Tracking the Capitols is a source of legislation currently being tracked by the Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation state policy team to keep you informed of the most pertinent and timely state legislation affecting hunting, angling, recreational shooting and trapping and other conservation issues. Inclusion in Tracking the Capitols does not necessarily constitute support or opposition to legislation by CSF and/or the CSF States Program. The bills noted in this email represent only a fraction of the legislation that CSF's States Program is monitoring on a day-to-day basis.

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Note: Bill sponsors who are members of the National Assembly of Sportsmen's Caucuses are noted in bold.

Updates for the week of 

June 13, 2016


Introduced: 04/14/2016
Sponsor: Representative Edward Osienski
Issue Brief: National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS)
Summary: Closes a loophole to our gun background check laws. The current loophole allows for guns to be given to a potential purchaser if the background check is delayed for 3 days or more. In some cases a gun is given to a person who should not be in possession of a firearm. This leads to law enforcement having to retrieve a gun from a person prohibited if the background check provides that a person should not have a gun.
Status: Senate Amendment SA 1- SA 6 placed with bill on June 15

Introduced: 06/02/2016
Sponsor: Representative Michael Mulrooney, Member, Delaware Legislative Sportsmen's Caucus
Issue Brief: American System of Conservation Funding
Summary: Generates revenues needed for statewide wildlife conservation and for public access facilities on and the management and maintenance of public wildlife areas owned or managed by the Division of Fish and Wildlife ( "Division" ) by increasing fees for existing hunting and trapping licenses and by establishing a conservation access pass to be purchased by non-hunters for motor vehicles accessing these public lands. A conservation access pass would not be required to access certain such public lands to include 
Status: Passed House. To Senate on June 14

Introduced: 06/24/2015
Sponsor: Senator Karen Peterson
Issue Brief: Wolf in Sheeps Clothing/ Animal Rights Groups; Ivory Ban
Summary: Would prohibit a person from purchasing, selling, offering for sale, possessing with intent to sell, or importing with intent to sell ivory or rhinoceros horn, except as specified, and would make this prohibition enforceable by the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control. The bill would make a violation of this act, or any rule, regulation, or order adopted pursuant to this provision a misdemeanor subject to specified criminal penalties.
Status: In House Committee on Natural Resources on June 15

Introduced: 01/08/2015
Sponsor: Representative John Burt, Member, New Hampshire Sportsmen's Caucus 
Issue Brief: Firearm Suppressors
Summary: Repeals provisions prohibiting the use of silencing devices for taking wildlife.
Status: Signed by Governor Maggie Hassan, Member, Governors Sportsmen's Caucus on June 10

Introduced: 01/06/2016
Sponsor: Representative Suzanne Gottling
Issue Brief: Exotic Invasive Species
Summary: Prohibits the transport of exotic aquatic weeds; provides that the general court recognizes that transporting boats from one water body to another increases the risk of inadvertent transport of aquatic nuisance species; relates to penalties and the conference of certain enforcement powers; relates to the transport of aquatic plants or plant parts or exotic aquatic weeds or weed parts on the outside of boats, vehicles, and equipment, and the draining of water conveyances
Status: Signed by Governor Maggie Hassan, Member, Governors Sportsmen's Caucus on June 9
Introduced: 01/06/2016
Sponsor: Senator Dan Feltes   
Issue Brief: Enforcement
Summary: Relates to the feeding of wild deer; prohibits the placing of food for consumption by wild deer that would be detrimental to the health of the deer population or a threat to public safety, in accordance with rules adopted by the executive director of fish and game; requires the fish and game department to provide informational materials to businesses.
StatusOrdered enrolled on June 15

