May/June 2015

Buy It, East It, Don't Waste It!
Ventura's Food Waste Prevention Challenge
Ventura's Food Waste Prevention Challenge 
Ventura's Food Waste Prevention Challenge


     With 40% of the food produced in the U.S. going uneaten, tossed or left to rot, that translates into approximately $165 billion of food wasted each year! If you looked into your fridge right now, would you find soggy fruits and vegetables, or leftovers that are too old to eat? You're not alone!


      From May 18, through July 12, 2015, the City of Ventura Environmental Sustainability Division is hosting an 8-week challenge to do something about food waste with the Food Waste Prevention Challenge

     In fact, during the past month of April, you may have seen Environmental Specialists Courtney Lindberg and Tobie Mitchell talking to residents about food waste at the local Ventura Farmer's Markets, community council meetings, and other events signing folks up to take the Challenge.  READ MORE. 

Power your home with the Sun: Solarize Ventura Program 2015 
Power your home with the Sun: Solarize Ventura Program 2015
Livin' Green: Use the Sun's rays
to power your home! 

Solarize Ventura's Affordable Residential Solar Program 


     Every hour the sun's rays provide enough energy to power the planet for one year. Harnessing that solar energy through the installation of solar panels is now a viable way to power your home or business, and it's also good for the environment and your pocketbook.


     For the second year, the City of Ventura, in partnership with the non-profit Community Environmental Council (CEC), is offering the Solarize Ventura program to city residents, making it more affordable for local homeowners to go solar with a limited-time discounted price for solar panels from vetted installers, through a streamlined hassle-free process.


     On Earth Day, April 22, 2015, this year's Solarize Ventura program kicked off on the steps of Ventura's City Hall. The program runs from April 22- July 18, 2015. READ MORE

LtoR: Ventura Water's GM Shana Epstein and Ventura Mayor Cheryl Heitmann at the Water: Take 1 Awards
Celebration of Water:
3rd Annual Water: Take 1 Awards


     On March 19, at the Century 10 Dowtown movie theatre, Ventura Water announced the winners of the 3rd Annual Water: Take 1 Online Short Film Contest at a free community event which featured a screening of the top 9 water-focused finalist films, along with the winners of the Audience Choice Award, the Award for Best Student Film, the Grand Jury Prize and the Ventura Vision Award.


     The contest, now in its third year, is presented by Ventura Water, as part of a larger effort to highlight our relationship to water and to encourage water efficiency at all levels, from the homeowner to local businesses.


     From April to December 2014, Filmmakers with water-themed films, five minutes or less, in any genre including documentary, drama, comedy, animation, dramatic, sci-fi and, experimental, were invited to submit their films online at


     Out of all the films submitted, 10 Finalist films were chosen, and out of those 10, a jury of industry professionals selected one Grand prize winner.  READ MORE.

Green Business:  
Holistic Wellness Community Center of Ventura
"The Doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."
-Thomas Edison 


     Thomas Edison's quote is listed on the homepage of the Holistic Wellness Community Center's website and aptly describes the education and science resource center's mission and initiatives, which include offering programs and services that teach individuals and families how to access their innate healing abilities and mind-body-spirit connections.


     The Center, which holds classes in nutrition, yoga, meditation, self-healing techniques, is also developing community programs on environmental stewardship and sustainable gardening. Recently, the Center became a City of Ventura Green Certified Business.  READ MORE. 

FREE Water Wise Class June 6 

Control Your Controllers 


      Summer is just around the corner! Learn how to set your landscape's water controller to ensure compliance with watering restrictions, prevent water run-off, and keep your landscape healthy at the FREE "Control Your Controllers" Water Wise Class Saturday, June 6, 2015 at the City of Ventura's Sanjon Maintenance Yard, 336 Sanjon, Ventura. Refreshments served. Book your seat today as these classes get filled quickly! RSVP HERE.

Environmental Sustainability News & Events

Harvest Rainwater - Print out Your Coupon Today! 

