff's Robot Team

The National Institute of Justice in its TechBeat magazine is featuring our Remotely Operated Vehicle Team in its October issue.  Check it out

Lowering Bail - What's That About?

When a person is charged with a crime, they are normally taken to jail and given the opportunity to post bail and be released.  Bail is designed to insure the person appears in court as required; if they don't, the money is forfeited to the court.  (So if you post bail for a friend or relative who doesn't go to court, you will lose your money!

The percentage of people posting bail at the Washington County Jail has seriously decreased, from 12.83% in 2006 to 7.32% last year. This is a problem for the criminal justice system because more people are staying in jail at taxpayer expense and jail beds are being filled by people who are not necessarily the most dangerous offenders. Posting bail also allows people to keep their jobs and maintain their family obligations.

Another impact is that when the jail is full and people cannot afford to post bail, inmates are released due to overcrowding without posting bail. They no longer have monetary incentive to appear in court, which begins the costly cycle of failing to appear, having a warrant issued, and being rearrested and brought back to jail again.  

We continually track jail trends and share that information with our criminal justice partners, including the courts, to help them make informed decisions that make the system more efficient.  In September, Washington County Courts, working with jail staff, issued a general order that actually reduced the bail amounts for some crimes.  One example is that the bail for A and B misdemeanors (like Disorderly Conduct or Criminal Mischief) has been reduced from $5,000 to $2,500. 

While bail amounts were reduced for a number of crimes, bail for "person crimes" increased. This includes crimes against people, such as Assault or Rape, that are much more serious than "property crimes" like Theft or Vandalism.  The higher bail amounts will make it more difficult for a person crime offender to post bail.

The lowered bail amounts are still high, but are expected to increase the number of less dangerous offenders who can afford to post bail and be released.  The bottom line is that the bail process is healthy for a justice system, but only if people can afford it.  
Driver Refresher on Pedestrian Laws


Deputies conduct traffic safety missions to target problem issues in various locations. An example is the pedestrian crossing mission occurring through October in the City of Cornelius. To start, deputies post signs reminding motorists in advance that a pedestrian safety mission is underway. Then they deploy a pedestrian in street clothes at a busy intersection.  

This video shows motorists doing the WRONG thing just before the mission began.

Here is what you need to know to avoid a ticket and, even more important, keep people safe.


What is a Crosswalk?
Generally, pedestrians have the right of way at all intersections. There is a crosswalk at every intersection, even if it is not marked by painted lines. The area included in the unmarked crosswalk is not less than 6 feet wide and exists even if there is no sidewalk or shoulder.

How much space do motorists give pedestrians?
At an intersection where pedestrians are crossing you must wait until the pedestrians have cleared your lane and the entire next lane; if you are turning at a signal, you must stop and wait until pedestrians clear the lane you are turning into, plus 6 feet of the next lane.

When are pedestrians crossing?
A pedestrian is crossing the roadway when they show intent to cross, for instance by walking toward the intersection or standing on the curb edge of a sidewalk at an intersection looking toward traffic. Crossing is also clear when any part or extension of the pedestrian moves into the roadway in a crosswalk with intent to cross. This may include, but is not limited to, any part of the pedestrian's body, wheelchair, cane, crutch, or bicycle. 


This is mainly because sometimes it is not safe for a pedestrian to step into the roadway until traffic fully stops. None of this means a pedestrian can jump into traffic suddenly and expect cars to stop if there is not ample time or distance. Clearly some intersections require additional precautions by pedestrians and drivers based on speed and design of the roadway.

Is it different for students?
At school crossings, you must stop when students enter the crosswalk from either side of the street or if a patrol guard signals you to do so. Remain stopped until the students clear the crosswalk.

What about divided roads?

You are not required to stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk if you are traveling along the half of the roadway that is on the other side of a safety island from the pedestrian.


Do You Have a Coat to Spare?
October 27 - December 1

It's time to pull your favorite coat out of hibernation.  While you're in the closet, how about looking for one warm coat for charity? 

Each year, we ask people to help us collect new or gently-used coats and jackets for local children and adults in need.  Can your family contribute?

Last year, we collected 676 coats that were distributed by local charities to people in need in our own community.  We will have more information for you on drop sites soon.  In the meantime, please start collecting coats to keep people warm this winter!

Help Us Find a Few Great Deputies
Now Hiring Jail and Patrol Deputies - Apply Online by Friday, October 17

Community News


stack of newspapers 366x600K9 Search Leads to Arrest of DUII Driver After Crash 

On Sunday, October 12, ambulance drivers discovered a vehicle on its top and an ejected passenger on the road. Deputies arrived and quickly began searching for the driver and another passenger who had run from the crash and into the forest.  Deputy Akin and K9 Stark tracked the suspects up and down a steep ravine, locating them about a half mile from the crash. The injured men were both carried out of the ravine by firefighters and deputies. Alcohol was a factor in the crash. The driver was charged with DUII, Reckless Driving, Hit & Run, and Assault IV. 


