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This month's newsletter's topics for dogs are 1) Dealing With Bleeding Wounds and Bleeding Toe Nails from Toe Nail Clipping Accidents; and 2) Burns and Sunburns.  For cats:  Digestion Issues.

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dōTERRA Products do not prevent, treat, or cure disease.
Your lifestyle choices can help prevent disease.
Your doctor treats symptoms and fixes broken parts.
Your body, with the proper support, cures disease.

For those interested in excellent information on canine nutrition and using nutrition to help support your dog when dealing with health issues, see the quick link to Dog Aware.  I am an advocate on educating oneself on canine (feline) nutrition as it is the foundation for health and without a truly healthful diet, you will be fighting an uphill battle overcoming health challenges and trying to keep your pets in the best health possible.

To Healthy and Happy Dogs (and cats),

Skye Patterson

Bleeding Wounds and Toe Nail Clipping Accidents 


Sometimes our dogs get into trouble - fights, run in with twigs, getting caught up on something that causes a wound that bleeds freely.  Can be scary, but we have a wonderful essential oil that is nicknamed "liquid sutures."  Helichrysum.

If your dog is bleeding, apply Helichrysum directly to the wound - undiluted, after you do a quick clean of the area of any obvious detritus.
You can use a clean wash cloth or dishtowel that you put in bowel of tepid (not warm or cold) water with 2 drops of Purify added - wring out so it is not dripping and place gently on wound and gently wipe away dirt. 

Drip Helic
hrysum directly into wound and then drip
Frankincense directly into wound.  The combination will stop bleeding, speed healing, prevent infection and minimize scarring.

If the bleeding does not stop, the wound is deep or a puncture wound with skin dermis pulled away from epidermis or muscle - I would highly recommend taking dog to vet.


 If you have ever clipped your dogs toenails - you probably have had a nail clipped too short - cut into the quick - and dealt with a bleeding toenail.    We have 2 oils that work very well in stopping bleeding toenail quicks:

Helichrysum and Lemon

Add a drop to the bleeding nail site.  Hold onto paw until bleeding stops.  Reapply oil if needed. 


People often do not think about how hot paved surfaces can get in the summer.  If you walk your dogs - especially on black asphalt - please feel the asphalt for how hot it is before you have your dogs walk on it.

If your dog does get burned - in any way:
1) run cool (not cold) water over burned area for 10-15 minutes to take heat out of burn.  Do not use ice as this will further damage tissues.

2) allow area to air dry and then, for large areas: spray Lavender diluted in FCO (fractionated coconut oil) - 5 drops Lavender to 1 TSP FCO.  For smaller areas - drop neat onto site.  Reapply frequently  - every 2 - 3 hours for first 12 to 24 hours.  Then apply 2-3X/day until healed.

Burns are painful and cause stress - Please diffuse Serenity or Lavender (or put 2 drops on bedding or dog's chest - reapply every 3 hours).

Yes, Dogs can sunburn, too.  Especially short coated, light colored dogs.  Like us, dogs love to lay out in sun and "bake".  It feels good for a while - but a resulting sunburn doesn't.  I have seen photos of horrific sunburns on dogs - huge chunks of skin falling off.  So if you have a dog that has a short light coat - and you are out in sun for a prolonged period - put a t-shirt (dog or human) on your dog to protect them and get them out of sun frequently.

If your dog has gotten a sunburn:  apply 20 drops Lavender and 20 drops Peppermint in 2 oz. spray bottle filled the rest of the way with FCO.  Will have a cooling effect and reduce pain.  Repeat every 2 hours for 4-6 times. 

Continue with a blend of 1 ounce fractionated coconut oil and 20 drops each of Lavender and Frankincense sprayed or applied directly 2 to 4 times daily.  If there is any blistering add 20 drops of Melaleuca (if toy breed - dog under 20 lbs, would use Frankincense instead) to the mixture to prevent any infection from open sores. 

Please Adopt!  So many wonderful dogs need a home and have a lot of love to share with you.  Don't buy from Pet Stores, Newspapers or Craigs List (Puppy Mills frequently use them).

