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With SearchMaster, you can find, in seconds, using multiple wildcards, without going to the Internet, the spellings of the people, places, and things that you need to look up the most often in the preparation of your transcripts:    


Attorneys and their city and state locations! (Over 1.8 million!)
Doctors and dentists and their city, state, and specialties! (Over 1.9 million.)
Street names in the U.S., Guam, and Puerto Rico! (Over 6.5 million!)
Medical terminology! (Case-sensitive, of course.) Over 292,000 references.
Drug names! (Case-sensitive, of course) Over 30,000 references!
Cities of the US and the world! (Over 450,000 references.)
Hospitals and clinics in the U.S.!
Elementary, junior, and high schools in U.S. and Canada!

Colleges & Universities of the world!  


And much, much more!  
Tired of clicking through Google pages until your fingers bleed? Tired of not being able to use wildcards for your searches? With SearchMaster 12, those days are over!


And there's more! If you save, in SearchMaster's ASCII folder, an ASCII copy of each transcript you produce, you can create a multiple-wildcard-searchable database of all those transcripts so that you can -- are you ready for this? -- search them all at the same time for words and/or names that came up in your previous transcripts!
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You can even create a master Career Index of all of your transcripts, one that will allow you to find the spelling and transcript location of any word, any name, and/or any proper noun in all of those previous transcripts -- in 2 seconds flat! (Click the Career Index button above to view a 2 1/2-minute video showing SearchMaster's Career Index doing its magic! You've never seen anything like this before.)

When your free year is over, the next year will cost the paltry sum  
of $59 (a mere $5 per month). 
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