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How to Avoid a Ticket This Month


Deputies are working missions this month that focus on aggressive driving behaviors on highways and freeways.  Our goal is safe driving, not ticket revenue, so please check your driving habits to see where you can improve without being pulled over


Focus on Safe Passing 

When you change lanes, the vehicle you pass should not have to hit the brakes to avoid hitting you.  Check your distance this month to see if you are inadvertently cutting off other drivers with abrupt lane changes.  When passing a large vehicle, you should see the entire cab of the truck or bus in your rear view mirror before changing lanes. 

Avoid Following Too Closely
A safe following distance ensures you have a clear field of vision of the road ahead and that you can stop within four seconds if needed.  For instance, if the car in front of you passes a certain point (say a road sign), then you should pass the same point about four or more seconds later.  This is because it generally takes 3 seconds to stop or take other action to avoid a crash, leaving only 1 second for the driver to make a decision.  The number one cause of crashes is following too closely.  Try timing yourself next time you're in traffic and at different speeds until your habits adjust.
Take a Break from Traffic
Our best advice is to drive when you are not rushed or stressed out.  If you start to feel frustrated or angry behind the wheel, pull over and give yourself a break.  Stop at a store, grab a soft drink, or just take a short walk to cool off.  Attitude is everything when you're behind the wheel.
Have You Seen These Items?
Sheriff's Detectives ask you to keep an eye out for a few rather distinguishable stolen items.  Please look for them in your neighborhood, when shopping online, or in pawn shops or garage sales.  The first is a peanut machine (we know about the identical one for sale on Ebay).  The second item is a vintage 1927 John Deere diecast airplane bank.  Finally, two white 2003 Suzuki ATVs were stolen as a set.  They would look similar to the photo below and bear vehicle ID numbers that end in 5518 and 5520.
If you see any of these items, please contact non-emergency dispatch at (503) 629-0111.  It is usually best not to alert the person who is holding the items until police arrive.
Help ID Recently Stolen Property Online

Sheriff's Detectives have seized hundreds of items of stolen property and they need your help to identify the rightful owners.  The items are posted on our Help ID Property website.


In April, a concerned citizen shared information about possible burglary suspects.  The investigation shows they broke into several homes from Forest Grove to east Hillsboro and stole a wide variety of property.  Investigators served a search warrant on the home of two suspects and seized over 800 items of evidence.  


Some victims have already claimed their property, but investigators have several hundred more unclaimed items and would like to identify as many owners as possible.  We want to return their property and bring closure to these cases. 


If you have been the victim of theft of jewelry, guns, sporting goods, or a wide variety of other items since January 2013 and you live in (most likely western) Washington County, we want you to see if you can view and claim your items on our website.  Please make a claim regardless of their monetary value and even if you do not want the items returned to you.


While six suspects have been identified, arrests will be forthcoming as the investigation continues



Why Do Buses Always Pull in Front of ME?


When you see a mass transit bus (Tri-Met in our area) signal to pull into traffic and light their red yield sign - remember they have the right of way under Oregon law.  They have a right to expect that you will obey the law by slowing or stopping to let them pull into the travel lane, so please yield to them.  


The law is ORS 811.167.  Just think, this free newsletter just saved you from learning a $260 lesson.  



Big Truck Rear View Mirror



Avoiding Blind Spots by Buses and Trucks


Many people falsely believe that truck and bus drivers can see the road better because they sit higher and can see over the top of cars in front of them.  But even with large mirrors, they have serious side and rear blind spots where your small vehicle or motorcycle can completely disappear from view.


How do you know if you are in a blind spot?  If you cannot see the bus or truck driver in their side mirrors, the driver cannot see you.


Ask Your Traffic Question

Community News


Deputies Search for Man Who Assaulted Dotty's Clerk in Aloha

At stack of newspapers 366x6002:30 in the morning on Tuesday, June 17, deputies responded to a robbery and assault call at Dotty's, a business at 20571 SW TV Highway in Aloha.  As the 32-year-old female sales clerk was locking the door on her way out, a man ran up behind her and began striking her in the head with a solid object until she fell to the ground.  He ran inside the business and took an unspecified number of lottery tickets and a small amount of cash.  The clerk was transported by ambulance to a local hospital with significant head injuries.  Violent Crimes Unit detectives ask for assistance from the public to identify the suspect. 


The suspect is described as being in his 30s with dark skin and a medium build.  He was wearing a light colored shirt with a Nike logo on the front, black warmup pants with a white stripe down the leg, and a dark ball cap.  He had a surgical mask covering his face.  Anyone with information is encouraged to call (503) 846-2500.


Underage Alcohol Sales Mission

On May 23, deputies conducted an undercover compliance mission where underage teenagers attempt to purchase alcohol from stores in Washington County.  Two 18-year-old Explorer Post members were deployed to try to buy alcohol; they used their valid Oregon ID cards if requested by a store clerk.  Of the 27 businesses visited on May 23, only 1 clerk sold alcohol to the teen decoys.  This is a really encouraging indicator that stores are not selling alcohol to minors. The Sheriff's Office thanks our Explorer Post volunteers and commends all the businesses who were in compliance.