Woman Seriously Injured at Bethany QFC

On Saturday, October 11, deputies responded to the Bethany QFC to a report of a vehicle that had jumped a curb and pinned a woman against a wall.  The woman suffered serious and potentially life threatening injuries.  There were no indications that the driver was impaired; it appears her foot slipped from the break to the accelerator when she was trying to park. 


Car Clouts in Beaverton

On October 9, a half dozen people reported items stolen from their vehicles off SW Canyon Drive.  All the vehicles appear to have been left unlocked and there is no suspect information. Let's make it a little tougher for these criminals - lock it up everyone!


You Never Know What a Call Will Involve - Rock Creek

During a traffic stop on September 25 at about 5:45 am, a deputy got a funny feeling and called for backup.  After talking with the driver, who presented ID and confirmed his identity, the deputy suspected DUII, in part due to the smell of alcohol.  The driver declined field sobriety tests and was told he was under arrest.  A struggle ensued through the window as the driver tried to drive away. Deputies eventually backed off to avoid getting run over by the suspect or being hit in traffic on NW 185th Avenue. The deputies ran back to their cars and began to pursue the driver who then crashes into a curb, over plants, shears a tree, hits a parked car and escapes for the moment.  Deputy Maller and K9 Taz tracked the driver to a nearby apartment where she surrendered.  It was later determined that the driver had two prior DUII convictions.


You Never Know What a Call Will Involve #2 - Near Beaverton

On September 24, at 7:30 pm, several deputies respond to the report of a man pointing a long rifle at passing vehicles and pedestrians.  Deputies contacted the male from a distance who appeared to have a rifle in his hands; however, they could not positively identify the weapon as he was waving it around. The man did not follow directions given by deputies and ran into a nearby house.  Deputies learned that an autistic boy lived in the area; they contacted the parents and confirmed it was likely the suspect. This enabled deputies to call the suspect and he walked out of the house. They met the young man, who makes toy guns and acts out scenes from TV. He is afraid of police. His parents soon returned home to learn a caregiver had not shown up to take care of him. At his parents' request, the toy rifle was seized for destruction. We received this e-mail the next day.


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Will Your Commute be Interrupted This Month? 

Paving on Farmington Road between 209th Avenue and Highway 219 is scheduled for October 20-28 (excluding weekends), from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. each day. Expect delays or use alternate routes.


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Because We're Neighbors

Updates from Your Crime Prevention Team


Crime Prevention logo  

Crime Maps Are Available

This link to Crime Reports automatically opens with a view of all requests for police service (except traffic) in unincorporated Washington County during the last 30 days. 

  • Click on this link
  • Enter your address to view your area
  • If you live in Banks, Cornelius or Gaston, type in your city in this format "Cornelius, OR"
  • Click on map markers to view call details
  • Use the Advanced Search to change time periods, add traffic data, etc.

Keep in mind, these are requests for police service, not confirmed crimes.  


FREE Landlord Training Forum Begins this Month!
Your Sheriff's Office and other Westside Crime Prevention Coalition partners sponsor a series of free classes in Hillsboro for rental property owners and managers.  The classes are held on the second Wednesday of each month, October through May.  Attend the series or just the classes that meet your interests.  

Visit the Sheriff's Community Calendar for more FREE training and safety events.


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Deputies Join Trick-or-Treaters
Attention Ghouls and Goblins!

Bethany - Deputies and Crime Prevention are joining in the Bethany Merchants annual trick-or-treat event through Bethany Centre and the Offices.  The fun begins at All Star Dance Academy where kids will be given a flyer with the names of all the businesses that are passing out candy.  Join us 3:30 to 5:30 pm on Halloween.

Cornelius -- Deputies serving the City of Cornelius and volunteers will greet trick-or-treaters near the City Council Building at 13th and Adair Street.  Ghouls and goblins are welcome between 5:00 and 8:00 pm on Halloween. Deputies on patrol in town will also have goodie bags to hand out.  Give them a wave or yell "Happy Halloween" to get their attention.

Dumb Crook - original 

Dumb Crook Club


This month's dumb crook used a stolen credit card at a local grocery store.  Surveillance video was a little unclear and detectives were not able to identify her immediately from the photo.  


Fortunately, when she checked out, she wanted the best prices at the register so she input a club card and phone number.  The phone number belonged to a high school friend from 12 years ago, who was more than happy to identify her for police.  


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This Month's "Most Wanted"  
The following people are wanted for committing crimes.  Do not approach them.  If you see them or have information to share with law enforcement, please call the Sheriff's 24-Hour Records Office at (503) 846-2700 or non-emergency dispatch at (503) 629-0111.
For more details on the crimes they committed or their physical description, click on any photo to visit:


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