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Dear Citizens,


I believe it's important to communicate with truth and clarity about issues that impact public safety, even when in hotly debated circles.


Evidence Officer Marsden and Sheriff Garrett in the marijuana drying room.Two documents have been published this month that affect Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in our county. On January 15, Oregon adopted Temporary Rules for the Medical Marijuana Dispensary Program in Oregon. In addition, the Washington County Law Enforcement Council published a Formal Position Statement on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries. This council is comprised of the City Police Chiefs, me as your Sheriff, and the District Attorney of Washington County.  


Further, as the Law Enforcement Council Position Statement conveys, I believe marijuana dispensaries are contrary to a safe, secure, and healthy community. It's not hard to imagine that increased availability will bring increased use, particularly among youth. The harms outweigh any possible benefits. Therefore, I support both of these efforts.


At a minimum, it is reasonable that local governments (state and county) should choose whether to permit marijuana dealers in their community and, if authorized, establish business rules regarding their operations.  The Oregon Legislative Counsel's Office recently concluded that past legislation (HB 3460) blocks most municipal laws on medical marijuana facilities.  For these reasons, I support Senate Bill 1531 this legislative session, which seeks to clarify that local governments may regulate medical marijuana establishments.   I urge you to review SB 1531 and to contact your legislators to share your views.


I'm proud that law enforcement leaders in Washington County can join in one voice on this important  






Sheriff Pat Garrett


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01/29/14 More than a Dozen Arrested in Washington County Marijuana Trafficking Ring  


Meet Detective Erika Cox

She Ain't No Nancy Drew


Detective Erika Cox confering with a deputy.Erika was the little girl who would eavesdrop as her mom dictated police reports in the evenings after bed time. Fascinated by police work, she was reading true crime novels and police procedurals by the age of 10. But she didn't join law enforcement right away.


In her early 20s, she began working in electronics, eventually working her way up to a supervisor at an electronics firm. Still, she was thinking about law enforcement. Erika had been worried that she would not enjoy being a "road officer" until she saw what the work actually entailed; she went for a ride along with a female patrol officer and she was hooked. She saw that street-level officers were investigating crimes, not just "pulling traffic" and writing tickets.


Portland Police hired Erika as a civilian employee supporting the drug and vice unit and later, Central Precinct. As she transcribed reports, she learned about body wires, search warrants, prostitution cases and drug investigations. "It was super interesting." She then became a reserve officer and eventually decided to apply for full-time work as a law enforcement officer. Although her mom worked for Portland Police, Erika wanted to have her own identity and she liked Washington County as a community.  


Erika became a Washington County Deputy Sheriff at the age of 32 and she worked hard to prove herself as a future detective. On patrol, Deputy Cox would volunteer for the complex calls that required extensive investigation, those involving multiple suspects, felony-level crimes, dead bodies - anything that would let her write reports to show her investigative skills.


As Detective Cox is assigned to the Child Abuse Unit, Erika is able to bring her passion and exceptional investigative skills to the most difficult cases every day.


Maybe you should consider a ride along with a deputy . . .


Disclosing Your Concealed Weapon During a Traffic Stop

Deputy Yazzolino conducts a traffic stop 

During a traffic stop, how would deputies like a CHL holder to advise them they are carrying a weapon?


When the deputy approaches your vehicle, simply introduce yourself and tell them that you are a concealed handgun license holder and that you have your weapon with you. (You can also present your CHL with your identification.) It is helpful to tell the deputy where the gun is, but do not to pull the weapon out unless you are asked or directed to do so.


gun in holsterWhile none of this is a legal requirement, this is how our deputies would like motorists to respond to avoid surprises and to ensure the safety of everyone involved.





Dangerous Drug in Our County - 25i

Also Called N-Bomb


An off-duty deputy stopped to render aid to a young girl in medical distress on a street corner in Sherwood this weekend. As the girl was being treated for seizures, another teenage girl who was with her began having seizures. Investigators then encountered a third juvenile at the hospital who had ingested the same illegal drug. Investigators linked all three cases to a drug called "25i" or "NBOMe" (pronounced N-BOMB). The name N-Bomb also refers to other synthetic drugs known as 25B and 25C, which have a very similar chemical composition. All are dangerous and illegal.


