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Sunnen Products Company e-newsletter                         JUNE 2014
Honing Hard Material for Oil/Gas Components
John Bachmeier, President of Damen Carbide in Wood Dale, IL, has his ear tuned to the needs of customers in the oil/gas industry, and the message he hears is all about higher precision for large parts like pump liners, sleeves, bushings and valves.
Damen manufactures these parts in carbide, titanium, ceramic, Stellite and other exotics. To get next-generation precision -- AND productivity -- Damen upped its honing game to the SV-560, which Bachmeier says handles any material in the shop, as well as the toughest customer requirements. 

See the Sunnen SV-20 in action honing an industrial compressor block here.
The Oil Spot: Answers to Slippery Questions 
We're going to tackle some common questions on honing oil in this periodic column, so please let us know if there's something you'd like to see discussed. 
We'll also compile these over time in an FAQ page on our website. We hope this will be helpful to experienced, as well as new, users of honing. 
Here are some recent questions we've fielded.


Q: How often should I replace my honing oil?

A: Sunnen biodegradable honing oils (MAN-852 / KG3X / MAN-863 / SHO500) should be changed when the oil becomes noticeably thicker. Actually, the honing performance will have increased, but this thickening signals the onset of bio decay. The result is an increased housekeeping burden.


Non-bio-degradable honing oils like MB30, SHO965, MAN845 or LP8X have the potential for a much longer service life. These oils should be changed when the honing performance decays or they become irreversibly polluted with materials that cannot be removed. For example, extended service honing carbide may increase the level of cobalt fines (which are too small to be trapped by media filters) resulting in a fluid that becomes irritating to the skin. In such cases the oil must be discarded, preferably by recycling. 


Pollution with any water may result in the irreversible formation of materials that blind the filters making the honing oil unusable.


Q: Are there any issues with mixing bulk automotive transmission fluid and Sunnen honing oil?

IMTS Preview: Sunnen HTE Honing System

New honing system takes aim at long, small-bore parts
Sunnen's new HTE honing system, our most cost-effective small-diameter hone, will be one of four featured machines at IMTS 2014. The HTE handles parts up to 60-in. long and has an ID range of 0.160 to 0.750 inches. 
Please plan to stop by the Sunnen booth (N-7400) at IMTS to see the HTE in action. And, if you can't wait until September get the "hole story here.

Sunnen is celebrating its 90th year in 2014. Click here for a short article on our long history.

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