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July 2013
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Saying Farewell
The Le Mars medical community welcomed Dr. Thomas Duncan and his wife Lin on July 1, 1984 as he joined the Medical Associates practice.  At that time, the practice consisted of Dr. Don Faber, Dr. Daryl Doorenbos, Dr. James Powell, Dr. Jerry Van Es and Dr. Ron Heimstra.  Dr. Duncan was excited to start practicing after the long journey through medical school and residency.  It was also nice that he and Lin could locate within a few hours of Lin's family.  Over the years, Dr. Duncan has enjoyed watching the clinic grow from 18 people to around 70 employees today.  It has also been exciting watching the various remodels of the clinic and hospital.  In looking back over the last nearly 30 years, Dr. Duncan has delivered approximately 900 babies and assisted in 100 C-section births.  Celebrating such an important milestone with area families has been touching.  Dr. Duncan is looking forward to his upcoming move as he hopes it will help strike a better work balance for him and allow for more frequent visits to his children and grandchildren.  He also is looking forward to spending more time outdoors.  Dr. Duncan will look back fondly of his year in Le Mars stating, "I could not have expected to have a better practice, partners or staff to work with." 

 Chamber After 5 Scheduled for July 16
Please vote YES in favor of the
Local Option Sales Tax Renewal

Floyd Valley Hospital is rallying support around the current ballot for the LOST renewal being brought to public vote on August 6th.  This vote has special meaning for Floyd Valley Hospital. If we (the citizens of Le Mars and beyond) do approve the LOST renewal when it comes up for a vote on August 6th, it will mean that the city will be able to fulfill its pledge to contribute another $2 million to our upcoming construction project.  This pledge will make it possible to include some important needs including renovation of more patient rooms AND moving the MRI from the trailer to inside the radiology department.  That is why we are urging all the friends of Floyd Valley Hospital to exercise their right to vote on this.   


For those that have a busy summer that is full of activities, vacations etc., you may worry about missing the actual date of the vote which is Tuesday, August 6th.  You may apply for an absentee ballot and vote that way.  Persons interested in absentee ballot can download the application and the Auditor's Office will mail you a ballot or go to the Plymouth County Court House and apply at the Auditor's Office in person.  They will look you up in their records and provide you a ballot right on the spot.  Whether you vote prior to or on August 6th, please remember to cast your ballot in support of the LOST extension!

More information on this special election and see the ballot
Good News for Chronic Pain Sufferers

For chronic pain sufferers, recent enhancements to our pain services may be the relief you have been searching for.  Coping with back pain, neck pain, degenerative disk disease, spinal stenosis or disk herniation (radiculopathy) can be very disruptive to basic daily living.  DeeAne Otto, ARNP recently joined the Floyd Valley Hospital staff to coordinate efforts for patients that suffer from any of these five diagnoses.  Through her practice, she will assist patients with additional patient education, further diagnostic testing as necessary, cognitive therapies or connect them to treatment options for their specific condition.  These treatment options could include, but are not limited to, non-narcotic prescriptions, physical therapy (PT), injection therapy, and surgical referral.  DeeAne also will work with patients through this entire process to create continuity of care for their individual needs.  Appointments for this service can be made by calling (712) 546-3640.



 More Information on Pain Services
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