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Tracking the Capitols is a source of legislation currently being tracked by the Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation state policy team to keep you informed of the most pertinent and timely state legislation affecting hunting, angling, recreational shooting and trapping and other conservation issues. Inclusion in Tracking the Capitols does not necessarily constitute support or opposition to legislation by CSF and/or the CSF States Program. The bills noted in this email represent only a fraction of the legislation that CSF's States Program is monitoring on a day-to-day basis.

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Note: Bill sponsors who are members of the National Assembly of Sportsmen's Caucuses are noted in bold.

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Updates for the week of

July 27, 2015

Massachusetts H 2626

Introduced: 03/11/2015

Sponsor: Representative David Muradian     

Issue Brief: Outdoor Sport Tax Holiday

Summary: Relates to sales tax exemptions for gun safes and trigger locks.

Status: In Joint Committee on Revenue: Heard. Eligible for Executive Session on July 21


Pennsylvania H 283

Introduced: 02/02/2015

Sponsor: Representative Fred Keller   

Issue Brief: Outdoor Sport Tax Holiday

Summary: Amends the act of March 4, 1971 (P.L.6, No.2), known as the Tax Reform Code of 1971, in tax for education; provides for exclusions from sales and use tax.

Status: In House. Removed from table on July 21 



North Carolina H 478

Introduced: 04/02/2015

Sponsor: Representative Fred Iler

Issue Brief: Angling Access, Enforcement 

Summary: Authorizes Brunswick County to regulate navigable waters within its boundaries.

Status: Re-referred to Senate Committee on Transportation on July 21


North Carolina H 638

Introduced: 04/14/2015

Sponsor: Representative Chris Millis 

Issue Brief: Angling Access  

Summary: Directs the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, in cooperation with the Wildlife Resources Commission, to take action that encourages wetland mitigation practices supportive of public recreation and hunting on mitigation sites; establishes that the Department of Environment and Natural Resources shall seek more net gains of aquatic resources through compensatory mitigation; increases wetland establishment of diverse habitats, including emergent marsh habitat and shallow open water habitats.

Status: To Governor on July 28   


North Carolina S 374

Introduced: 03/25/2015

Sponsor: Senator Bill Cook, Member, North Carolina Legislative Sportsmen's Caucus 

Issue Brief: General 

Summary: Makes voluntary the requirement that a holder of a for-hire coastal recreational fishing license maintain a logbook summarizing catch and effort statistical data; delays implementation to allow the division of marine fisheries to conduct a stakeholder input and education process; forbids the Department of Environment and Natural Resources from entering into a joint enforcement agreement with the national marine fisheries service; relates to cooperative agreements by the Department.

Status: In Senate. Senate concurred in House amendments on July 29 




North Dakota H 1081

Introduced: 01/06/2015

Sponsor: Representative Jon Nelson, Member, North Dakota Legislative Sportsmen's Caucus    

Issue Brief: Terminally Ill Youth Hunting Opportunities    

Summary: Provides big game and turkey hunting licenses for youth with a life-threatening illness; provides for a legislative management study; relates to the Outdoor Adventure Foundation and licenses to qualified youth with cancer or a life-threatening illness.

Status: Chapter Number 180 on July 28


North Dakota H 1156

Introduced: 01/08/2015

Sponsor: Representative Todd Porter, Co-Chair, North Dakota Legislative Sportsmen's Caucus    

Issue Brief: Access to Private Lands

Summary: Relates to the option to use deer lottery license refunds for the private land open to sportsmen program.

Status: Chapter Number 179 on July 28  


North Dakota H 1197

Introduced: 01/12/2015

Sponsor: Representative Curt Hofstad     

Issue Brief: Access to Private Lands

Summary: Provides for a prohibition on the purchase of real property and easements for wildlife or conservation purposes with public funds; prohibits a governmental entity from providing funds through grant, contract, or other agreement to a nongovernmental entity that is a nonprofit organization for the purpose of holding any interest in real property or an easement for wildlife or conservation purposes.

Status: Chapter Number 365 on July 28  


North Dakota H 1241

Introduced: 01/13/2015

Sponsor: Representative Roscoe Streyle, Member, North Dakota Legislative Sportsmen's Caucus    

Issue Brief: Guns  

Summary: Authorizes a person who lawfully possesses a short barreled rifle to hunt any game for which the person is licensed and for which a rifle is allowed; provides that a device which uses a projectile and voltage is a dangerous weapon; prohibits a firearm in a part of an establishment where alcoholic beverages are purchased and consumed; requires the disclosure to an applicant of a concealed weapon permit the reason of denial or the revocation of a license; relates to concealed weapons and weapons in vehicles.