Introduced: 01/21/2016
Sponsor: Senator Gary Daniels
Issue Brief: Off Highway Vehicles
Summary: Relates to an OHRV registration fee for persons who are members of an OHRV club; requires a report on registration alternatives for OHRV users who do not use organized trail systems; establishes an OHRV registration fee for persons who are members of an OHRV club which is reduced $30 from the increased fee paid by other registrants; requires the executive director of the fish and game department to report on registration alternatives for OHRV users who do not use organized trail systems.
Status: Signed by Governor Maggie Hassan, Member, Governors Sportsmen's Caucus on June 9

Introduced: 01/19/2016
Sponsor: Assemblyman Dan Quart
Issue Brief: Knife Ban Repeal
Summary: Amends the Penal Law; relates to the definitions of a switchblade knife and a gravity knife; excludes knives which have a spring, detent, or other mechanism designed to create a bias toward closure and that requires exertion applied to the blade by hand, wrist, or arm to overcome the bias toward closure and open the knife.
Status: Passed Senate on June 15

Introduced: 05/16/2016
Sponsor: Assembly Member Aileen Gunther, Co-Chair, New York Legislative Sportsmen's Caucus
Issue Brief: Hunter Recruitment, Retention, Reactivation; General
Summary: Amends the Environmental Conservation Law; authorizes minors who are hunting to wear solid or patterned pink material which shall be visible from all directions.
Status: Substituted by S6863 on June 8
Introduced: 04/15/2015
Sponsor: Senator Rich Funke, Member, New York Legislative Sportsmen's Caucus 
Issue Brief: Licenses (General)
Summary: Amends the Environmental Conservation Law; provides hunter safety instructors with a free hunting license in consideration for such services for the next license year beginning after the date the course was completed.
Status: To Assembly Committee on Environmental Conservation on June 14
Introduced: 05/12/2016
Sponsor: Senator Robert Ortt
Issue Brief: Right to Hunt, Fish, and Harvest Wildlife
Summary: Relates to the right to hunt, trap and fish; provides for regulation by the State.
Status: From Senate Committee on Rules on June 9
Introduced: 05/12/2016
Sponsor: Senator Robert Ortt
Issue Brief: Seniors, Veterans, and Active Duty Military, Hunting and Angling Privileges
Summary: Amends the Environmental Conservation Law; provides that for the issuance of deer management permits for certain disabled veterans, such veterans shall only have to provide proof of service-related disability once and every year thereafter, provide proof of an expired permit.
Status: To Assembly Committee on Veterans Affairs on June 14
Introduced: 05/12/2016
Sponsor: Senator Robert Ortt
Issue Brief: Seniors, Veterans, and Active Duty Military, Hunting and Angling Privileges
Summary: Amends the Environmental Conservation Law; requires the department to review laws and policies pertaining to free or reduced cost hunting and fishing licenses.
Status: To Assembly Committee on Ways and Means on June 14
Introduced: 05/23/2016
Sponsor: Senator Robert Ortt
Issue Brief: Modern Sporting Rifle
Summary: Limits the application of the Safe Act to the counties of Suffolk, Nassau, Kings, Queens, Richmond, New York, Bronx and Westchester.
Status: Introduced. To Senate Committee on Codes on May 23
Introduced: 03/18/2016
Sponsor: Senator Pat Stefano
Issue Brief: American System of Conservation Funding
Summary: relates to game; relates to Pennsylvania Game Commission; provides for powers and duties of commission and for accountability; relates to hunting and furtaking licenses; provides for license costs and fees; makes an editorial change.
Status: In Senate on Third Consideration on June 14
Introduced: 03/21/2016
Sponsor: Senator John Eichelberger, Member, Pennsylvania Legislative Sportsmen's Caucus 
Issue Brief: American System of Conservation Funding
Summary: Amends Title 30 (Fish) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission; provides for power to set fees by regulation; provides for collection fee for uncollectible checks; provides for nonresident and tourist licenses, for one-day resident fishing license, for license, permit and issuing agent fees and for license and permit packaging options; provides for net permits.
Status: In Senate on Third Consideration on June 14

