SearchMaster Newsletter for September 14, 2013
40 Updated Glossaries Ready for Download!
Click "News & Updates" tab in SearchMaster; then click 
"Update My SearchMaster."
Install SearchMaster 12!
Your subscription is current, but you haven't installed SM 12 yet?
Watch These Movies in Your SearchMaster!
Of all the training movies in SearchMaster, none are as important to you as the three shown below, which are located on the main screen of SM, underneath the glossary listing: Line Begins With, Line Ends With, Line Contains, Find Whole Words Only, and Case Sensitive.
Watch these three movies that cover these five options (12 minutes, total), and you will be a happy camper. Skip those three movies, and frustration awaits! Trust me.
Paste references from SM Directly into your CAT program!
Search for something in SearchMaster. When the results appear on the right side of the screen, single-click any line. 
When you do that, that line of text will be automatically copied out of SM to the Windows clipboard. (Do not press Control+C to copy the line of text; just single-click the line of text with your mouse!)
Then, with that text copied to the Windows clipboard, pop into your CAT file, click your mouse where you want the text from SM to appear, and press Control+V to paste the text in at that exact spot.
Beats the heck out of having to type that text in. And by copying and pasting the text this way, you won't even be taking a chance on mistyping it! Eeeeeha!


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Subscription Expired?


Open your SM. Look at the very top of the screen. Has your subscription expired?


If so, here is your chance to renew your subscription and acquire SM 12 for only $59. Until October 14 2013, you can renew an expired SM subscription without being assessed the standard $40 late fee. 


Click HERE to renew your subscription, get the latest and greatest SM, and save $40 in the process! 


It does not matter how long it's been since your SM subscription expired. Even if you ordered SM as far back as the year 1999, acquiring a new SM subscription and getting your hands on SM 12 will (until October 14, 2013) cost you only $59 instead of $99! Why wait and pay more later? Renew now!
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Capture the Internet in SearchMaster!
(Part 1 of a 2-part Series)

Copy text directly from the Internet, paste it into SearchMaster, and it's yours! 
Click HERE to find out how that's done!

Stay tuned for Part 
2: "How to index text you've copied from the Internet into your SearchMaster!" (Or if you're too excited to wait for the next newsletter, call me. I'll hook up to your computer remotely and show you how to create any of SM's powerful indexes from text you've copied from the Internet into your SearchMaster.)





Have you checked out the powerful new indexing features that were released with SearchMaster 12? 


If not, open your SM, click the Transcripts & Indexing tab at the bottom of the screen, and then double-click the question mark shown in the graphic above.




There are two CEU tests built right into your SM, each of which allows you to earn 3 hours' worth of continuing education credits that are recognized by the NCRA and the NVRA, for a total of 6 hours of credits!
There is no charge to SearchMaster users for taking these built-in CEU tests. The only fee you pay is that which is required by your certifying organization.
Click the Tutor & CEU tab at the bottom of the screen in your SearchMaster; then click CEU Information & Testing for complete instructions.
Need more than six hours' worth of credits? Click the links below to find out how to earn 3 more hours' worth by viewing our online SearchMaster e-seminars


CEU e-Seminars: Watch these three 1-hour presentations that take you through all of SearchMaster's powerful features, turn you into a power user, and earn CEUs!

CAUTION: If you are interested in viewing any of the CEU e-seminars, and you want to ensure that everything goes well, you must click the Instructions link below FIRST!

Instructions (Watch this one 1st!HERE.
Basic CEU e-Seminar HERE.
Intermediate CEU e-Seminar HERE.
Advanced CEU e-Seminar HERE.

The cost for the CEU e-seminars is $29 for one, $49 for two, and $69 for all three. Whether you view one, two, or all three e-seminars, both the NCRA and NVRA allow you to pay only one fee to cover them all (if submitted at the same time).

NON-CEU Seminars: These FREE non-CEU presentations are exactly the same as the CEU e-seminars, but I'm making them freely available to those of you who don't need continuing education credits. Click the links, watch the presentations for free, learn SM inside and out, and maximize your accuracy and efficiency today!

Basic NON-CEU Seminar HERE.
Intermediate NON-CEU Seminar HERE.
Advanced NON-CEU Seminar HERE

Keep 'em Coming!


Your contributions to SM's glossaries are very much appreciated, friends; so if you had to go to some other source to find what you didn't find in SearchMaster, please send me that reference so I can verify it and add it to the next update! The easiest way to do that is to click the little white tech support envelope in the lower right corner of SearchMaster's main screen, or by clicking HERE.

Receive a FREE 1-year subsciption to SearchMaster for a friend or coworker by renewing your SearchMaster subscription for 3 years at only $59 per year! And that also applies to those of you whose subscriptions have lapsed!  Click HERE, change the Quantity field from 1 to 3, submit your order, your subscription will be extended for 3 years, AND your friend or coworker gets SM FREE for an entire year!