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Sunnen Products Company e-newsletter                     FEBRUARY 2014
Hole Specialists' big new hone, big new home, handle big oilfield business


Apparently everything really is "bigger in Texas," including a 32-ft. stroke, 24-in. ID honing system built to handle long, large-diameter parts used in the oilfield.


Hole Specialists President Larry Robinson thinks big, and not just because he's a Texan. His business philosophy is based on "big" --- drilling, sizing, straightening and finishing parts with exceptionally long bores. 


The business' latest machine tool acquisition, a Sunnen HTG tube hone with a 32-foot stroke and I.D. capacity of 24 inches, fits the "big" definition. It is the centerpiece of a 25,800 sq. ft. expansion to the company's 35,000 sq. ft. shop in Tomball, TX. "We actually designed the new building around our large-part honing requirements," said Robinson. 


The HTG, which Hole Specialists beta tested, joins 14 other Sunnen machines, increasing the shop's honing output and size capability.


Broad Product Line Upgrade
Our workhorse vertical honing systems have been upgraded with new servo technology
for the spindle, stroker and
tool-feed systems.
There's a range of new capabilities and precision in these models. 
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There's a solid technical reason behind the old expression "honed to perfection" -- honing really is a "perfecting" process for holes. 
Honing perfects the shape, size and finish of a bore, taking it to a level of accuracy other processes typically cannot match.

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Sunnen SV-510: One machine hones engine blocks and cylinder liners. See it in action HERE.
Sunnen SV-510: One machine hones engine blocks and cylinder liners. See it in action HERE.

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