Introduced: 11/30/2015
Sponsor: Representative Barry Jozwiak
Issue Brief: Hunting with Dogs
Summary: Amends the Game Statutes, in hunting and furtaking; provides for dogs pursuing, injuring or killing big game; provides that shall be unlawful to make use of a leashed blood-tracking dog to track a white-tailed deer, bear or elk in an attempt to recover an animal which has been legally killed or wounded during any open season for such animals.
Status: In Senate on Third Consideration on June 14
Introduced: 03/23/2016
Sponsor: Senator Cynthia Armour Coyne     
Issue Brief: Licenses (General)
Summary: Facilitates the issuance of hunting licenses by Internet application; takes effect upon passage.
Status: Scheduled for hearing and/or consideration for June 15 on June 12
Introduced: 01/14/2016
Sponsor: Representative David Deen, Member, Vermont Legislative Sportsmen's Caucus     
Issue Brief: Firearm Suppressors
Summary: Relates to hunting, fishing, and trapping; provides for fish importation permits, permits for introducing fish, a uniform point system, license revocation, unlawful equipment and vehicle forfeiture, big game violations, and threatened and endangered species; prohibits taking big game out of season; requires notices prohibiting the taking of game; relates to private ponds, youth hunting, the interstate wildlife violator compact, firearms, aerial hunting, destruction of state property and restitution.
Status: Act No. 145 om June 14

Introduced: 02/26/2016
Sponsor: House Natural Resources and Energy Committee
Issue Brief: General
Summary: Relates to timber harvesting; requires the Commissioner of Forests and Parks and Recreation to establish a harvest notification pilot program under which a landowner of property may notify the Commissioner prior to commencing a timber harvest in the state; provides for a unique harvest notification number and technical assistance and information; relates to manufacture and marketing of forest products, including biomass, fuel wood and maple sugar; relates to public and private forestlands.
Status: Signed by Governor Peter Shumlin, Vice Chair, Governors Sportsmen's Caucus


Introduced: 04/28/2016
Sponsor: Senator Brent Jackson, Member, North Carolina Legislative Sportsmen's Caucus
Issue Brief: Management Authority over Captive Cervids; Feral Hogs
Summary: Provides further regulatory relief to the agricultural community; relates to embargo of bedding; establishes the Agricultural Emergency Response Act which authorizes the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to assist agricultural operations and landowners in the preparedness for and recovery from agricultural emergencies; relates to aerial management of feral swine; establishes the Animal Shelter Support Fund; provides exemptions for forest management plans.
Status: In Senate. Placed on Calendar for June 20 on June 16 

Introduced: 06/11/2016
Sponsor: Senator Bill Cole
Issue Brief: Budget Bills
Summary: Concerns the budget Bill.
Status: Eligible for Governor's desk on June 14
Introduced: 06/14/2016
Sponsor: Senator Bill Cole
Issue Brief: Management Authority over Captive Cervids
Summary: Authorizes miscellaneous agencies and boards to promulgate legislative rules.
Status: Eligible for Governor's desk on June 14

Introduced: 03/17/2016
Sponsor: Representative Lisa Lyons, Member, Michigan Legislative Sportsmen's Caucus
Issue Brief: General
Summary: Requires an individual to wear colors authorized by the commission when taking game during the established daylight shooting hours; includes hunter pink in the additional garment colors that may be worn while hunting.
Status: To Senate Committee on Outdoor Recreation and Tourism on June 7


Introduced: 01/20/2015
Sponsor: Representative Cathy Tilton, Member, Alaska Legislative Outdoor Heritage Caucus
Issue Brief: General
Summary: Relates to sport fishing services, sport fishing operators, and sport fishing guides; relates to sports fishing licenses; relates to sport fishing vessel registration; establishes that a person may not use a vessel to provide sport fishing services unless the vessel is registered with the department and proof of registration is attached to and clearly visible on the vessel while the vessel is used to provide sport fishing services; establishes that the department may adopt regulations.
Status: To Governor on June 8

