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Inmates Work to Better the Community
Aloha Park Gets a Facelift


Last week, inmate work crews were scrubbing and repainting to remove 300 feet of graffiti on fences facing Paula Jean Park in Aloha.   While they were there, supervising Deputy Jerry Shamoon took the project one step further.  Several neighbors reported feeling unsafe in the park because it was so run down and in need of repair.  


With a generous assist from partners Home Depot ($250 worth of paint) and Hillsboro Parks ($400 in bark dust), inmates not only repainted the fence, but spread bark dust and repainted the  playground area.  Neighbors say it is the best Paula Jean Park has looked in years!


Inmates from our Work in Lieu of Jail Program also perform community service at a Forest Grove cemetery several times every year.  


Forest View Cemetery is the resting place for 950 deceased veterans (some from the Civil War) and close to 10,000 others.  In just two months, inmates have contributed more than 400 hours to prepare it for Memorial Day!


The Sheriff's Inmate Work Programs allow low risk inmates, directly supervised by Sheriff's Deputies, to give back to the community by working service projects.  


Washington County Jail inmates work many projects throughout the year, all while saving taxpayer dollars! 

National Night Out is on Tuesday, August 5! 
Get ready to turn on your porch light and step out to celebrate our nation's Night Out Against Crime with your neighbors, deputies, and your community!
Your Sheriff's Office is joining with community partners to host several large community celebrations throughout the county. 
No matter where you live, you can join the party and send a message to criminals that citizens and police are working together to fight crime.
You are now able to register and invite a deputy from your patrol district to your neighborhood celebrations or block party. Please save the date!

Demystifying Your County Jail

Inmate Orientation Video Online


If a friend or loved one calls you from jail, we understand you might be a little stressed!  You have probably never been in jail, so you might worry about their safety, whether it is clean, or whether they are receiving good care.  You could also receive collect calls or letters asking you to send money, or maybe telling stories of how the Washington County Jail operates.   We have a new resource to help friends and family members of our inmates.


To help put your mind at ease, we have published our inmate orientation video online.  Now you can see what our jail looks like and you can hear what all inmates are told when they are lodged.


A wealth of information is also available on our website to make things easier for you: 

Who's in Custody?  

Contacting an Inmate   

Helping an Inmate.

Impaired Driving - Is it Really a Big Deal? 
People take chances in our county. They risk their lives, but when they crash, their victims include their passengers or other innocent drivers. It is more than a few folks on a wild Saturday night.

People are driving impaired all hours of the day, with kids, while working, on freeways and in neighborhoods. They crash. Often. They are seriously impaired by alcohol, prescription medications, illegal drugs, or a deadly mixture.  Deputies made 77 DUII arrests in April - at least one every day, except April 15.   


Washington County Deputies arrest more than 1,000 people a year for DUII.   If that doesn't seem like many, imagine lining up 1,000 people, with their cars.  Add their victims.  What about families dealing with the impacts?  It is a harrowing public safety issue.  DUII enforcement is nearly full-time work for several deputies.


On April 25, your Sheriff's Office was honored as the County DUII Enforcement Agency of the Year by the Oregon DUII Multi-Disciplinary Task Force.  


The same day, Deputy Josh Wilson was recognized as the 2013 DUII Trainer of the Year for his tireless work in training deputies in DUII enforcement and drug-impaired driving laws.


Unfortunately, the same day, April 25, Deputies arrested 11 more DUII drivers in less than 24 hours. 


Please drive sober and report DUII drivers by calling 911.

Community News


Deputies Search for Aloha Bank Robber

On May 20, at about 11:30 am, deputies responded to an alarm at the Wells Fargo Bank on 182nd in Aloha.  The suspect fled on foot westbound on SW Alexander Street.  Witnesses describe the suspect as a black male, about 6 feet tall, 30 years old, wearing dark clothing and a camouflage baseball hat.  Detectives are asking for your help in solving this crime.  Please call (503) 846-2500 if you have any information. 