Oliver Patterson Sends You Greetings.
In This Issue
Dog - Bleeding Wounds and Toe Nail Clipping Accidents
Dog - Burns and Sunburn
Please Adopt
Announcement - New DVD
The Serenity Collar
Testimonials - Frankincense!
Cat Box Corner - Digestion Issues
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Version One - Student Copy:  is a "listen/view only" version with the addition of a copy of the "List of Dog Health Issues, Recommended Oil(s) and Protocol for Each Issue," that I have compiled.
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 This is my Rocky, an Italian Greyhound, modeling the Serenity Collar for you to see

I have created a simple diffuser collar that I sell for $6.50 (includes shipping).  It includes a tiny sample bottle of Serenity with 10 drops - good for 5-10 applications - for you to try.

This collar is an effective tool to use for dogs that need help over several hours.
Great for dogs that suffer from fears, stress and anxieties  such as separation anxiety   Also very useful for dogs that are sick, in pain, recovering from a seizure or surgery, to help keep them in a calm relaxed state without the use of drugs. 

Dogs that get very stressed out in car rides, going to vet/groomer, on get the idea...also benefit from this collar.

You drop 1-2 drops Serenity (sample included), Lavender or Balance onto "medallion" for dog to breathe in.  Most people have found the Serenity Oil works best to help their dogs.

I have received so many great testimonials of dogs getting significant help with these collars.

To Order: 

Send $6.50 for each collar (I do have quantity discounts over 10) via check to me:

Kathy Skye Patterson
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Specify Size:
S/M  fits up to about 30 lbs.
M/L  fits up to about 70 lbs.

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This is a wonderful thread of testimonials of the power of Frankincense!!
Cindy Hufford Burchard
Wed night came home from church and found our 14-yr-old dog on the floor unable to get up, bad hips. Been diffusing frankincense a couple times a day since and he is prancing around like a puppy this morning. :)

Carol Johns I have a 14 year old dog, had same issue...started Frankincense on his paw once or twice a to run again and climb steps.. Frankincense is amazing! And Rusty isn't even a "real" people, just a furry one!

Carol Johns Actually I put it on his paw because it was enlarged on the pad...his paw reduced in size and he was able to put his weight on it again...and he got his mobility back. He had been kinda crying out when he'd move a certain way or try to go up steps. I think he knows that it helps him because if I forget to put the Frankincense on him he'll kinda stand and stare at me as if, "I want my Frankincense!"..I put it on and he'll lie down and be content.

The Cat Box


I will start out by saying that cats are true carnivores and that means that their digestion system is not set up to deal with plant materials/grains/carbohydrates from plants.  They do not have the digestive acids/enzymes necessary to effectively digest or utilize them. 

Plant-based proteins do not contain the full complement of the critical amino acids required by an obligate (true) carnivore.

Because of the stress placed on the digestive system when fed a low meat protein, high grain food (as most dried foods are), you create an environment for many different digestion issues:  diarrhea, constipation, IBD, vomiting, etc.

This is an excellent site to compare and find a good cat food:

That said, you can use DigestZen Oil Blend.  Dilute 4 drops of DigestZen in 1 TBS FCO - and apply to abdomen in area of belly button or lower stomach, back paws between toe pads and swipe a little in mouth (lift cheek and quickly swipe).

* Apply every 30 minutes to hour, as needed

  to deal with diarrhea and vomiting;

*  every 2 hours for constipation as needed

 *  for IBD apply as a once daily regimen

Also, with IBD - this is an inflammatory disease - recommend adding IQMega oil to cat's food - AM and PM - 3-4 drops in each meal, mixed in.

For IBD and long term problem with diarrhea - recommend adding PB Assist+ to help repopulate gut with healthful bacteria.  Break open one capsule and mix into something like tuna fish oil (1 tsp) - give 1/2 of mixture daily to cat.  Do this for 10 days.  Our PB Assist+ is an amazing product and with the prebiotic in it to feed the probiotics, this will help get live probiotics to the Intestinal tract. 

If you are not already enrolled as a doTERRA IPC and you are interested in learning more about/purchasing doTERRA Products - please see the doTERRA Independent Product Consultant (IPC) who introduced you to this newsletter. 

If you were not working with a doTERRA IPC, I would be happy to help you learn more about doTERRA and their products.  You can check out the Quick Link to doTERRA above.   If you are interested in purchasing some oils for your dog, or you and your family, (enrolling with doTERRA), please contact me so I can make sure you get the best prices and enroll properly with doTERRA.



K Skye Patterson 

The Dog Oiler