January/February 2016

Welcome New Environmental Specialist Lars Davenport!

     The Environmental Sustainability Division welcomes Lars Davenport as their new Environmental Specialist.  Lars will be working with the ES Division on Green Business Certifications and a variety of sustainable programs and initiatives.  A graduate of the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management at UCSB, Lars previously worked as an Environmental Specialist for the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians. READ MORE.

Shine Supply:  The 2015 Environmental Excellence Award Winner
Sustainable Ventura News
talks to Shine's Supply's Jeremy Stevens

      Every year since 2006 at the Annual Poinsettia Awards Luncheon the City of Ventura Environmental Sustainability Division in conjunction with the Ventura Chamber of Commerce have presented the "Environmental Excellence Award," which recognizes a local business for their exemplary efforts in integrating environmental concerns into their business philosophy and practices.

     This year at the December 10th luncheon at the Ventura Beach Marriott, the 2015 Environmental Excellence Award was presented to Shine Supply, a division of Stevens Detailing, Incorporated, a full-service detailing company headquartered at 1302 Tower Square, #1 in Ventura.  READ MORE.

Livin' Green: What's in season for Winter? 
Sustainable Ventura News finds out
"What's in season for Winter?" from local farmers

     Did you know that Ventura County ranks No. 10 among all counties in the United States?

     We're extremely fortunate that we live right here in Ventura County where we have access to abundant fresh, locally grown produce year round. The best way to take advantage of that fresh produce, as well as support our local economy, is to buy from local farms at Certified Farmer's Markets. READ MORE.  
Green Business with Wellness at Play  
Wellness at Play becomes a Green Certified Business
     Wellness at Play is a state of the art family wellness center that provides proven chiropractic techniques that help families achieve their optimum wellness. Recently they became a City of Ventura Green Certified Business, and as such, they are the first chiropractic center to become one.

     "I like to say that we offer chiropractic for babies, children and the families who love them," said Wellness at Play Founder, Dr. Joel Levitz, D.C. "Chiropractors are known primarily as back and neck pain specialists. However, in practice, our work is diverse and we work with the entire nervous system, which controls every cell, organ and tissue in person's body."  READ MORE.

Getting Ready for El Niņo:  ReadyVenturaCounty.org   
     If you've been watching the news about the weather, 
the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), forecasts predict a 90% chance that El Niņo, a weather phenomenon characterized by the warming of Pacific Ocean waters west of Peru that result in dramatic atmospheric disruptions that alter weather worldwide, will continue through the Northern Hemisphere in the winter of 2015-16, with an 80% chance of El Niņo lasting into early spring 2016.  Scientists also think that the upcoming El Niņo could match or surpass the 1997 El Niņo event, strongest on record to date. READ MORE. 

Environmental Sustainability News & Events

Harvest Rainwater - Print out Your Coupon Today!

SAVE WATER! Install a rain barrel in your landscape and redirect downspouts into your garden. A rain barrel discount program for City of Ventura residents is now available through Environmental Sustainability and Ventura Water, while supplies last. Working in cooperation with Smith Pipe and Supply at 3060 Sherwin Avenue in Ventura, the Channel/Bushman 50-gallon rain barrel with a retail value of $96.50 will be available for $45 plus tax at the store with a Rain Barrel Discount Voucher. For more water wise tips, visit: cityofventura.net/waterwise


December 10 - Poinsettia Awards  

The Annual Poinsettia Awards were held at the Ventura Marriott.  Read about Shine Supply, winners of the 2015 Environmental Excellence Award, CLICK HERE. 

FREE Water Wise Gardening Class Series - Coming Soon! Stay Tuned!

Other Great GREEN Events: 
March 4 & 5   -  2016 Wild & Scenic Film Festival  
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Rain Barrel Discount
Rain Barrel Discount program for City of Ventura residents is available through Environmental Sustainability and Ventura Water.  Working in cooperation with Smith Pipe and Supply at 3060 Sherwin Avenue in Ventura, the Channel/Bushman 50-gallon rain barrel (with a retail value of $92.00), will be available for $45.00 plus tax at their store with a Rain Barrel Discount Voucher.  Two rain barrel discounts are available per residential address with the voucher. READ MORE.

$92.00 Rain Barrel available for $45.00 plus tax with Discount Voucher