SearchMaster Newsletter for May 3, 2013
SearchMaster 12 is Ready for You!
Read ALL instructions below before proceeding!
BEFORE downloading 
and running any of the installation files below, make SURE that your SearchMaster is CLOSED!
Antivirus Program
The downloadable files shown below are .exe files; therefore, your antivirus program and/or Windows may object to downloading and/or running these files. If that happens to you, you should be able to tell Windows or your antivirus program to "Run anyway," "allow," or "trust" the file, and all should go well from there. All these files have already been virus-checked!
C Drive Upgrade Only
To upgrade a previous version of SearchMaster that is already installed to the C drive of your computer, click HERE. At the top of the download page, click "Download this media" and you will see the file downloading in the lower left corner of your screen. 

D Drive Upgrade 
To upgrade a previous version of SearchMaster that is already installed to the D drive of your computer, click HEREAt the top of the download page, click "Download this media" and you will see the file downloading in the lower left corner of your screen.
Installing to a computer where a prior version isn't already installed?  
Click HERE.
When installing SM to a computer where it hasn't been installed before, you will need to follow the registration instructions that pop up when you open SM.
Can't Download?


Do you work for a court system or in some other environment that prohibits downloads? Order a new CD by clicking HERE


Though you would be doing me a huge favor by following the download and installation procedures listed above, I will, of course, send a CD to anyone who orders one by clicking the link above.
After downloading the appropriate install file:
When you have downloaded the appropriate install file, click it at the lower left corner of the screen to upgrade to, or install, SearchMaster 12 on that computer. 
After Installing
When you have installed SM 12, you can delete the installation file that you downloaded, OR you can copy that file to a USB (thumb drive), take it to your other computer, access the USB drive, and follow the same procedure outlined above to install SM12 on your second computer. 


The New Goodies!


1) Once installed, click the Transcripts & Indexing
tab at the bottom of SM's main screen; then
double-click the little question mark movie button next to the button that says
"Prepare non-CAT-generated files for indexing." 
2) Click the Tutor & CEU tab at the bottom of SM's main screen, double-click "Transcript Indexing,"
and then double-click "Printing Indexes and/or converting indexes to PDF files." 
Need Assistance?


If you would like assistance carrying out any of these instructions, first download the appropriate install file for your computer (see instructions above), and then call me at my toll-free number: 88.461.7475.


Subscription Expired?


Open your SM. Look at the very top of the screen. Has your subscription expired?


If so, here is your chance to renew your subscription and acquire SM 12 for only $59. Until May 31, 2013, you can renew your expired SM subscription without being assessed the standard $40 late fee. 


Click HERE to renew your subscription, get the latest and greatest SM and save $40 in the process! 


It does not matter how long it's been since your SM subscription expired. Even if you ordered SM as far back as the year 1999, acquiring a new SM subscription and getting your hands on SM 12 will 
-- until May 31, 2013 -- cost you only $59 instead of $99! Why wait and pay more later? Renew now!
Change SM's Font Size! 
Sometimes the hardest thing to take note of is that which is right in front of you. I get asked over and over, "Is there some way to increase the size of the text in SearchMaster so it's easier to read?" Well, yes, there is, and it's right on the main screen of SM.
Open SM and look at the main screen. See this button on the left lower part of the screen, just above the "Find" button?
Font Size Button in SM 
Click the left arrow to reduce the font size, or click the right arrow to increase the font size. Once you've set the font size to your liking, it will stay at that setting until such time as you change it again. 
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SM 12 CD Icon
SearchMaster 12 is Here! 
Come and Get It!

See download and installation instructions in left  panel of  

this newsletter.


With SearchMaster 12, you now have the ability to create SM indexes from text exported from PDF files, text exported from word processor files, text exported from e-Transcript files, and/or text copied into SM from the Internet; in other words, text that can be saved from any electronic source can now be indexed in SM!


PDF Button  

Lynda Barker says to me, 

"Do something!" and opens the door to PDF Heaven!


Some months ago, my wife came to me with a problem. "I'm going to be doing multiple depos in the same case over the course of the next few weeks. My attorney client in this case has sent me 65 PDF exhibit files and other pertinent documents that contain the names of people, places, and things that will be mentioned during the course of the upcoming depositions. I've also downloaded the pleadings in the case, which are, of course, also in PDF format. I want to be able to combine all those PDFs into one PDF and then create a Titles & Proper Nouns index, an Occurrence index, and/or a Comprehensive index from all those PDF files,  in SM, so I don't have to go through the laborious process of searching all those individual PDF files every time I need to find something. Can you do something?"


"I don't think so, " I say.


"Well, hubby, she says, with a mischievous grin on her face, let me put it another way:  "Do something."


Smiley Me: "Uh, okay."


And so I did. (Or to be more accurate, we did.) 


After months of testing, yes, Lynda can now, with SearchMaster 12, take a collection of PDF files, combine them into one PDF file, export that text into SM, and create any of SM's powerful wildcard-searchable indexes!


"What about nonsearchable PDF files, the text of which can't be exported and therefore can't be used in SearchMaster?" Lynda asks. 