The 25i N-Bomb is a Schedule I controlled substance, classified as phenethylamine, which causes hallucinations and potentially a sense of euphoria. Discovered in 2003 in Berlin, it has made its way across the globe to Washington County, Oregon. The overdoses this weekend should concern not only parents but all local teens or others who may be considering trying or using this drug in our area.














Sale of 25i is illegal in most countries. It can be in liquid, powder or as a tab on blotter paper in very small quantities. Most users ingest it through the gums by chewing on a tiny piece of the paper infused with 25i for about 10-20 minutes. In addition to health risks, local overdoses show that it is impossible to know the concentration that is being sold. If you encounter 25i papers, take precautions; always wear gloves if handling liquid controlled substances.


The many negative physical side effects range from initial vomiting, paranoia, and hallucinations to bizarre and irrational behavior. One man died from repeatedly ramming his body into a tree. Other symptoms can include difficulty urinating and blood vessel constriction that can cause a sense of stinging in the neck, arms and legs.


Many who overdose on 25i suffer seizures and end up on life support or do not survive. Linking medical issues or a death to 25i can be difficult unless testable evidence is found with the person or consumption is confirmed by blood tests.


The Sherwood overdoses must be an eye opener for school administrators, parents, teens, and drug users alike. Talk to the teens and young adults in your life, post on your FB, and spread the word that 25i or any variety of N-Bomb is a very dangerous drug because the identity, purity, and quantity of these substances is uncertain and inconsistent. In addition to the known long-term health risks, users cannot estimate the amount that will cause an overdose.


Read the press release.


Turning on a Red Light or Red Arrow Light


Aerial view of intersection at NW Imbrie Dr and NW Evergreen Pkwy.When can I make a left turn onto a one-way street against a red light?

You may turn right or left onto a one-way street against a red light as long as you first stop and yield to oncoming traffic. You must turn into the lane closest to you.


If there are two turn lanes, can I turn on a red light?

Please see the diagram to the right (click to enlarge it). The white bus is in the second right turn lane. If the light is red, after stopping to be sure traffic is clear, the bus may proceed to turn right as long as it stays in its own lane of travel.



Now Hiring Patrol and Jail Deputies
Entry Level and Transfers from Other Agencies

Remember your last contact with a Washington County Sheriff's Deputy - either from Patrol, a Detective, or maybe you visited someone in the Jail. How did they serve you? We hope your experience was so good that you understand how hard we work to find the right people, to give them the best training, and then trust them to uphold the highest standards.


If you know someone who is smart, dedicated, and who acts with integrity and purpose, maybe you should give them a little nudge and suggest they apply. They just might answer your next call!  Apply online February 8 - 21.



Thinking About Law Enforcement, But Still Not Sure? 

We have two great opportunities . . .


Stop by for a Coffee Chat with a Deputy this Friday. It's a very relaxed way to get first-hand knowledge of the job and to ask questions about patrol, jail operations, the hiring process, and even testing. Grab a cup of java and visit!  The Coffee Chat runs from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm on February 7 at Insomnia Coffee, 5389 West Baseline Road in Hillsboro.


For the first time we are also offering a Police Officer Selection Test Study Session for the written test! Sometimes skills you haven't used need a little refresher course. Applicants are invited to join us on Friday, March 21, 2014, from 2:00 to 3:00 pm at our Hillsboro Headquarters, 215 SW Adams Avenue in Hillsboro. You'll learn what to expect on the POST test, gain access to study resources, review a 20-page study guide, and watch a video of the physical abilities test.


What's holding you back? Come join us!


Sheriff Garrett in the Grand Lobby of the Sheriff's OfficeSheriff Garrett on Social Media --

Did You Mean to Post That?


It was October, 2007, and my battalion was celebrating "Eid al-Fitr" with our Iraqi partners in South Baghdad. Eid is a Muslim celebration feast to commemorate the end of the month long dawn-to-sunset fasting during Ramadan. After eating, the local men broke out a hookah pipe and were as generous in sharing their tobacco as they were their food. In the spirit of partnership, some in our battalion joined in and cameras captured the comical and joyous scene. A little voice in my head told me "you never know where these pictures might end up."


