March 2015 
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HARC Heralds Sing at "Let's Talk" Luncheon by Kristen Brown 
  • The HARC Heralds choir is a group of 8-10 HARC participants.
  • These participants have been practing 3 songs for the "Let's Talk" Luncheon this month
  • The HARC Heralds have been practicing weekly and sound great!
  • People with and without a singing background enjoy being part of the HARC Heralds
  • Our families think this is a great activity too.
  • "Gorgeous - just gorgeous" - Doris
  • "It is beautiful" - Kristen 
Songs that will be performed:
1. What a Wonderful World
2. Country Roads
3. These Are My Friends
The Kingsman Movie Review by John White 
  • Like a James Bond movie
  • Starring: Samuel Jackson, Colin Firth, Michael Caine
  • Directed by Matthew Vaughn (Director of X-Men)
  • I saw it with my HARC buddies (Kaki, Michael, Robert, Arthur, Shea, Jason)
  • We all enjoyed it!!




Aphasia Friendly Gadgets by Robert Beggs
Highlighting gadgets that may help in your everyday life
  • What? Car Dashboard Cameras 
  • Why?
    • -In case of an accident.
    • Help show police/insurance what really happened.
    • Accidents cause anxiety and high stress a recording of the event may help significantly.

  • If you have any questions, just talk to Robert!


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