SAVE WATER!  Install a rain barrel in your landscape and redirect downspouts into your garden. A rain barrel discount program for City of Ventura residents is now available through Environmental Sustainability and Ventura Water, while supplies last. Working in cooperation with Smith Pipe and Supply at 3060 Sherwin Avenue in Ventura, the Channel/Bushman 60-gallon rain barrel with a retail value of $85 will be available for $42 plus tax at the store with Rain Barrel Discount Voucher. For more water wise tips, visit:

City Educator Paul Vaksvik talks about composting at Green Thumb

April 11- FREE Water Wise "Composting and Vegetable Gardening Class" at Green Thumb Nursery

On Saturday, April 11, from 10am-11:30am at Green Thumb Nursery in Ventura, City Educator Paul Vaksvik spoke to a full house about composting and vegetable gardening.  Find out more about how you can be water wise. READ MORE. 

April 22 - Solarize Ventura Kicks-Off
Solarize Ventura Kick-off Event
on Earth Day 
 Ever thought about going solar?   Now is the time!! 


Join the 62 other Ventura homeowners who went solar last year through the Solarize Ventura program. For a limited time only, the 2015 Solarize Ventura program offers deeply discounted pricing, preselected solar contractors, and a free independent solar advisor to walk you through the entire process. Federal and State tax credits are also available to help make solar even more affordable. This program is made possible through a partnership between the City of Ventura and the Community Environmental Council. Visit Solarize Ventura to learn more about the program.

Zero out your carbon footprint by combining rooftop solar with an electric vehicle.  For more information, Solarize Ventura.



Left to Right: Stephanie Janda and Tobie Mitchell at a farmer's market 
April - Food Waste Prevention Challenge Signups at Local Certified Farmer's Markets 

During the month of April, Enviromental Specialists Tobie Mitchell and Courtney Lindberg took to the local certified farmer's markets in search of City of Ventura residents interested in signing up for the Food Waste Prevention Challenge beginning May 18.  Sign up was an overwhelming success! Find out more about the Food Waste Prevention Challenge, READ MORE. 




Left to Right: City of Ventura Environmental Specialists Jill Santos, Tobie Mitchell, Courtney Lindberg and Rob Greenfield


April 24 - "Dude Doing Good" Speaks at Bell Arts


The eve of April 24, Environmental Activist Rob Greenfield spoke at Bell Arts Factory in Ventura about his adventures in making the public aware about food waste.  Environmental Sustainability was on hand to talk about the upcoming Food Waste Prevention Challenge. 





Left to Right: Environmental Specialists Tobie Mitchell and Jill Santos in the Environmental Sustainability Booth







April 25 - Earth Day Eco-Fest

Environmental Sustainability's booth at this year's Earth Day Eco-Fest in Promenade Park.  A good time was had by all! 







Left to Right: Guest Speakers Renee Roth, Laura Maher, Ventura Mayor Cheryl Heitmann, and Environmental Specialist Jill Santos

May 2
- FREE "Graywater and Vegetable Harvesting" Water Wise Class   
SOLD OUT!  This popular Water Wise Class held from 10am to 11:30am at the City of Ventura's Sanjon Maintenance yard was booked long before the May 2 event. Speakers Laura Maher and Renee Roth spoke to residents about how to set up a simple laundry-to-landscape graywater system and how to install and maintain a rain barrel (or rain garden). 









  Cool Green Upcoming Events



Tuesday, May 12     -FREE Green Drinks Networking Event 

Tuesday, May 12     -FREE Solarize Ventura Workshop

Thursday, May 28   -Spring Business Expo

Tuesday, June 2      -FREE Solarize Ventura Workshop

Saturday, June 6    -FREE Control Your Controllers Class

Tuesday, June 23   -FREE Solarize Ventura Workshop 

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Rain Barrel Discount
Rain Barrel Discount program for City of Ventura residents is available through Environmental Sustainability and Ventura Water.  Working in cooperation with Smith Pipe and Supply at 3060 Sherwin Avenue in Ventura, the Channel/Bushman 60-gallon rain barrel (with a retail value of $85.00), will be available for $42.00 plus tax at their store with a Rain Barrel Discount Voucher.  Two rain barrel discounts are available per residential address with the voucher. READ MORE.

$85.00 Rain Barrel available for $42.00 plus tax with Discount Voucher