SearchMaster Tip of the Week No. 1

SearchMaster, Google, & One-Look Dictionaries 
Working Together for You!

Click the Tutor & CEU tab at the bottom of SearchMaster's main screen;
click the + next to "Searching the Glossaries"; then double-click
"Dictionary Definitions for SM's References" and watch the movie!
You'll be very glad you did. 

SearchMaster Tip of the Week No. 2:  

Sometimes the layout of the SearchMaster glossaries requires a unique approach when it comes to quickly finding what you're looking for. Fine-tune your SearchMaster searching skills by watching the movies below, which are located on the same tab and under the same heading as shown in Tip No. 1 above. When you do that, I guarantee that you'll be much more efficient, much more accurate, and much more productive in your searches. 

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