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Chief Deputy Bill Steele, Sheriff Pat Garrett, and Undersheriff Jeff Mori
Chief Deputy Bill Steele, Sheriff Pat Garrett, and Undersheriff Jeff Mori

As the holidays approach and you relish the shopping, wrapping, cooking, and holiday rush, I encourage you to take a few minutes each day to stop and look around you. Get outside of your normal circles and find ways to reach out to people in need.


Notice when a neighbor needs a hand with groceries, keep in touch with an elderly relative, or take time to really listen when a friend seems troubled. For many, this Season of Stressors can seem unbearable, but here are some simple ways you can help.


If you know someone who will need special assistance this season, maybe you can share the Guide to Holiday Assistance by 211info to help them find a warm meal on holidays, sign up for delivered meals, or locate food or Christmas boxes.


Consider joining our One Warm Coat Project (see below), give food to a local food bank, or contribute to a charity. There are many worthy causes.


Especially, keep an eye on people around you. Our deputies will respond to increased calls involving domestic violence and mental health crisis during the holidays. They perform hundreds of welfare checks per month through the winter at your request. They check on your relatives or the guy next door. Sometimes your calls help us avert tragedy.


Washington County is a warm and caring community. Join me this season in trying to make the season brighter for people who are struggling.


Sheriff Pat Garrett 

One Warm Coat

Do You Have One Warm Coat to Spare?


Father and Son in warm coats It feels good to help your local community and we hope you will help with our annual effort to collect coats for those who most need them this winter. Between now and November 29, we ask you to clean out closets and donate new or gently used coats and jackets of all sizes at one of the following locations:

  • Sheriff's Office in Hillsboro, 215 SW Adams Avenue
  • Sheriff's Office in Beaverton, 3700 SW Murray Boulevard
  • Public Services Building lobby in Hillsboro, 155 N First Avenue
  • Walnut Street Center in Hillsboro, 1400 SW Walnut Street
The coats will be distributed by the Hillsboro Family Resource Center to needy children and adults. Collect from your family, coworkers, and anyone with a coat to spare. Thank you for supporting our One Warm Coat project!
So far, we have 88 coats towards our goal of 500 for this year.
Our Mental Health Response System
From Arrest to Jail to Release, it's Outstanding
Our patrol deputies respond to your 9-1-1 calls. Sometimes they involve people who are mentally ill or in mental health crisis. They may demonstrate increased symptoms and pose a safety risk to themselves or others. If deputies have to take the person to jail, then what is a family to do?
We understand the extreme stress you experience when your friend or family member is arrested, especially if they are in mental health crisis. You worry whether we understand their behaviors, if we will give them needed medications, and how they will be treated while in jail.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office and Jail have an outstanding system for responding to calls involving people who suffer from mental illness or who are in crisis.  Our problem solving approaches in collaboration with Washington County Mental Health providers are considered cutting edge for law enforcement and jail operations on the national level.


We want you to understand how we make mental health services available and how you can help support your friends and family members in crisis when police arrive, while they are in our jail, and when they are released.  


We hope you take pride in our work and that you remember we are there when you need us.

Grand Jury Inspection of the Washington County Jail

Report Now Available


Washington County Jail housing area In October, a grand jury was convened to conduct the annual inspection of the four correctional institutions in our county: the jail, the community corrections (work release) center, Harkins House (a juvenile facility), and the Coffee Creek Correctional Facility (the women's prison in Wilsonville).


The inspection is required each year by state law (ORS 132.440), and assesses the conditions and management of each facility. Only the jail facility is managed by the Sheriff's Office. The Grand Jury's 2013 Final Inspection Report is now available for public review online. We are proud of another successful inspection outcome.


We thank the grand jury for the many hours invested in this valuable process.

Sergeant Tristan Sundsted

Jail Sergeant Tristan Sundsted


Jail Sergeant Tristan Sundsted leads the Washington County Sheriff's Office Remotely Operated Vehicle Team.  His background in computer science and interest in applying robotic technology made him a great candidate to lead our "robot" team.


It all started in 2008 with just one robot and six operators supporting our Tactical Negotiations Team (SWAT).  It has grown to a team of eight members operating three robots that also support routine patrol searches and K9 units.  Sergeant Sundsted also takes time to mentor and share his knowledge on applied robotics with local high schools, colleges, and other law enforcement agencies.

  mini robot

Your Sheriff's Remotely Operated Vehicle Team is one way we leverage technology to save lives. These robots are able to enter buildings to deliver items, record video, and provide other intelligence without putting lives on the line.  For Sergeant Sundsted, it is a great way to apply his personal hobby and interests at work!
Legal Updates
Studded Tires are Legal, but Choose Tire Traction Options Carefully
Effective November 1, it is legal to use studded tires in Oregon. The studs provide improved traction on icy roads, but experts say they provide less traction on wet or dry pavement. If you use studded tires, be careful at high speeds and slow a little extra when turning. ODOT recommends that drivers consider all traction options before choosing studded tires.


Another Good Reason to $top Texting

If safety isn't a good enough reason, the legislature has another idea to stop drivers from sending and reading text messages. Effective January 1, 2014, the fine for Texting While Driving will rise to $160. What would you rather do with $160? ORS 811.507.

If Someone Starts Shooting in Public, Should I Shoot Back?

Concealed Carry Considerations


This article was originally inspired by questions we received from our concealed handgun license holders. We thank you for sharing with us.

