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Celebrate Our Rich American History


Dear Washington County Residents,
The 4th of July is a time to reflect on our rich history, our founding fathers, and their plight to preserve our freedoms.  Their work in writing the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America endures today, 238 years later.
Please join me this holiday and acknowledge those among us who serve, or have served, in our nation's military to secure our freedoms.  And closer to home, please say "thank you" to our emergency responders who serve to restore peace in our neighborhoods, towns and communities.  
I hope you celebrate this week with all the "pomp and parade" imagined by our founders.  When the colors of our flag are presented on parade, please stand and place your hand on your heart until they go by.  When military veterans pass, please stand with dignity to acknowledge their service.  It is the least we can all do to honor their work.
I wish you memorable celebrations and safe holiday travels.
Sheriff Pat Garrett

Conserving the Peace at Home and Abroad

Many Sheriff's Troops are Military Veterans


Each Independence Day, we like to find a small way to honor men and women of the Sheriff's Office who have also served in the armed forces.


The list is impressive - a total of 100 of our staff currently serve or are veterans of the United States military.  They work in every corner of the Sheriff's Office and on every shift.


They represent every branch of the armed forces.  Together, these men and women have given hundreds of years of service to our country.


Send Your Message

Sheriff Garrett has offered to share your sentiments with our staff throughout the month of July to thank them for their service.



If Canines Could Talk ...
Dear Humans,
Before you go out on the 4th of July, can I tell you about my friends?  They can't tell you how afraid they are of fireworks, so I offered to "speak" for all of us and ask for your help:
Please make sure dogs and cats wear collar tags on the holiday in case they bolt and get lost.  (Microchips help too, but it can take longer for me to get home.) 
Consider letting pets stay in an interior room at home, maybe with a TV or radio for white noise. 
Also, my friends might appreciate a ThunderShirt, a patented product available at pet supply stores that apply gentle pressure to a dog or cat. The pressure helps us relax.
If your pet seems anxious, maybe an over-the-counter calming product like DAP (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) for dogs or Feliway for cats can help.
Some of my friends are extremely freaked out by noise.  You might want to get them anti-anxiety medication from the vet.
Finally, if we ever get separated, please look for us online at (click on Lost and Found) to view photos of every stray animal currently at the Washington County Small Animal Shelter. The shelter will be open the 4th of July, 9 am to 5 pm for lost and found pets only

Thanks, we all feel a lot safer now!
Thanks to our friends at the Bonnie L. Hays Small Animal Shelter whose work inspired this article.
Jail Recruits Earn Top Awards

On Friday, June 20, three of our recruit jail deputies graduated from the Oregon police academy with distinction.  They trained with 40 students from police agencies throughout the state.  Honors include:



Deputy Spencer Nordstrom shot a perfect 100% during each firearms qualification, earning a shooter's pin.


Deputy Jessica Hennessey earned a shooter's pin and the George L. Tooley Top Shooter award.


Deputy Jamie Shores was selected by her class for the Victor G. Atiyeh Outstanding Student Award.  (She just missed receiving the top academic award by a .01% difference in scoring.) 



We are proud to welcome all three to our team of outstanding deputies in the Jail Division!

County Hostage Negotiations Expert Receives Honors
Washington County's interagency Crisis Negotiations Unit responds to hostage situations countywide.  Interagency teams enable deputies and city police to train together and gain expertise that benefits residents in cities and unincorporated areas.
The Sheriff's Office would like to congratulate one such expert - Detective Ed Vance, a Hillsboro detective, who recently received the Western States Hostage Negotiators' Association President's Award.
Detective Vance's involvement in local negotiations began in 1994.  In 2003, he began presenting the FBI Basic Hostage Negotiator's Course; in 2005, he attended the FBI National Crisis Negotiator's Course, an

Sheriff Garrett Commends Hostage Negotiator Detective Ed Vance

honor awarded to very few non-FBI law enforcement officers nationwide each year. 
In 2006, the county became the benefactor of his expertise when Hillsboro's hostage negotiations team merged with the county team.
Since 2000, Detective Vance has taught hundreds of Hostage Negotiations, Crisis Intervention, Mediation, and Tactical Communications classes for law enforcement agencies, citizen groups, and colleges.
We thank Detective Vance for his many years of service and for sharing his knowledge widely to benefit the many communities of Washington County. 
We also want to thank the FBI and all our municipal partners, Beaverton, Hillsboro and Tigard Police, who contribute staff to the countywide Crisis Negotiations Unit.  Residents are well and efficiently served when law enforcement agencies work and train together to keep the county safe.
Proudly Serving the City of Cornelius 
The Sheriff's Office is honored to provide policing services in the City of Cornelius beginning July 1, 2014. 
According to Oregon law and the contract between the City and Washington County, former Cornelius police officers have become county employees.  After orientation training, some will return to patrol the city while others will work county patrol districts.  
Eventually, all deputies assigned to the city will sport the city's black uniforms.  However, until orientation training ends in late summer, a mix of uniforms and vehicles will be present.
Residents are invited to meet the new Chief of Police at the next Cornelius Town Hall Meeting on Saturday, July 19, from 11 am to 12:30 pm at Centro Cultural, 1110 North Adair in Cornelius.  Both English and Spanish speakers will be accommodated.   Come say hello and let us answer your questions.  See you Saturday, July 19.
Left to right in photo:  Police Chief and Sheriff's Lieutenant Gene Moss, Sergeant Al Roque, and Corporal Mark Trost.
Community News