Status: Chapter Number 475 on July 28  


North Dakota H 1381

Introduced: 01/19/2015

Sponsor: Representative Mike Lefor, Member, North Dakota Legislative Sportsmen's Caucus    

Issue Brief: Enforcement

Summary: Relates to interference with the taking of wildlife.

Status: Chapter Number 175 on July 28  


North Dakota H 1409

Introduced: 01/19/2015

Sponsor: Representative Todd Porter, Co-Chair, North Dakota Legislative Sportsmen's Caucus    Issue Brief: Conservation Funding

Summary: Relates to the funding and purposes of the Outdoor Heritage Fund; revises the uses to provide grants to state agencies, tribal governments, political subdivisions, and nonprofit organizations, with higher priority given to enhance conservation practices in the State; provides access to private and public lands for sportsmen, including projects that create fish and wildlife habitat and provide access for sportsmen, and to conserve natural areas and create other areas for recreation.

Status: Chapter Number 379 on July 28  


North Dakota S 2017

Introduced: 01/06/2015

Sponsor: Senate Appropriations Committee

Issue Brief: Budget Bill

Summary: Provides an appropriation for defraying expenses of the game and fish department; relates to the governor's gubernatorial proclamation concerning the hunting of elk; provides for a legislative management study; provides an expiration date; provides that a person convicted of illegally taking a moose, elk, or bighorn sheep is not eligible to receive a license.

Status: Chapter Number 51 on July 28  


Texas H 905

Introduced: 01/23/2015

Sponsor: Representative John Frullo, Member, Texas Legislative Sportsmen's Caucus 

Issue Brief: Knife Preemption

Summary: Relates to the regulation of knives by municipality or county.
Status: Filed with Secretary of State (Chapter No. 700) on July 29  


Texas H 1925

Introduced: 02/25/2015

Sponsor: Representative Charlie Geren, Member, Texas Legislative Sportsmen's Caucus 

Issue Brief: General

Summary: Provides for the transfer of the Farm and Ranch Lands Conservation Program to the Parks and Wildlife Department; relates to conservation easements.
Status: Filed with Secretary of State (Chapter No. 401) on July 20


Wisconsin A 187

Introduced: 04/22/2015

Sponsor: Representative Dianne Hasselbein, Member, Wisconsin Legislative Sportsmen's Caucus    

Issue Brief: Seniors; Veterans  

Summary: Relates to an exemption for disabled veterans and recipients of the Purple Heart medal from the cumulative preference system for issuing wild turkey hunting licenses and tags.

Status: In Assembly. Amendment 1 offered on July 22   





Oregon H 2402

Introduced: 02/02/2015

Sponsor: Office of the Governor

Issue Brief: General

Summary: Establishes Task Force on Funding for Fish, Wildlife and Related Outdoor Recreation and Education; requires the task force to identify and recommend potential alternative, sustainable funding sources for the State Department of Fish and Wildlife; strengthens the State Department of Fish and Wildlife's ability to carry out conservation and related outdoor recreation and education programs benefit the non-hunting and non-angling members of the public whose values and pursuits are connected to healthy native fish and wildlife and healthy fish and wildlife habitat.

Status: Signed by Governor on July 20   


Oregon H 3012

Introduced: 02/13/2015

Sponsor: Representative Wayne Krieger, Co-Chair, Oregon Legislative Sportsmen's Caucus

Issue Brief: General License

Summary: Establishes Oregon Hatchery Research Center Fund; requires moneys in fund to be used for research projects recommended by Oregon Hatchery Research Center Board; requires unexpended and unobligated balance in Oregon Hatchery Research Center Fund to be transferred to Hatchery Construction Fund; establishes Hatchery Construction Fund; designates uses of fund; establishes surcharge on angling licenses and additional commercial ad valorem catch fee on fish.

Status: Signed by Governor on July 20   


Washington Measure 1401

Issue Brief: Ivory

Summary: Would prohibit sale, purchase, trading, or distribution of elephant, rhinoceros, tiger, lion, leopard, cheetah, pangolin, marine turtle, shark, or ray species listed as endangered or vulnerable in the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species or the International Union for Conservation of Nature's red list, including items made from listed species.

Status: Placed on 11/03/2015 Ballot on July 22 

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