Most of us know that our photos show up on Facebook, Twitter, and web pages - because we post them. We also post messages about business trips, brag photos from the Bahamas, and announce a new birth straight from the hospital. It is important to remember that all those messages are also potentially conveying that information to third party "apps" used by criminals.


Caution tape strung around a cell phoneDetectives recently solved a string of home burglaries; in each home a family had posted about being out of town. Using a third party app, criminals searched Twitter and Facebook by keyword and location. For example, they searched "Sherwood" and "vacation" for a specific time period. This allowed the suspects to find postings on Facebook and Twitter about people who might have posted about their upcoming vacations. Then they searched the Internet to find out where the family lived. After that, it was a matter of plotting their burglaries on a calendar.


Sheriff Garrett (right) in IraqIn other cases, people have posted photos without helpful information to criminals, or so they thought. They forgot to turn off the "location services" option on their phone. This is the option that lets your phone figure out where you are when you need directions. It is also the function that geo codes your photos.


If you post geo coded photos on the Internet, people can see the photo plus the date, time and exact location it was taken. They can track your location, or the people in your photo, such as your kids. So that newborn baby photo posted from the hospital could tell crooks that the family is away from home.


It is great fun to instantly share photos and to post on social media to keep in touch with people, just take reasonable precautions and keep current with technology.




Sheriff Pat Garrett retired from the U.S. Army Reserve after 25 years of service. In 2007 he was mobilized for one year and attached to the HHC, 4th Infantry Brigade, 1st Infantry Division in South Baghdad. He earned the bronze star for his service during Operation Iraqi Freedom.



Community News


stack of newspapers 366x600Scooter Driver Scoots - Aloha

On January 20, at about 7:15 pm, a deputy attempted to stop a person on a motorized scooter for not wearing a helmet and having no visible headlight (traffic violations). The scooter driver ditched his vehicle and took off running, eventually surrendering from behind a house. He was charged with Possession and Delivery of Meth, Interfering with a Police Officer, and two active felony warrants.


Double Fault - West County

Just after midnight on January 19, deputies responded to assist the Oregon State Police with a head-on crash on Highway 26 at milepost 48. A male driver crossed into the oncoming lane of traffic and struck a vehicle driven by a female. His blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit; hers was also clearly over the legal limit. Both intoxicated drivers and a passenger were transported to Legacy Emanuel. The county Crash Analysis Reconstruction Team assisted with the investigation.


Afternoon Burglary Interrupted - North of Hillsboro

On January 23 at about 2:45 pm, a citizen interrupted the very early stages of a burglary on Jackson Quarry Road.  Suspects left in a black 2006 Dodge Magnum registered out of Washington state.  The suspect driver is described as a white male, 25-30, stocky build, bald or closely shaven head; the second suspect is a white male, age 18-20, tall, and skinny. Entrance was made through an unlocked back door of the garage. 


K9 Stark Tracks House Hit & Run Suspects - Beaverton

A K9 track on January 24 led to the capture of 2 of 3 suspects who crashed a vehicle into a residence on SW Arborcrest Way at about midnight. The vehicle caused major structural damage to the residence.  The suspects all fled the scene and Deputy Micah Akin and Stark began a K9 track.  Stark tracked down the road, along the sidewalk, and briefly stopped at a bush to pull out marijuana paraphernalia.  Deputy Akin instructed Stark to continue tracking and so located two juveniles hiding in a backyard behind a tree.  Both suspects were detained and admitted the the marijuana bong and canister belonged to them.  The third juvenile turned himself in for committing Hit and Run of a house.


Thank You Bethany Residents!

Road work to widen, add turn lanes, signals, and install sidewalks on Bethany Boulevard from Cornell Road to WBethany Boulevardest Union is wrapping up for awhile.  The project has improved both traffic and pedestrian safety, and we are now ready to temporarily increase the speed limit to 35 mph. 


Your Sheriff's Office, especially the Traffic Safety Unit, would like to thank Bethany residents for your patience and for being proactive and safety minded.  We received feedback, often in real time, about safety risks or dangerous behaviors as they developed that helped us respond quickly to restore safe traffic flow.  This partnership helped us avoid any serious injuries or crashes, despite the often compressed lanes in congested conditions.  We also appreciate the many quick responses and solutions by the good people at Land Use & Transportation.


