March 26, 2015
48 Updated Glossaries Are Ready for You!

In SearchMaster, click the News & Updates tab at the bottom of the screen; then, at the bottom left corner of the screen, click "Update My SearchMaster." Wait until you see black text appear on a white screen; then click, in the bottom left corner of the screen, "Update Me Now." When you see the list of updated glossaries appear on the screen, click "Update Me." That's all there is to it!

Download & Install SearchMaster

Upgrades to the SearchMaster software are NOT the same as updates to the SearchMaster glossaries. Keep in mind that your rights to tech support are dependent upon your keeping SearchMaster up to date with the latest software upgrades. You can apply this software upgrade before OR after updating your glossaries, but make sure to read the note below before downloading this file!

NOTE: When you download the installation file for Version, your computer's virus and/or malware programs may pop up and indicate that this file has been downloaded very seldom and perhaps shouldn't be trusted. So, then, if you get any warning messages when you download this upgrade installation file, click "Keep," "Run Anyway," "Trust" -- whatever is necessary to allow the file to download and run on your computer. (All SearchMaster files, whether glossaries or software upgrades, are checked for viruses before posting to the Internet for downloading.) 

SearchMaster Tip of the Week

For those of you who save your ASCII transcript files in SearchMaster's ASCII folder for searching and indexing and who have reported that, when you go to make an index, you can't see the "Next" button on the index boxes, SM has rectified that problem. Just another reason to stay up to date with SM program upgrades!

SearchMaster Tech Support by Jim Barker
  Toll-Free: 888.461.7475

OR click the little white envelope at the extreme bottom
right corner of SearchMaster's main screen.