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March 2013
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Groundbreaking Scheduled
While work continues on relocating utilities and preparing to drill the geothermal wells on the north side of the hospital, the North Addition construction project will also soon be in full swing.  To celebrate the occasion, Floyd Valley Hospital will be hosting a groundbreaking ceremony on Wednesday, March 26th.  Refreshments will be served in the Conference Center with a short program beginning at 5 p.m.  Attendees will then move out to an area north of the current Meditation Room where the groundbreaking will occur.  We do ask that those attending enter the main entrance to access the Conference Center due to the heavy construction traffic in the north parking area.  We welcome all to join us for this celebration. 

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The Addition of Health Coaching helps
FMC Continue to Move Towards
Patient-Centered Medical Home
Family Medicine Clinic - Le Mars has added a health coach to help those patients with chronic conditions; such as diabetes, congestive heart failure (CHF), heart disease and obesity receive the support they need to better manage their health conditions.  The coach will help patients set individual goals and work with their provider to achieve better health outcomes based on their unique patient history and current health status.  These goals will include lifestyle changes based on patient preference including eating healthier, exercising more, scheduling overdue health appointments / tests and receiving patient education on their diagnosis and / or treatments.  This could also include referrals to mental health professionals if their situation calls.  Patients will be referred to the health coach via their healthcare provider and some patients may be contacted directly based on information in the medical record.   In addition to improving the overall health of patients by instituting preventative health measures, this process should also decrease their healthcare costs.  This addition moves Family Medicine Clinics closer to achieving the goal of a level 3 Patient-Centered Medical Home.  

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Feeling Sleepy?
While we look forward to many transitions that come with spring, "springing ahead" and loosing that hour of sleep may not make that list.  Your body looks for environmental factors, primarily light, to set your 24-hour natural sleep cycle.  Moving the clock an hour in either direction can disrupt the internal body clock.   In general, losing the hour of sleep in the spring can be more difficult to adjust to than gaining that hour back in the fall.  Some simple changes in your sleep pattern can also help you adjust to the time change.  Set a plan to go to bed and wake up 15 - 30 minutes earlier each night  to help you adjust to the 60-minute discrepancy.  Reduce or eliminate caffeine or alcohol prior to bedtime.  Strenuous activities such as exercise prior to bed can also make it difficult to go to sleep.  Create calming rituals before bed to help relax you into sleep such as a hot bath or wearing ear plugs or an eye mask to block out environmental distractions.  If you find that creating a new sleep routine does not help the transition or that the lack of sleep is starting to affect your daily activities, it may be prudent to schedule an appointment with you healthcare provider.  In some cases, they may refer you to Floyd Valley Hospital for a sleep study to help pinpoint what could be causing your sleep issue.  Sleep studies* are conducted in comfortable rooms right on campus with certified technicians that monitor many factors throughout your nighttime sleep.  These tests will help your provider determine which treatment would be best for you and get you back to restful nights. 

*With all test, you should check with you insurance carriers for your specific benefits.  

 National Sleep Foundation Sleepiness Test
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