Car Clouts at Athletic Clubs in Cedar Mill and Bethany 

On June 12, a car clout was reported at the Sunset Athletic Club.  Someone entered the victim's vehicle through an open sunroof between 6-7:30 pm and stole a Macbook Air.  The victim saw a white adult male leave the area in a hurry in a silver Chevy truck.  The same day, another vehicle was broken into at the Bethany Athletic Club between 9-11 pm and the suspects stole an expensive purse and used credit cards about 45 minutes later at the Safeway and Chevron off NW 185th.  An employee saw the same driver and vehicle leave one of those businesses.  Deputies were Cartoon thief running with a bag of loot.advised via radio that Hillsboro PD had discovered a similar Chevy pickup with stolen plates at Old Chicago (restaurant).  Through the window, police could see mounds of purses, backpacks, tools, and other obvious loot from thefts, including the one stolen from the Bethany Athletic Club.  Deputies obtained a search warrant to search the truck and seized 100 pieces of evidence.  Most of the items reported stolen were recovered.  The truck was last registered in California, is unregistered in Oregon, and is not listed as stolen.  Deputies continue to work to identify the male suspect.  Please call non-emergency dispatch (503) 629-0111 if you have any tips to help investigators, and always store valuables in your cars out of sight in your locked vehicles.  


Tenant Loses Temper Near Somerset West 

On June 7, a deputy responded to a Criminal Mischief call at the office of the Sir Charles Court apartments near the Somerset West neighborhood.  Office staff showed the deputy video of a tenant who came into the office upset and knocked a $1,500 computer off the desk along with other items and scared the staff.  The man admitted to the damage and was apparently upset by contractors who were making noise in the apartment above his own.  When deputies told him he was under arrest, the man retreated into his apartment, taking a fighting stance near kitchen knives and a large metal golf club.  Deputies deployed a taser and took him into custody.  He was charged with Disorderly Conduct I, Attempted Criminal Mischief I, Criminal Mischief II, and Resisting Arrest.


Road Closures (

ODOT plans to close Lower Boones Ferry Road in both directions under Interstate 5 from 10 pm Saturday night until 8 am Sunday. The closure is the first of five needed between June and November to complete seismic improvements.


Multnomah County will temporarily close Cornelius Pass Road between US 30 and Germantown Road (near the Washington County line) Thursday, June 19, from 6 am to 4:30 pm for maintenance. Use Highway 26. Trucks carrying hazardous cargo use Highway 217.
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REMINDER . . .  
The Sheriff's Office is now accepting applications for Jail and Patrol Deputy 
The Washington County Sheriff's Office is accepting applications until Friday, June 20, for Recruit and Lateral Deputy, for both Jail and Patrol Divisions.  Learn more.


Because We're Neighbors

Your Crime Prevention Team at Work


Crime Prevention logo  



On May 24, apartment residents on SW 107th near Beaverton called 9-1-1 to report several kids who were running around pounding on doors and windows waking people up at 2:45 am.  The kids took off running but were tracked by Deputy Akin and K9 Stark to a hiding place on the back porch of an apartment.  One suspect was arrested for Carrying a Concealed Weapon (brass knuckles) and all three were cited for curfew violations.  
Washington County Ordinance 9.08 sets a curfew for unincorporated areas (Aloha, Bethany, Rock Creek, Oak Hills, Raleigh Hills, etc.) and outlines parental responsibility.  The ordinance basically provides that no unemancipated minor shall be upon any street, highway, park, alley, or other public place during the hours of curfew (below) unless accompanied by parent, guardian or other authorized person age 21 or older, unless the minor is engaged in a school activity or lawful employment that makes it necessary for them to be in those areas.  Curfew hours for June through August are:
  • Youth under 14 years old, 10:15 pm to 6 am the following morning
  • Minor 14 and older, 11:59 pm to 6 am the following morning
If you see minors out and about during curfew hours, take time to call it in to dispatch.  They are rarely  up to any good or safe activity.  The non-emergency line for curfew calls is (503) 629-0111, but please always call 9-1-1 if you see a crime in progress.


See also ORS 419C.680 for the state curfew law.



A map of burglaries in unincorporated Washington County




Our map and list show residential and business burglaries for the month of May 2014 in unincorporated Washington County.



The data includes break-ins of vacant outbuildings, sheds, and homes under construction, so people are not always in imminent danger as they would be in a home invasion robbery. Also, many calls are initially reported as burglaries, but do not turn out to be verified as such.  Addresses are rounded to the nearest hundreth block for security. 








June 21 -- Washington County K9 Trials and Kids Safety Fair Media information: Sheriff's Office Hosts 9th Annual K9 Trials    



June 28 -- Safety Fair at Walmart in Cornelius
Bring your family to the Walmart parking lot in Cornelius on Saturday, from noon to 3 pm.  Climb in our armored vehicle affectionately named "the Bear", learn about water safety in the comfort of our Marine Patrol boat, and take home some fun prizes.  See you in Cornelius! 


August 5 -- National Night Out 

Plan to join one of several large community celebrations or invite a deputy from your patrol district to your block party.



For more, visit our Community Calendar. 




Saddle Up for the Posse's Annual Poker Ride! 


Our Sheriff's Posse invites you to their Annual Poker Ride on Saturday, July 12, 2014. 


Bring the whole family for a day of riding and fun on maintained and marked trails at Parrett Mountain Equestrian Park in Newberg.  Registration begins at 7:30 am.  The last rider goes out at 11:00 am.  Great prizes are awarded at 2:00 pm and there's a 50/50 raffle.  Proceeds support the Sheriff's posse and its scholarship program.


Play one hand for $6 or four hands for $20.  View printable flyer.  Call Laura for more information, (503) 410-9777.

This Month's "Most Wanted"  

Cassandra Peters is 5'6", 130 pounds, with brown hair and blue eyes.  She is wanted for abscond and probation violation for Theft I.  Ms. Peters has lived in both Forest Grove and Gaston.


Wanted Poster

Marisa Carter is 5'1", 105 pounds, with brown hair and eyes.  She is wanted for violating her probation on a conviction of Theft of Identity and Theft II charges.  Ms Carter is from Tigard.


Wanted Poster

Do not approach these individuals. If you see them or have information, call the Sheriff's Office Records Unit at (503) 846-2700, or non-emergency dispatch at (503) 629-0111.


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