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Note: In bold are sponsors who are members of their respective Sportsmen's Legislative Caucus.

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October 20, 2014     

Introduced: 09/23/2014
Sponsor: Councilman Phil Mendelson
Issue Brief: Guns
Summary(Permanent Law) Amends, on an emergency basis, the Firearms Control Regulations Act of 1975 to permit individuals to register a firearm for self-defense in their place of business, to provide a Freedom of Information Act exception, to specify application requirements for applying to carry a concealed pistol, to specify the duration of such licenses and certain requirements for renewal, to outline duties of licensees, to provide for revocation, to create a criminal offense, and for other purposes
Status: Signed by Mayor. Expires 01/05/2015. Assigned Act Number 447 on October 7

Introduced: 05/15/2014
Sponsor: Representative John C. Atkins
Issue Brief: General
SummaryAllows the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control to issue numbered surf fishing and state park specialty vehicle plates; provides the plates may be sold or auctioned for a fee
Status: Signed by Governor. Chapter Number 443 on October 16

Introduced: 01/21/2014
Sponsor: Representative Ed McBroom
Issue Brief: General
SummaryExpands issuance of crop damage permits to include bears.
Status: In Senate. To second reading on October 22.

Prefiled: 10/06/2014 
Sponsor: Assemblyman Jim Wheeler, Member, Nevada Legislative Sportsmen's Caucus
Issue Brief: Guns
Summary:  Revises provisions governing the issuance of permits to carry concealed firearms
Status: Filed on October 6


New Hampshire H 1264

Introduced: 01/08/2014

Sponsor: Representative J.R. Hoell

Issue Brief: Guns

Summary: Permits a nonresident from a state that does not require a license to carry a loaded pistol or revolver to carry in New Hampshire

Status: Died on table on September 17

Pennsylvania H 80

Introduced: 01/10/2014

Sponsor: Representative Daryl Metcalfe

Issue Brief: Guns

SummaryProvides for the offense of criminal trespass; defines school grounds; defines the offense of theft of secondary metal; prescribes penalties; defines secondary metal as wire, pipe or cable used by communications, gas and electrical utilities and railroads and mass transit or commuter rail agencies, and copper, aluminum or other metal that is valuable for recycling or reuse as raw material; provides for the state police and for limitation on the regulation of firearms and ammunition

Status: House concurred in Senate amendments on October 20


Pennsylvania H 1750

Introduced: 10/15/2013

Sponsor: Representative John A. Maher

Issue Brief: Anti

Summary: Amends Title 18 (crimes and Offenses) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in riot, disorderly conduct and related offenses; provides for the offense of cruelty to animals; relates to a prohibition against the killing of a dog or cat for the purposes of human consumption or processing dog or cat meat for the purpose of human consumption; prohibits the use of dogs, cats or other live animals or fowl for targets at trap shoot or block shoot

Status: Died without concurrence vote on October 20


Pennsylvania H 2178

Introduced: 04/14/2014

Sponsor: Representative Dan Moul, Member, Pennsylvania Legislative Sportsmen's Caucus

Issue Brief: Enforcement

SummaryAmends Title 34 (Game) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in enforcement; provides for powers and duties of waterways conservation officers and deputies and the powers and duties of enforcement officers; relates to an exception on the prohibition of interception and disclosure of communications

Status: House concurred in Senate amendments on October 20


Pennsylvania HR 1059

Introduced: 10/03/2014

Sponsor: Representative Thomas Murt

Issue Brief: General

SummaryDesignates the month of November 2014 as Commonwealth Hunters Recognition Month

Status: Passed House on October 14

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