PDF Button "Well," I say, "we're certainly not going to build OCR (optical character recognition) into SearchMaster; after all, there are literally dozens of software programs out there that can convert nonsearchable PDF files into searchable PDF files and from which the text can be exported."


Now, if you own an OCR program (Adobe Acrobat, Abbyy Fine Reader, Nuance Omnipage or Paperport), you're already able, in SearchMaster 12, to export text from PDF files and use that text to create SM indexes. But if you don't own a full-fledged PDF suite that can perform OCR on nonsearchable PDF files so that the text can be exported into SearchMaster, which software program should you acquire in order to accomplish that essential task? 

Nuance PDF Creator 8 Text   

After months of testing the top PDF OCR suites on the market, I have come to the inescapable conclusion that the biggest bang for the buck you can get when it comes to PDF suites is with Nuance's PDF Converter Pro 8, which is available on for around fifty bucks. Click HERE. (Compare that to Adobe Acrobat, for around $450.)  Nuance's PDF Converter Professional 8 does 99.9% of everything Adobe Acrobat does, but it does it for around $400 less! (And it's about time, I say!) When you order, I suggest you choose the download option rather than the CD option since, due to high demand for this product, it could be several weeks before you receive your CD.


Export text from e-Transcript Files 

and Create SM Indexes!


No, SearchMaster 12 can't index the contents of 

e-e-Tran logoTranscript files in their native format, but with SM 12 , you can export (save) the contents of e-Transcript files, as text, and then SearchMaster can prepare that text and index that content for you! 


Create SM Indexes from Word Processor Files!


The paragraph above applies to word processor files too! Save into SearchMaster, as text, the contents of Microsoft Word files, WordPerfect files, or any other word processor files, and that text can now be indexed -- in SM 12!


Create SM Indexes from Internet Text!


When you open an Internet search engine - say Google -- you are mere seconds away from accessing the largest collection of information and data ever assembled by the human race.  With SearchMaster 12, if you can see text on http logo the screen of a Web page, you can own that text; and you can save it to SearchMaster for future reference, and/or you can save that text into SM and then create any of SM's multiple-wildcard-searchable indexes! Think about that for a moment. With SearchMaster 12, the Internet is yours. You own it. All you have to do is decide is how much of it you want accessible directly via SM so that you don't have to keep going back to the Web for that same information in the future.


Suppose, for example, that the subject matter of the case you will be working on is architecture. Pop into Google, search for "architecture glossary," and lots of pages will pop up that contain terminology pertaining to architecture.  Well, that's fine as far as it goes, but it doesn't go far enough. So what do you do? You highlight and copy the text from, oh, a dozen of those "architectural glossary" pages, paste that text into SearchMaster (see "Creating your own glossaries" under the heading of "Searching the Glossaries" on the Transcripts & Indexing tab of SearchMaster), click a button, and create wildcard-searchable SM indexes from that text!


When you install SearchMaster 12, you will have instant access, from one software program and from one Heart interface, to more information and data than has ever been possible in the entire history of the court reporting profession. What's not to love?


PDF Webinar for You (FREE!)

HERE is a 23-minute free webinar on the subject of PDF files: what they are, how to most effectively search them, how to combine multiple PDFs into one PDF, how to convert nonsearchable PDFs into searchable PDFs, and an overview of how to import and index PDF text in your new SM 12.
CEU e-Seminars: Watch these three 1-hour presentations that take you through all of SearchMaster's powerful features, turn you into a Power User, and earn CEUs!

CAUTION: If you are interested in viewing any of the CEU e-seminars, and you want to ensure that everything goes well, you must click the Instructions link FIRST!

Instructions (Watch this one 1st!HERE.
Basic CEU e-Seminar HERE.
Intermediate CEU e-Seminar HERE.
Advanced CEU e-Seminar HERE.

The cost for the CEU e-seminars is $29 for one; $49 for two; and $69 for all three. Whether you view one, two, or all three e-seminars, both the NCRA and NVRA allow you to pay only one fee to cover them all.

NON-CEU Seminars: These FREE non-CEU presentations are exactly the same as the CEU e-seminars, but I'm making them freely available to those of you who don't need continuing education credits. Click the links, watch the presentations for free, learn SM inside and out, and maximize your accuracy and efficiency today!

Basic NON-CEU Seminar HERE.
Intermediate NON-CEU Seminar HERE.
Advanced NON-CEU Seminar HERE

Keep 'em Coming!


Your contributions to SM's glossaries are very much appreciated, friends; so if you had to go to some other source to find what you didn't find in SearchMaster, please send me that reference so I can verify it and add it to the next update! The easiest way to do that is to click the little white tech support envelope in the lower right corner of SearchMaster's main screen, or by clicking HERE.



"A day without sunshine is like night."

Receive a FREE 1-year subsciption to SearchMaster for a friend or coworker by renewing your SearchMaster subscription for 3 years at only $59 per year! And that also applies to those of you whose subscriptions have lapsed!  Click HERE, change the Quantity field from 1 to 3, submit your order, your subscription will be extended for 3 years, AND your friend or coworker gets SM FREE for an entire year!