Almost as the shots were fired at LAX last week, our thoughts began swimming. Did I know anyone there? How many victims were there? What would I do? What if my family was with me? Planning and thinking through various situations is a healthy way to give yourself peace of mind and to live safer.
SCAM ALERT -- MasterCard Recorded Messages
Outraged woman on phone. Oregonians are receiving pre-recorded messages from imposters claiming to be from MasterCard. The recordings claim the consumer's credit or debit card has been "locked" and they need to enter their 16-digit card number immediately to "unlock" the card.
MasterCard does not solicit personal or account information by phone. Do not provide any account information by phone unless you make the call. Simply hang up and cut your losses. DO NOT hit any keys to talk with customer service or anyone else. If you think you are a victim, contact the Oregon Department of Justice.

stack of local newspapers Community News


Hit and Run before Ram and Run in SW Portland

On October 11, just before 6:00 pm, while enroute to a hit and run by a gray truck near SW Oleson Road at SW Ivy Lane, a deputy was diverted to a nearby domestic disturbance call on SW Westgate Drive. At the domestic disturbance call, he found a vehicle that matched the description of the hit and run incident. The driver was identified and had been driving recklessly around the neighborhood with his two sons in the truck. In an attempt to make entry into his ex-wife's house, he had rammed the front door. He was arrested and charged with Reckless Endangerment, Reckless Driving, Hit and Run, Trespass I, Criminal Mischief II, and Harassment.


Welfare Checks are Worth Your Time and Ours

Every month, deputies respond to more than 200 requests by citizens to check on the welfare of other county residents. So far this year, that's over 2,400 calls that were peacefully resolved and did not make the evening news. Welfare checks are an important way that citizens assist police. The person you're concerned about does not have to be your relative.  Sometimes deputies discover people in need of medical attention, children left home alone, or interrupt suicide attempts. Call when you need us. You could help us solve a crime, or maybe even save a life.


Citizen Tips Help Police Locate Suspects for Murder of Cedar Mill Woman

On October 5, while conducting a welfare check, deputies discovered the body of Jacqueline Bell, a grandmother who lived in Cedar Mill. The Washington County Major Crimes Team determined she died of homicidal violence. Her great grandson, Joda H. Cain, age 17, and his cousin, Micus D. Ward, age 19, were located driving Ms. Bell's vehicle on I-84 near milepost 251. Investigators believe they were attempting to flee to Kansas City when their dangerous driving was reported to Oregon State Police by a commercial trucker. Both are in custody charged with Aggravated Murder.   We thank the trucker for his report of dangerous driving, and the citizen who requested a welfare check when something seemed wrong.


Recovered stolen keepsake urns Unsolved Mystery in Lake Oswego or West Linn

Detectives are working a recent burglary case in reverse. They received three keepsake urns in August that were stolen in about May or June from a home in the Lake Oswego, Tigard or West Linn area. The home had just been sold and the owner, an Asian woman, was going to return to another country, possibly Japan. She hired a man to haul away unwanted items, but instead, he rifled through all her belongings, took some, and jumped in his truck and left. Among the items were three keepsake urns that held the remains of the woman's parents. She planned to return them to her homeland. We have the urns and would like to return them to the woman, but we need the public to help us identify her. If you have any helpful information, please contact detectives at (503) 846-2500.


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Yee-Haaaaw - It's Time for the Loose Round Round-Up!

Attention Hunters


It happens. You fall in love with your new gun and your old one gets the cold shoulder. It's nature's way, but it leaves boxes of unwanted ammunition just lying around. There is help. Did you know the Sheriff's Office will remove those hazards from your home?


Call your friendly neighborhood deputy at (503) 629-0111 and arrange for unwanted ammunition to rrow of different caliber bullets standing on end be picked up for destruction or possibly for training use. That's right - no need to leave the house - in fact, we ask that you not bring live ammo to a government building.


Don't delay - if you clean your shelves off now, your significant other may let you get that other gun for Christmas!

Dumb Crook Dumb Crook

He loves it, he loves it not . . .


This month's dumb crook went on a stealing spree, then parked to sort his loot. After a good night of collecting other people's treasures, he just pitched the stuff he didn't want. Then he organized his car and his pockets, waved to the deputy parked a few yards away, and left a pile of debris behind. Of course, the trashed treasures caught the deputy's eye. So did the personal identification our crook tossed onto the pile . . . he was booked and charged with several crimes.
This Month's "Most Wanted"

James Wallace James William Wallace is 5'9" tall, 180 pounds, with brown hair and blue eyes. He is wanted on Escape charges and for violating the terms of his probation on a Stalking conviction.  He has previously been convicted on drug charges and Burglary.  Mr. Wallace has lived in the Metro area and California.

Shateek Lewis Shateek Rayshawn Lewis is 6' tall, weighs 150 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes. He is wanted on charges of Robbery and Unlawful Use of a Weapon; he has previously been convicted of Assault and Resisting Arrest.


Mr. Lewis has lived in Aloha and New York.


 Hot Off the Press - Dangerous Aloha Felon Wanted


Detectives are searching for Daniel Joseph Crum, 27, who fled a Tigard drug treatment facility two days after beginning his sentence and now has felony warrants for his arrest. Mr. Crum has distinctive horn tattoos on his forehead and is suspected of being in NE Portland or Aloha.


If you see Daniel Crum, please do not approach him. Call non-emergency dispatch at (503) 629-0111. If you have any other information, please email Detective Scott Cater.
Do not approach these individuals. If you see them or have information, call the Sheriff's Office Records Unit at (503) 846-2700, or non-emergency dispatch at (503) 629-0111.
 Washington County Sheriff's Office, Hillsboro, Oregon
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