HARC Upcoming Closures

Thanksgiving Holidays
November 19th-22th

Winter Holidays
December 17th-January 3rd
Upcoming Training 

Need more training or a refresher, speak to Stephanie to sign-up for the following sessions. 

Wednesday, January 9th 
Basic SCA: New Volunteer Training 
9:00 am- 12:00 pm 
(Mandatory for all new volunteers)

Computer Lab Orientation for New Volunteers
12:00-12:30 pm

Advanced Group Volunteer Training
1:00-3:00 pm
(See Stephanie if interested, RSVP Required)

January 15-17th 
Spring 2013 Kickoff

To better serve our HARC community, our volunteers are now in two groups- program volunteers and outreach volunteers.


Program volunteers are trained to actively participate in our participant programs.


Outreach volunteers' main focus is to spread the good word about HARC to our outside communities. This includes businesses, churches, hospitals, schools and much more.


While outreach volunteers step up and spread the word about HARC many also help us on a daily basis with administrative duties.


With our volunteer's gifts of time and talent, HARC is able to keep our costs down and offer more program choices.



Allison Hay
Houston Aphasia Recovery Center


HARC Mission
The Houston Aphasia Recovery Center (HARC) provides a wellness program, education, advocacy and resources for people with aphasia, their caregivers, and the greater Houston medical community, creating a safe haven where participants come for therapeutic socialization and long-term recovery.


Links on aphasia...
Be Patient! Let Me Finish Aphasia Files Project #9 
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Daily Duties 

                       job board  
Keep checking the daily job board in the HARC office.  

AM Tasks

Prepare and make coffee

Open all blinds

Clean Kitchen: tidy and wipe down tables

Notify Allison as supplies need re-stocking

Make copies and projects as needed

Log on to computers (harcuser)

Ensure computers and speakers are functioning

PM Tasks

Put away all materials, tables, and chairs

Wipe down all tables with antibacterial wipes

Make sure computers are all in working order and running smoothly. Turn off/ reboot 1-2x/month.

Clean out fridge: wipe spills and discard spoiled food

Clean Coffee Makers

Shut down computers

Wipe dry erase board with cleaner

Close blinds

Wipe down microwave

After every Program Session

SCA materials organized and filed

Clean tables and straighten/arrange table and chairs for next session

Paper and pen near every seat

Wipe board and erasers clean

Turn sign to next program session

Daily Check-IN  

Each day at the end of your shift, please take a moment to meet with the program staff. Daily observations and any questions are welcomed in helping our participants with their journey of recovery. The participant binders and info sheets can help you learn more about our participants with aphasia.
 Please remember to keep the binders confidential and with you while you are at HARC. Return them to the volunteer drawer before you leave.  
Spring 2013 

Spring is around the corner! Start looking ahead to your spring  volunteer shifts at HARC. Please let the program staff know if you have any changes to your days and times. Students, please let the program staff know once you have your final spring 2013 class schedule. HARC programs are closed from December 17th- January 10th. Spring 2013 programs and volunteer shifts  will resume Tuesday, January 15th, 2013. 
Volunteer Leaders

Volunteers interested in taking a leadership role at HARC should speak to Stephanie or Melissa about advanced opportunities. All volunteer leaders need to have been with HARC for at least 6 months. See Stephanie for info about advanced training opportunities in early January.