Convenience Store Robbers Injure Clerk
On May 12, multiple deputies responded to a robbery at the 7-11 store located at 17771 SW Tualatin Valley Highway in Aloha.  Upon leaving without paying for items, the store clerk got them to come back into the store, but the suspects beat him severely.  What did they steal?  Two Big Gulp sodas.  Thanks to many witnesses and a K9 track, deputies were able to locate and arrest both suspects at a nearby apartment complex.  The case is still under investigation.
What Happened on the MMD Moratorium Last Month?
Oregon's 2013 Medical Marijuana Dispensary law allows cities and counties to temporarily delay the opening of dispensaries for up to one year to allow local leaders to establish regulations.   Read Sheriff Garrett's letter to the editor, thanking you for expressing your views.
World War II Flags Stolen from Memorial Along Highway 26
Deputies are asking for your help in solving the thefts of two flags stolen from a World War II memorial site.  One is a U.S. flag and the other is the flag of the 10th Mountain Division.  The 10th Mountain Division was the only US Army division trained in mountain warfare and to fight on skis in Italy. 
The memorial was established in 1995 and is maintained by the family members of United States Veterans who have fought for our country. Both flags were flying from a secure flag pole at the memorial located along eastbound Highway 26 near milepost 54.  This is a small weigh station near the City of Banks that is operated by the Oregon Department of Transportation. 
The 10th Mountain Division flag is fairly unique.  The logo is red crossed sabers on a blue background, with a white border in the shape of a keg with a red, white and blue striped background.  If you have any information that could help investigators, please call (503) 629-0111.
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Because We're Neighbors

Your Crime Prevention Team at Work


Crime Prevention logo  

Ever wonder why your car has an airbag warning label that says "children under 12 should not sit in the front seat"?  We know parents often want to let a 9 or 10 year old sit up front, but there are some good reasons to reconsider.    
Airbags deploy with tremendous force.  For most people 13 years and older, the airbag deploys at chest level.  With younger children, the airbag deploys at face level.  An airbag can do much more damage to the head and face of a child than the crash itself.  Even if you have the auto sensor that disables the airbag, the back seat is much safer.
In cases where there are so many kids that one has to sit in front, our recommendation is to put the largest or oldest child in the front and adjust the seat as far back from the dash as it will move.   
Also, the back seat is generally safer than the front. It is usually further away from impact since most crashes impact the front end of the vehicle. The middle back seat is safest of all positions because it is furthest from all points of impact.
Contact your Sheriff's Office Crime Prevention Specialist with your safety questions!



A map of burglaries in unincorporated Washington CountyBURGLARY REPORTS


Our map and list show residential and business burglaries for the month of April 2014 in unincorporated Washington County. The data includes break-ins of vacant outbuildings, sheds, and homes under construction, so people are not always in imminent danger as they would be in a home invasion robbery.


Also, many calls are initially reported as burglaries, but do not turn out to be verified. Addresses are rounded to the nearest hundredth block for security.






Landlord Forum - Wednesday, May 14

Legal experts will teach property owners and managers about "Terminating a Tenancy - The Right Way". Forums are held at PCC Willow Creek, 6:30 to 8 pm.


Car Seat Safety Clinic - Wednesday, May 28

From 3 to 5 pm, our Crime Prevention Specialists and deputies invite you to come in to have your child's car seat or booster checked for proper installation. This event happens the last Wednesday of every month at Forest Grove Fire and Rescue.


For more details and events, visit the Sheriff's Community Calendar!


Dumb Crook 


This month's dumb crook earned a few traffic tickets and hit the gas when he saw lights.  He went through a field, through a fence and into someone's backyard, knocked down a tree and ditched the Dumb Crookvehicle.


While giving chase, the deputy acquired a good description and learned  that the neighbor across the street had surveillance footage of the suspect bailing out of the car. While the suspect got away for a short time, he called police back later . . . to report his car had been stolen.


The second deputy told our dumb crook that the car had been involved in a pursuit that morning and there was surveillance video of the driver bailing from the vehicle after it crashed.  "Are you sure you want to report your car stolen?"  He said YES and signed the form that explained Oregon law on Initiating a False Report.

This Month's "Most Wanted"  

Jack EtierJack Etier is 6' tall, 180 pounds, with brown hair and eyes. He is wanted for failing to appear on charges of Possession of a Controlled Substance (Meth), and Unlawful Use of a Motor Vehicle. Mr. Etier is a Hillsboro resident.  Wanted Poster

Adalberto Montes-DecoaAdalberto Montes-Decoa is 5'9" tall, 260 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes. He is wanted for failing to appear on charges of Distributing and Possessing a Controlled Substance (Heroin). Mr. Montes-Decoa is from Tigard.

Wanted Poster

Do not approach these individuals. If you see them or have information, call the Sheriff's Office Records Unit at (503) 846-2700, or non-emergency dispatch at (503) 629-0111.


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