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January 2013  

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Dear Greetings!, 

The first month of the New Year is already halfway gone, which may suggest that 2013 will move even more swiftly then last year did. My wall calendar is spread out on the dining room table, and colored erasable markers are helping me plot and plan the coming year's activities. My husband and I are determined to finally take that vacation we cancelled in 2009, when the economy tanked. Following the suggestion of his mentor, we're planning our leisure time first, then weaving our work projects in around that.


Looking forward, 2013 will be a special year for me, as the book I've worked on for five years is scheduled to come out this spring. There is plenty it is asking of me already and in the near future. Stay tuned as plans become firmer. Expect some invitations to help me celebrate, and know I'm willing to come where you are.  


Meanwhile, this month's article is about transitory illness, (remember my blog is Dancing with Everything). I hope you have been spared some version of the flu during this epidemic, but whether or not you have, check out some of my thoughts on the subject. I'd love to hear from you about yours.


Upcoming InterPlay events - the Wing A Prayer Pittsburgh Players are participating in the international "One Billion Rising" flashdance on February 14th to facilitate the elimination of violence against women. Look into this in your area - it's a fun way to say together - NO MORE.





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February 14, 2013
One Billion Rising

Wednesday January 16, 2013

Looking in the mirror in front of me at my Zumba class I have a view of most all my fellow classmates behind me. I notice many appear older than average this Monday morning, this first day back from the New Years' holiday. Not sure if they've changed or I have but it occurs to me that most of them are probably younger than I am.


Sunday January 6, 2013 

The holidays take us away from our daily rituals and that's both the good and bad part of it, so this is the first chance I've had to get back on the horse of my writing practice. As I write, the image of one of the highlights of my holidays comes to me, my four-month old granddaughter, Kyra Joy jumping on her daddy's knee.  


Sunday December 2, 2012  

We hadn't known one another for very long at the time. Perhaps that's why we took an entire sunny spring afternoon to be together. We walked in a park built around a small man made lake. In those days the park rented small sailboats, paddle boats, and canoes, but not that day. It was too early in the Nebraska spring for such activity. But the weeping willows, 

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In sickness and . . .

 You know you're a writer when you find yourself lying sick in bed, feeling or perhaps even hoping this could be "death's door," framing the words to write about it later. Perhaps it's the novelty of it, I'm hardly ever sick. I'm often the one still on my feet as others drop around me. But this time, this particular flu epidemic, I wasn't spared. It happened for me as I've heard others describe it. "Suddenly," like in the middle of a sentence. I was perfectly fine, going for a walk with friends during an intermission of a workshop I was co- teaching. 

Common Cold and Flu Treatments (Cold and Flu #1)
Common Cold and Flu Treatments (Cold and Flu #1)

And then, I felt my energy take a nose-dive. A friend commented that my coloring looked "pastie." The next thing I knew, I was in the rest room, and then headed for home and my bed.


And through a very long night, I was up and down repeated. My husband, who has had a different version of what's going around, a type of cold that will not go away, was up and down as well. In the early dawn, I heard my guest and co-leader in the rest room and realized, she had a third version of the current community illness. So, though we are both dancers with lots of principles and practices left over from our show business backgrounds, we had to cancel the next day's events. It was not possible for the show to go on.


OTC Medication for Cold and Flu (Cold and Flu #2)
OTC Medication for Cold and Flu (Cold and Flu #2)

Now still in recovery several days later, I reflect on the lessons of illness, especially the transitory type that so many people have been experiencing this winter season.

Some of us forget how vulnerable we really are, and a bout of illness reminds us of that reality. We can be grateful that modern 

medicine has found ways to handle these threats that spread like wild fires through populations. Watching Downton Abbey reminded me that, while 16 million died in the First World War itself, the epidemic of Spanish flu in 1918, carried by its survivors killed 50 million people worldwide.


Once well again, the experience leaves me more grateful than ever for the priceless gift of health that is worth protecting, treasuring, and celebrating.  

NOVA scienceNOW : 25 - 1918 Flu
NOVA science NOW : 25 - 1918 Flu
Influenza Pandemic of 1918*
Influenza Pandemic of 1918*
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