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January 2014
    Conveying beauty through language...
Businessman at an airport  

Do you travel a lot for business and have that extra motivation to explore the world of foreign languages?  


There is a huge number of apps that will teach you the basics.  A recent article in the Business Insider covered the most popular, but we give you our expert opinion right here!


(Click on the image if interested in getting the app.)


Busuu language learning app

is a FREE language learning app that covers the essential basics to help you communicate in different situations when traveling abroad.  


You will learn words and phrases with the help of images and recordings of native speakers, combined with games and exercises that can be fun.



Duolingo language learning app
Our favorite, this free app
is more like
a game:
it's motivational, fun and intuitive. 
You create
an account, choose a language
and the app creates a "skill tree" with a
series of exercises.
Completing skills unlocks other skills, allowing you to progress from basic to more complicated words.   


Byki language learning
This app is available in different versions to help you learn essential phrases and words in a number of languages.  
The flash card principle is easy to assimilate but the app is not free... 


Of course, these apps are not a substitute for interacting with native speakers.  The only way to really learn the use of a language is to speak it from day one.  But why not get some vocabulary and sentence structure under your belt while waiting for your next flight?
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Please do not use Google Translate for translating documents that need to be set
in print for everyone to see!  


Google Translate  

Google translate is just a useful tool for looking up the meaning of single words - and simple ones at that! 


We tested it out in English and French: "body-contouring care" came out as "soin de corps-contournement" instead of "soins minceur"... 


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It may be the last day of January, but we are still very much in "New Year" mode!

That's because every New Year is full of promise and hope. It is a time of renewal, rebirth and appreciation.


We like to take stock of the past while at the same time looking forward to a bright new future.  


And we have made three important resolutions!


Resolution #1: Always be kind to our wonderful translators no matter how much stress the day brings.


Resolution #2: Continue showing appreciation of our clients by ensuring that they understand the complexities of translation.


Resolution #3: Hold firm on our 3 day minimum turnaround policy, even with clients we absolutely adore, and especially when the text is on the longer side.



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