Road crew will return later this year to complete paving and finish the project.  

 Scam Alert from Elder Safe PDF thumbnail 

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Because We're Neighbors

Updates from Your Crime Prevention Team


Crime Prevention logo  


A map of burglaries in unincorporated Washington County, January 2014.BURGLARIES

There were 27 residential and business burglaries in unincorporated Washington County in January, as shown on the attached map.  More specific locations are listed below the map, and they are now sorted by zip code by request of our readers.  Keep in mind that these are not all home burglaries - they include break-ins of vacant outbuildings, sheds, and homes under construction, so people are not always in danger. Also, we have arrested suspects in some cases; others detectives are still working hard to solve.


Crime Reports Available Online with Interactive Maps

Your Sheriff's Office makes additional crime data for Washington County available online.  You can query your own blazing fast crime maps in a user- Crime Reports iconfriendly environment. This system is great for gaining a high level impression of the types of incidents that people initially report to the dispatch center. (The actual crimes that occurred are often quite different.)  View Washington County data (the default view is the last 30 days for the Sheriff's Office primary jurisdiction).





Women's Self Defense

Do you have Sixth Sense? Whether you call it gut instinct or Spidey Sense, your intuition is a powerful subconscious insight into situations and people. All of us, especially women, have this gift, but very few pay attention to it. Come to Power Curve to learn to trust this power and use it to your full advantage. The next two-evening session begins Tuesday, March 18. Classes fill quickly. Call (503) 846-2579 or e-mail for more information.


Recognizing Child Molesters Video is available. Check it out and consider requesting a presentation for your community group. Watch the Video.


Your Sheriff's Citizen Academy Now Accepting Applications

The Citizen Academy is part of Sheriff Pat Garrett's continuing effort to promote and preserve a safe community through citizen involvement. This 55-hour training program lets you learn first-hand about law enforcement and jail operations through tours, handling equipment, presentations, and tons of hands-on fun!


Visit our Community Calendar for details and other types of FREE Training and Safety Events

Coming Down the Pike


Search and Rescue Explorer Post information sessions are scheduled for March. Interested youth age 14-21 should visit our site and apply online.  Test and academy training dates are also posted.


Citizen's Academy #32 will run March 18 through May 20. Citizen's Academy is a free 10-week course offering a behind-the-scenes look at Sheriff's Office activities such as homicide investigations, crime scene processing, and use of force. Come learn more about how we serve you!


NW Kids and Family Festival is February 8-9 at the Washington County Fair Complex. It's a fun-filled event for all ages brought to you by many community partners.

Dumb Crook


A citizen called 911 to report that he accidently discharged his weapon while cleaning it and one of the bullets went into a next door apartment. Deputies went to the neighboring apartment (no one was home or injured). They traced the bullet's path through the wall, to the ceiling, and then by ricochet where it hit a Dumb Crook suspended by The Godfather puppet strings40" flat screen on the far wall. It came to rest under a couch.


Deputies visited the gun owner's apartment. Hmmmm. Some things just didn't add up. The bullet hole went through a poster; right into the shoulder of Al Pacino as Michael Corleone. The shooter eventually ratted himself out by explaining that he was walking into the living room and he did a "quick draw" on The Godfather. Even though he knew his piece was loaded, he was surprised when it went off.


Our wiseguy was arrested and taken to the "big house" on charges of Unauthorized Use of a Weapon, Reckless Endangering, and Criminal Mischief. Deputies seized not only his gun, but also his Concealed Handgun License.


But this one from the Portland Police Bureau is hard to beat!


This Month's "Most Wanted"

Michael Warren


Michael Lee Warren is 45 years old, 5'10", 155 pounds, with brown hair and hazel eyes. He is wanted for Failure to Appear on ID Theft (x9), Fraud - Credit Card, and Theft I.


Wanted Poster

Michael Griggs


Michael Anthony Griggs is 51 years old, 5'10", 260 pounds, with brown hair and hazel eyes. He is wanted for Failure to Report as a Sex Offender (x2) and Failure to Appear on Theft of ID (x5).


Wanted Poster

Do not approach these individuals. If you see them or have information, call the Sheriff's Office Records Unit at (503) 846-2700, or non-emergency dispatch at (503) 629-0111.
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