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May 9, 2014
There are 27 updated glossaries for you today!
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Are you right-clicking?


Every reference in SM can be right-clicked and sent either to Google for more information or to One-Look Dictionaries for definitions. Every reference in SM! 


You've looked up a drug name, and now you want to know what that drug is for? Right-click that drug name in SearchMaster, send it Google, and you'll know what that drug is used for!


You've looked up an attorney or a doctor's name, and you want more information than just the spelling -- like an address, a firm affiliation, or a phone number? Right-click the name and send it straight to Google for that info!


You've looked up a word like "anthropomorphize," and now you want to know what that word means? Right-click it, send it to the One-Look Dicrtionaries. One-Look will search over a thousand dictionaries at the same time for the definition. It's like having an entire library of dictionaries built right into SearchMaster!


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Too Shy to Ask? 


You've been trying to do something in your SM. You've watched the tutor movies, but for whatever reason, you're just flat-out, big-time stumped. Don't be too shy to call me for the assistance you need. I'm here, I'm ready to help, the call is free, and my phone number is displayed at the top of SM's main screen.


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But SearchMaster Does It Anyway!  

In the entire history of the human race, it has never been possible for reporting professionals to find the spelling of a word or name that appeared in a transcript or transcripts prepared years ago -- until SearchMaster came along. You have SearchMaster. Have you created your Career Index yet? If not, click HERE to watch a little movie that will change your research life. For instructions on how to create your Career Index, click the Transcripts & Indexing tab in your SearchMaster; then double-click the question mark on the Career Index button. You'll be glad you did. Count on it. 
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Keep 'em Coming, Friends!

Your contributions to SM's glossaries are very much appreciated, friends; so if you had to go to some other
source to find what you didn't find in SearchMaster, please send me that reference so I can add it to the next update! Either to click the little white tech support envelope in the extreme lower right corner of SearchMaster's main screen or send an email to me at [email protected]
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