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February 14, 2013


Your Trusted Source for Federal and State Policy Updates and News Concerning Our Sportsmen's Heritage

WHHCC Winter Meeting Held - Washington, D.C.

On February 5 and 6 of 2013, the Wildlife and Hunting Heritage Conservation Council (WHHCC) held its winter meeting in Washington, D.C. Jeff Crane, President of the Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation (CSF), was reappointed by...



BLM Seeks Local Citizen Participation on Resource Advisory Councils

The Bureau of Land Management is currently seeking nominations for citizens who wish to participate on Resource Advisory Councils (RACs) at the local level in states throughout the West. Comprised of 10 to 15 citizen-members, RACs provide... 

Washington Sportsmen's Caucus Hosts Luncheon

On Tuesday, February 5, the Washington Legislative Sportsmen's Caucus gathered at the State Capitol in Olympia to discuss sportsmen's issues with hunting, recreational fishing and shooting and trapping groups from throughout the state. Hosted by Senator Pam Roach and sponsored by...

New Hampshire - Oppose: Lead Sinker Ban (SB 89)

In 2000, New Hampshire was the first state to ban lead sinkers and jigs. The alleged justification for such ban was to protect common loons and other diving birds. In the years following, several additional bills were passed which further impacted the use of lead tackle. Last year, SB 224 was...

Vermont & New Hampshire - Support: Interstate Wildlife Violators Compact

Despite the strong tradition of ethics that the vast majority of hunter and anglers abide by, there are those that disregard the laws that regulate hunting and fishing. To address these violations, the Interstate Wildlife Violators Compact was created in 1989 to...

Maine - Oppose: Proposed Bans on Rubber Lures (LD 42) and Nondegradable Hooks (LD 43)

Two bills, both of which would severely restrict the types of tackle eligible for use by Maine anglers, were heard in Committee last Tuesday, February 5. LD 42 would prohibit the use of all artificial lures made from rubber, while LD 43 would specify... 

CSF's Chris Horton Appointed to Serve on MAFAC

Chris Horton, Midwestern States Director for the Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation (CSF), was recently appointed to serve a two-year term on the Recreational Fisheries Working Group of the Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee (MAFAC). MAFAC was established in 1971 to...

The 2013 Sportsmen's Economic Impact Report

This month, CSF released state specific factsheets highlighting the economic impact from sportsmen and women in all 50 states. The state fact sheets follow the release of CSF's national report, America's Sporting Heritage, Fueling the American Economy,which was released in mid-January. Intended to provide a series of "sound bites" that resonate within the outdoor community as well as the general public, the CSF data spotlights...  

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