Sheriff's Office Media Releases
Deputy DiPietro and K9 MaverickAnnual K9 Competition Draws Record Crowd
On June 21, your Sheriff's K9 teams gathered with teams from Hillsboro, Sherwood and Springfield police at the Washington County Fairgrounds to compete for a year's worth of bragging rights. 
Our largest crowd ever included citizen dog lovers, animal advocates, and people who just love a good  show and friendly Deputy Chris Green and K9 Gunny Deputy Micah Akin and Stark  competition.  The competition is serious work as the teams show their skills while searching for suspects and evidence, fastest dog, suspect apprehension,  extracting a suspect from a vehicle, and protecting their handler. 
This year's TOP DOG award went to Deputy Micah Akin and his K9 partner Stark. 


Congratulations to all participants and a big THANK YOU to all who attended the 2014 K9 Trials!


New Deputy Will be Serving the City of Gaston 

Retired Deputy Steve HedinAs Deputy Steve Hedin approached retirement in June, members of the City of Gaston shared their appreciation for his service to their community in this Oregonian article published June 20, 2014.


Deputy Hedin was hired 25 years ago, just after the Enhanced Sheriff's Patrol District (ESPD) formed. The ESPD encompasses the more densely populated urban areas that demand more policing services than the rural patrol areas.  The voters in the ESPD area approved a higher tax rate for increased services. The District has been successful for about 26 years, and Deputy Hedin was one of the first deputies to be hired to provide those services.  


Many years later, when the City of Gaston contracted with the Sheriff's Office for its policing ser  vices, Deputy Hedin and his community policing skills were a natural fit for the Chief of Police position.


Beginning July 1, Deputy Bobby Wormington will be serving as Gaston's Police Chief.  He is already known to Gaston residents because he has been the relief deputy for the city.  He also has experience in the City of Banks and working western Washington County.  We look forward to a very smooth transition.

Road News -- 8-Month Road Closure Begins July 28 - Oleson Road at Fanno Creek
Oleson Road will be closed beginning July 28 at Fanno Creek for about eight months as county road crews begin work to replace the bridge. Oleson Road is just south of Beaverton Hillsdale Highway. Motorists will be detoured to Hall Boulevard and Scholls Ferry Road, and a temporary bicycle and pedestrian bridge will be installed. Access to local residences and businesses will be available.
Preliminary road work will begin on June 30 with minimal impacts to traffic. Expect traffic along the detour routes to be delayed as well as at the construction site. Aerial view, project details, and more!



More Headlines You May Have Missed
06/19/2014  Cornelius PD Sells Off its Guns, Sheriff's Office Gives Transition Details, Oregonian
Because We're Neighbors

Your Crime Prevention Team at Work


Crime Prevention logo  

A map of burglaries in unincorporated Washington County  



Our map and list show residential and business burglaries for the month of June 2014 in unincorporated Washington County.


The data includes break-ins of vacant outbuildings, sheds, and homes under construction, so people are not always in imminent danger as they would be in a home invasion robbery.


Also, many calls are initially reported as burglaries, but do not turn out to be verified. Addresses are rounded to the nearest hundredth block for security.


Where will your family celebrate?
National Night Out Emblem  
With several large community celebrations throughout the county on Tuesday, August 5, you just have to choose where to celebrate National Night Out! 
Join your neighbors in sending a message to criminals that citizens and police are working together to fight crime.  Or, if your neighborhood has a block party, you can go online to invite a deputy from your patrol district to stop by. 

Boys with SparklersIt's easy to manage fireworks used by younger kids because parents usually have to purchase them.  But what about the teenager or the very big kid (think husband or wife) who brings home the fireworks that ROCK the house.  They will say they are "pretty sure" the fireworks are legal, but your instincts tell you otherwise. 

For those of you who want to be less gullible, here is a guide to which fireworks are legal and those that are not.
More than anything, deputies want you to be safe and to set a good example for your kids.
Community Fireworks Shows
Consider attending a local fireworks display instead - the small town of Banks, Oregon, has a great display each year at the Sunset Speedway.  The Forest Grove Firefighters Association also hosts a fireworks display at Tom McCall Upper Middle School.


For more events, visit the Sheriff's Community Calendar!


Bombs Bursting in Air?   
Good Neighbors and Fireworks Can Mix
I am Patrol Commander John Koch and I want to wish you a fun-filled 4th of July!
Many of us celebrate the 4th of July with parades, barbecues with friends, outdoor games, and fireworks after dark.  Our patrol deputies have one pretty simple request for everyone:


Please be a good neighborConsider where you are celebrating and what is reasonable for the area.  If neighbors are close, move a loud party indoors when it gets late and stop the noisy fireworks.  Or maybe choose a less populated location for your party.


That's all. Just keep it legal, keep it safe, and be thoughtful of your neighbors when it gets late.
This Month's "Most Wanted"  
The following people are wanted for committing crimes.  Do not approach them.  If you see them or have information to share with law enforcement, please call the Sheriff's 24-Hour Records Office at (503) 846-2700 or non-emergency dispatch at (503) 629-0111.
For more details on the crimes they committed or their physical description, click on any photo to visit:
Washington County Sheriff's Office, Hillsboro, Oregon
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