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Note: In bold are sponsors who are members of their respective Sportsmen's Legislative Caucus.

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August 25, 2014     

Introduced: 12/20/2012
Sponsor: Senator Kevin De Leon
Issue Brief: Guns
Summary: Requires the Attorney General to maintain copies of ammunition purchase permits, ammunition transactions and ammunition vendor licenses. Requires an ammunition purchaser to be authorized by the Department of Justice. Provides the date when only a licensed ammunition vendor may sell ammunition. Requires verification of identity. Relates to ammunition sales location requirements. Exempts gun shows and events. Relates to the Prohibited Armed Persons File. Relates to enhancements to the background check system.
Status: In Assembly. Read third time and amended on August 22.

California A 2105
Introduced: 02/20/2014
Sponsor: Assemblymember Jim Frazier, Co-Chair, California Outdoor Sporting Caucus 
Issue Brief: General License
Summary: Relates to the Department of Fish and Wildlife. Relates to tags, stamps, and licenses for the hunting of antelope, elk, deer, wild pigs, bear, and bighorn sheep upon payment of a fee. Requires the department to authorize a nonprofit organization designated by the department to assist in the sale of these tags to retain a percentage of the amount of the sale price of the tag, plus any applicable credit card fees.
Status: Enrolled on August 22. 

Introduced: 02/13/2014
Sponsor: Assembly Member Jim Frazier, Co-Chair, California Outdoor Sporting Caucus; and Assembly Member Frank Bigelow, Member, California Outdoor Sporting Caucus
Issue Brief: General License; Ill Youth Hunting
SummaryRequires the Department of Fish and Wildlife to issue a license to take any bird or mammal, upon payment of a base fee, to a resident or nonresident who is under a specified age on a specified date of the licensing year for which he or she seeks a license. Requires the Department to issue a short-term license to a nonresident who is under of a specified age or older upon payment of a base fee. Codifies related existing regulations.
Status: Enrolled on August 25.

Issue Brief: Anti-Hunting
SummaryProhibits the use of dogs, bait or traps when hunting bears, except under certain circumstances.
Status: Qualified on August 1.


Michigan IL 2

Introduced: 08/13/2014

Issue Brief: General; Invasive Species

SummaryAllows the Natural Resources Commission to designate species as game and appropriates $1 million for Asian carp prevention.

Status: Became law without Governor's signature. Public Act No. 281 on August 27.

New York A 10143

Introduced: 06/16/2014

Sponsor: Assembly Rules Committee

Issue Brief: Ivory

SummaryAmends the Environmental Conservation Law; prohibits the sale, purchase, trade, barter and distribution of certain ivory articles and rhinoceros horns.

Status: Signed by Governor. Chapter No. 326 on August 12.


New York A 10153

Introduced: 06/17/2014

Sponsor: Assembly Rules Committee

Issue Brief: Ivory

SummaryAmends the Environmental Conservation Law; relates to the distribution of certain ivory articles and rhinoceros horns to a museum authorized by special charter from the legislature of the state.

Status: Signed by Governor. Chapter No. 327 on August 12.

Sponsor: Representative Thomas A. Palangio
Issue Brief: Substandard Kennels
SummaryCreates a special legislative study commission to make a comprehensive study of the requirements for spaying, neutering, and an "intact" permitting process for dogs.
Status: Resolution No. 2014-381 on June 20.
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