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Printing from SM
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Printing Indexes from SM
I'm often asked whether SM's Magic Indexes can be printed out as hard copies and/or whether SM indexes can be converted, by SM, to PDF files so that they can be shared with coworkers, the answer to both questions being, yes, they can. And it's very, very easy.
To print out a hard copy
of an index, click the red arrow in SM, then click "Index."
Click on the name of any index, then DOUBLE-click any line of that index that is displayed on the right side of the screen. When you do that, you will actually enter the index.
At the top of the screen, click File, Print to print out the index. (In most cases, leave the default settings as they are, though you may elect to change the header line if you wish.) When the index has printed, close the index by clicking the X in the upper right corner.
To create a PDF file of any index, follow the instructions above, but click File, Make PDF File instead of File, Print.
When you create PDFs of index files in SearchMaster, the PDF files that are created are stored in SearchMaster's Index subfolder. To send that PDF files to someone else via e-mail, create your e-mail, address it, enter something in the subject line, click whatever button you normally click to attach a file to an outgoing 
e-mail, maneuver your way to the C:\SRCHMAST\INDEX folder, and select the PDF file to attach. (If you installed SM to a different drive than the C drive, click that drive, then locate and double-click the SRCHMAST\INDEX folder.)
 Printing Transcripts from SM
Though one would not normally print a transcript from an ASCII file, there are occasions when that can be very useful, such as in the nightmare scenario where you have been requested to produce a back order and either you can't find the CAT file or the CAT file has somehow become corrupted. 
If that should happen to you, and you have been saving an ASCII of all your transcripts in SearchMaster, you can simply open SM, click the red arrow, click ASCII, locate the file, click on its name, DOUBLE-click any line displayed on the right side of the screen, and click File, Print.
Of course, since you will be printing from an ASCII, there will be no bold, no underlining, no italics, etc., but at least you will be able to produce the transcript! (And, yes, following the same directions for printing indexes as PDF files (see above), you can print transcripts as PDF files!
Export from your CAT program, to SM's ASCII folder, an ASCII copy of every transcript you produce, then you will not only be able to do the above, you will be able to search all those ASCIIs at the same time for spellings from your previous transcripts! Need help in setting up your CAT program to export ASCIIs to SM? Call me. I'll hook up to your computer remotely, and I'll set it up for you!

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Look! More Index Magic Goodies are Coming!

As you (should) already know, SearchMaster can create a variety of powerful indexes from ASCII transcript files that are exported from CAT programs, but it can't create those same indexes from text that was not exported from CAT programs. That is about to change. 


The next major upgrade to the SearchMaster software will allow you to create Standard indexes, Proper Nouns indexes, Comprehensive indexes, and Occurrences indexes from any text imported into SearchMaster, regardless of the source of that text.
With the release of SearchMaster 12, you will be able to import directly into SearchMaster text from word processors, from the Internet, from E-mails, and from PDF files; and once that text has been imported, you will then be able to create any of SearchMaster's Magic Indexes.

What, though, about PDF files that are not
searchable PDF files, the contents of which, therefore, can't be exported as text? I am working now on an e-seminar (CEU and non-CEU) that will take you through the process of converting nonsearchable PDF files into searchable PDF files. 

Scenario: Recently a court reporter and SearchMaster user contacted me with this problem: In preparation for an upcoming case, she had received from her client dozens of PDF files, some of which were pleadings, some of which were exhibits, and some of which were previous transcripts in the same case. Those PDF files contained hundreds of references that were going to come up in this ongoing case.

She wanted to export the text from all those PDF files into SearchMaster and create a Proper Nouns index and an Occurrences index. With SearchMaster 11, that can't be done; with the upcoming SearchMaster 12, that can be done. And I've already done it.

I had that reporter send me those PDF files. I then used a very inexpensive software program (Nuance's PDF Converter 8 Pro) that I acquired from for less than $60 to convert all the nonsearchable PDFs into searchable format, and then I exported that text into SearchMaster and created for her a Proper Nouns index, a Comprehensive index, and an Occurrences index, which meant that that reporter could then locate the spelling of any word or proper noun contained in all those PDF files -- in two seconds flat -- using wildcards!

Stay tuned for the release of SearchMaster 12 and for the announcement that the e-seminar is ready that will cover the subject of converting nonsearchable PDFs into searchable PDFs as well as importing text from word processors and from the Internet so you can create powerful SearchMaster Magic Indexes and save yourself 
huge amounts of time.

Are you finally ready to learn all the incredible time-saving, career-enhancing things that SearchMaster can do for you? If I've heard it once, I've heard it a thousand times: "I've had SearchMaster for years, but I know I don't use it to its fullest potential!" My friends, it's time for you to unlock that potential and become a SearchMaster Power User!

Whether you're a scopist or a proofreader who has no need for CEUs, or you're a reporter who wants to earn CEUs, these presentations will show you how to become a SearchMaster Power User!

CEU e-Seminars: Watch these three 1-hour presentations that take you through all of SearchMaster's powerful features, turn you into a Power User, and earn CEUs!

CAUTION: If you are interested in viewing any of the CEU e-seminars, and you want to ensure that everything goes well, you must click the Instructions link FIRST!

Instructions (Watch this one 1st!HERE.
Basic CEU e-Seminar HERE.
Intermediate CEU e-Seminar HERE.
Advanced CEU e-Seminar HERE.

The cost for the CEU e-seminars is $29 for one; $49 for two; and $69 for all three. Whether you view one, two, or all three e-seminars, both the NCRA and NVRA allow you to pay only one fee to cover them all.

NON-CEU Seminars: These FREE non-CEU presentations are exactly the same as the CEU e-seminars, but I'm making them freely available to those of you who don't need continuing education credits. Click the links, watch the presentations for free, learn SM inside and out, and maximize your accuracy and efficiency today!

Basic NON-CEU Seminar HERE.
Intermediate NON-CEU Seminar HERE.
Advanced NON-CEU Seminar HERE

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Your contributions to SM's glossaries are very much appreciated, friends; so if you had to go to some other source to find what you didn't find in SearchMaster, please send me that reference so I can verify it and add it to the next update! The easiest way to do that is to click the little white tech support envelope in the lower right corner of SearchMaster's main screen, or by clicking HERE.



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