In order to prevent support communications from SearchMaster.tv landing in the spam folder of your email program, please check to see that the address below is in your email program's address book, contact list, or white list; if it's not, please add it now.

You see, when a SearchMaster subscriber renews his/her subscription, the SearchMaster website automatically (within 15 minutes or so) sends an email to the subscriber, confirming the online transaction and giving instructions on how to acquire a new authorization code. Too often, though, that email ends up in the spam or junk folder of the subscriber's computer -- NOT a good thing!

So, then, in the event that you go to the SearchMaster website and conduct a financial transaction of any kind, but you don't receive a confirmation email within 15 minutes or so, check your spam folder. If you find an email there from the address shown above, please add it to your address book, contact list, or white list so that all future SearchMaster website communications end up in your inbox, not in your spam folder -- a GOOD thing!

Jim Barker, developer of SearchMaster