Introduced: 03/06/2015
Sponsor: Representative Dave Talerico, Member, Alaska Legislative Outdoor Heritage Caucus
Issue Brief: Budget Bills; License (general)
Summary: Amends provisions regarding the intensive management surcharge; establishes special hunting and fishing licenses and permits for residents with developmental disabilities; establishes a sustainable wildlife account in the fish and game fund; raises fees for sport fishing, hunting and trapping; relates to the sport fishing surcharge and sport fishing facility revenue bonds; regulates nonresident hunters; provides for conservation decals and Chitina dip net fishing permits.
Status: Signed by Governor on June 13
Introduced: 01/14/2016
Sponsor: Assemblymember Marc Levine
Issue Brief: Guns (General); Modern Sporting Rifle
Summary: Relates to the possession or transfer of specified assault weapons. Defines detachable magazine. Exempts from punishment a person initially possessing such weapon prior to a specified date. Provides a registration deadline for such weapons in legal possession with the Department of Justice. Authorizes a registration fee. Provides for Internet registration. Requires regulations.
Status: From Senate Committee on Public Safety: Do pass as amended to Committee on Appropriations on June 14
Introduced: 02/03//2016
Sponsor: Assembly Member Jay Obernolte 
Issue Brief: Range Protection
Summary: Excludes from the definition of the term disposal the onsite movement of soil at an active outdoor sport shooting range if this movement is done to facilitate the removal and recycling of spent ammunition materials existing on the site as a result of the normal use of the shooting range, the activities at the range are consistent with a specified manual, and the residual soil is replaced within the area from which was originally removed.
Status: From Senate Committee on Environmental Quality: Do pass as amended to Committee on Appropriations on June 15
Introduced: 01/15/2016
Sponsor: Senator Isadore Hall
Issue Brief: Modern Sporting Rifle
Summary: Revises the definition of assault weapon to mean a semiautomatic centerfire rifle, or a semiautomatic pistol that does not have a fixed magazine but has any one of specified attributes. Exempts persons who possessed such weapons prior to a specified date from punishment. Requires persons possessing certain assault weapons prior to a specified date to register the firearm with the Department of Justice. Authorizes a related fee increase. Requires registrations to be done over the Internet with a related fee.
Status: From Assembly Committee on Public Safety: Do pass to Committee on Appropriations on June 14
Introduced: 02/19/2016
Sponsor: Representative Fran Pavley
Issue Brief: General
Summary: Expands the composition of the Wildlife Conservation Board to include public members appointed to serve specified terms each. Authorizes the Director of Finance to appoint a designee to serve on the Board to represent the Director.
Status: In Assembly. Read second time and amended. Re-referred to Committee on Appropriations on June 15

Introduced: 02/18/2016
Sponsor: Senator Kevin de Leon
Issue Brief: General
Summary: Requires the Attorney General to maintain information about ammunition transactions and ammunition vendor licenses. Provides dissemination of the name of a person purchasing ammunition if the person has been in the legal system for domestic violence. Extends provisions regarding the delivery or transfer of ownership of ammunition. Revises the term vendor for ammunition sales purposes. Updates the use of the Prohibited Armed Persons File. Updates a prohibition on the sale of ammunition to certain persons.
Status: From Assembly Committee on Public Safety: Do not pass to Committee on Appropriations on June 14
Introduced: 02/19/2016
Sponsor: Senator Loni Hancock
Issue Brief: Standard Capacity Magazines
Summary: Amends existing law which prohibits the sale, gift, and loan of a large-capacity magazine to make a violation an infraction with graduated fines for violations. Requires a person in lawful possession of such magazine prior to a specified date, to dispose of the magazine. Provides exceptions, including allowing licensed gunsmiths and honorable sworn peace officers to possess such magazine.
Status: From Assembly Committee on Public Safety: Do not pass to Committee on Appropriations on June 14

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