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November 10, 2014
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On the right side of this page, I've been talking to you about how to create a wildcard-searchable ASCII database from your transcripts and how to create various types of indexes from ASCII files you save in your SM. 

Well, guess what? SM can also create wildcard-searchable indexes from
PDF files, 
from e-Tran files, from Word files, from text you copy from the Internet -- and/or any combination of those file types!

Interested? For details, stay tuned for the next SM update alert and newsletter! And if you just can't wait, feel free to call me, and I will be happy to walk you through the process.

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Are you right-clicking?


Every reference in SM can be right-clicked and sent either to Google for more information or to One-Look Dictionaries for definitions. Every reference in SM! 


You've looked up a drug name, and now you want to know what that drug is for? Right-click that drug name in SearchMaster, send it Google, and you'll know what that drug is used for!


You've looked up an attorney or a doctor's name, and you want more information than just the spelling -- like an address, a firm affiliation, or a phone number? Right-click the name and send it straight to Google for that info!


You've looked up a word like "anthropomorphize," and now you want to know what that word means? Right-click it, send it to the One-Look Dictionaries. One-Look will search over a thousand dictionaries at the same time for that definition. It's like having an entire library of dictionaries built right into SearchMaster!


Don't be Too Shy to Ask for Help! 

Do not hesitate to call me for any assistance you may need. I'm here, I'm ready to help, the call is free, and my toll-free phone number is displayed at the very top of the screen in SearchMaster and at the bottom of this update alert and newsletter.



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One of the oldest file formats in PC history is the ASCII format (1963), and one of the most powerful things you can do with ASCII files is save them in SM's ASCII folder. "Why is that?" you ask? Here's why:

1) Because SearchMaster can simultaneously  
search thousands of ASCII transcript files for any 
name, word, term, phrase, or number you need to find in your previous transcripts. 

2) Because SearchMaster can create proofreading indexes not only from a single ASCII file but from a dozen, a hundred, or even thousands of ASCII files.

3) Because SearchMaster can create a multiple-wildcard-searchable Career Index of every 
word and every name in all of the ASCIIs you save in SM's ASCII folder. For instance, my wife has saved 15 years' worth of ASCIIs in her SM ASCII folder, and she can find any word or any name in those thousands of transcripts in -- are you ready for this? -- two seconds flat.

4) Because, if you save your ASCIIs in SearchMaster, you can then create proper nouns indexes of single and/or multiple ASCII transcript files that index only the proper nouns in selected transcript(s) as shown below:

Aaron and Daniel Delfino
Aaron Schilling
Adelaide Johnson
Alaska Administrative Procedures Act

Aren't you tired of manually creating proper noun lists for yourself and for others working on the same case(s)? Why not let an SM proper nouns index do that for you! Going out tomorrow to take a depo in a case you've already worked on in the past? Create a proper nouns index, in SM, of those previous ASCII transcript files, and you'll ensure that all the proper nouns in all of those transcripts are spelled correctly and consistently.

Your CAT program, whichever one it may be, can't do any of the things mentioned above, and neither can any commercially available software program currently available to the reporting community. 

So, then, are you ready to get started creating your own ASCII transcript database in SearchMaster so that you can search all of your ASCIIs at the same time and create any of SM's powerful, time-saving, face-saving indexes? Okay, then. Let's get started! First, click the "Transcripts & Indexing" tab at the bottom of SM's main screen, and you will see the box below. Before doing anything else, double-click, at the top, the "Index Introduction" button to get an overview of how SM's various indexes work.

Once you've done that, double-click the little question mark buttons to the left of each index type to view narrated videos that will explain to you what each index type does, which index type is most appropriate for your needs, and how to quickly and effortlessly create the type of index that best serves your purposes.
"How do I get my ASCII's into SM's ASCII folder?" you may ask. Click HERE for a two-minute, narrated movie that will show you how to do that. Or call 888.461.7475.



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Keep 'em Coming, Friends!

Your contributions to SM's glossaries are very, very much appreciated, friends; so if you had to go to some other source to find what you didn't find in SearchMaster, please send me that reference so I can add it to the next update! Either to click the little white tech support envelope in the extreme lower right corner of SearchMaster's main screen or send an email to me at [email protected]

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