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An Informational Email from the WBCCI  
Electronic Communications Committee
February 2015

Results of 2014 WBCCI member survey
In October 2014 WBCCI published a survey of members' opinions on how our club was doing.  Over 1450 members shared their thoughts online and in print. Five thousand comments were also submitted and are being analyzed by the club officers. 

See "President's Message" in this issue for more information. 

Click HERE to view the results. 
NBC Nightly News features caravanning Airstreamers
When NBC contacted WBCCI about including clips from our famous Caravans in their Nightly News Airstream article, they were referred to the NorCal's unit's winter caravan.  Though we didn't have enough internet connection to Skype with NBC, we did get to send them some pictures of our Willow Beach AZ stop.  If you missed the broadcast, click HERE

Yet another article on the Airstreams we know and love.
A Few Short Caravans

Recently Doug Barber posted an excellent question on the WBCCI Facebook Page:  Where can I find a list of all the 2015 WBCCI short (unit / region) caravans? 

To answer his questions we combed the unit and region websites to compile a list of short(er) caravans running in 2015 and posted it to This is what we found.  It's not a complete list, for sure, so if you know of another short caravan, please send the ECC the dates, sponsoring unit/region, contact information, and where the caravan is headed.  We'll get it posted to 

Please contact the sponsoring unit, region, or hosts for more accurate information on each caravan and how to sign up. 


Region 1  

New England Unit
June 19-27, 2015
Informal Caravan to/from Four Corners Area for International Rally
Host: Hamnqvist

White Mountain Unit
September 25 - October 6, 2015 - Fall Rally/Unit Caravan/Fall Business Meeting  Destination - Hadley's Point Campground, Bar Harbor, ME   

We will meet in a campground in NH for the Fall Business Meeting on September 26th, then caravan to Bar Harbor, ME with one overnite stop.  We then stay for a week at Hadley's Point Campground.  After that we caravan (with one overnite stop) to the Fryeburg Fair in Fryeburg, ME and stay for three nites.  Attendence is welcome for all or any part of this trip.

Contact - Mary Lehner, or Dick Wheatley,


Region 2

Metro NY Unit

The Revolutionary War in the  Hudson River Valley

July 15-25, 2015
led by Debbie and Mark Hammer  

This exciting, family friendly caravan will take its participants from Fort Stanwix and the Battle of Oriskany, one of the bloodiest of the Revolutionary War, through the changing fortunes of Fort Ticonderoga, the Battles of Saratoga that decided the fate of General Burgoyne's army and the strategic situation of West Point on the Hudson River. There will also be a day trip into NYC to visit colonial sites and explore downtown Manhattan. At each stop costumed guides and reenactors will meet us and explain tactics and strategies and bring a human element to the conduct of war.  

Region 3  

Northern Virginia Unit
NORVA Caravan
May 4, 2015  to  May 16, 2015
Location: Begins Exchange Park Ladson SC

Piedmont NC Unit
Tasting North Carolina (TNC) Unit Caravan
May 31, 2015 - June 16, 2015
Location: Leaders: Bob & Marge Bennett

Florida Unit (027)
North Florida Kayak/Canoe Caravan
August 4, 2015  to August 5, 2015


Florida Treasure Coast Unit 

The Florida Treasure Coast Unit will host a SHORT UNIT CARAVAN to the Region 3 Rally in Ladson, SC (Charleston area). The caravan will leave the FTCU Spring Rally at Blueberry Hill RV Resort, Bushnell, FL on Sunday morning, April 26, 2015, spend Sunday night near Jacksonville (approx. 150 miles), Monday and Tuesday nights near Savannah (approx. 150 miles) and arrive at the Region 3 Rally (approx. 90 miles) on Wednesday afternoon. Monday night we will enjoy dinner at one of the Savannah area's fine restaurants. On Tuesday we will tour the historic area of Savannah, GA, and have lunch downtown.  The FTCU caravan is open to any WBCCI member. If you plan to caravan with us we encourage you to enjoy our rally beginning on Thursday, April 23, 2015.

Questions? Call Blair LittleJohn 561-373-4666. Email:


Region 4

NEW YORK CITY Caravan, May 31, 2015, - June 5, 2015

Location: Liberty Harbor Marina, 11 Luis Munoz Marin Boulevard, Jersey City, NJ 07302, United States


Ores Shores Waters and Lights National Caravan, 

August 23 -  Sept.6  2015  

Location: Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Contact:  Norm & Jinny Kiel #2552

PHONE:  517-250-5060


Region 5

Central Indiana Unit

Caravan to Alumapalooza,  May 25, 2015  - June 1, 2015

Location: Camp May 25 at White River Campground and depart for Alumapalooza, Jackson Center, Ohio. Dates include Alumapalooza Rally (May 26-31) 

Contact Lana Russel (317) 410-4750


Caravan to Swiss Festival,  September 20 - 29, 2015   

Sugarcreek, Ohio   

Contact Lana Russel (317) 410-4750 (We are still confirming these dates.)


Kentucky Unit

Unit Caravan to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Glen Arbor Michigan  June 05 - June 13, 2015    


Region 7

Region 7 Caravan to Farmington International Rally

"Silver Trails to New Mexico"   Caravan is limited to 15 units and will start June 12, 2015 at the MN Airstream Park.  

Stops: Worthington, MN, Minden, Nebraska, Dodge City & Fort Dodge, KS, Angel Fire, NM, Farmington, NM

Contact: Linda Agre


Region 10

Washington Unit

FISHING CARAVAN   May 3-15, 2015
Eastern Washington Lakes,    Leader: Darlene Leslie


Oregon Unit

Caravan to the Hiawatha Trail - The Daze of Wine and Roads   Starts: August 14, 2015   Ends: August 31, 2015

Hosts: Ron & Kathy Kelemen / Craig Bowcock & Bonnie Schaefer


Idaho Unit

Sept. 20-Oct. 3Columbia River Gorge Caravan
Hosts:Settle and Ostyn 


Region 8

Greater St Louis MO Unit
"EARLY WORKERS CARAVAN 2015"  To International Rally, Farmington, New Mexico
June 8 - June 13, 2015
Caravan Leaders: Ed Knernschield (9559) 573-480-5441 and Jo Ann & Ray Kolley (4383) 314-330-0736
What is your authorized Parking Date at International? If it is later than June 13, Join the caravan anyway. You can park from June 13 to your authorized parking date and pay WBCCI $25 for each night of early  parking. ALSO: Telephone the caravan leaders -- they are looking for early worker help and can possibly give you an earlier parking date than the one assigned by Jackson Center. Being there early means you can enjoy the local and regional sights before the WBCCI crowd. Call the caravan leaders if you have any questions. Or tour the local area in your RV until your assigned parking date. Join the Caravan and travel with Airstreamers!


Region 12
Northern California Unit
Caravan to Farmington, NM for WBCCI International Rally. (Details to be determined.)

 Does this belong under the category of "fun" or "adventure?"
Vintage Airstream Club Events at Farmington

All VAC Events are OPEN TO ALL International Rally Participants. Join Us!  


Wine & Food pairing seminar presented by Chef Kimber Moore (Yes, she is a real Chef now).

This year will focus on American Southwest cuisine meets California Central Wines. How to match up wines with spicy foods.  SPACE IS LIMITED.  SIGN UP IN THE VAC TENT.   


Apps for Engine Monitoring - using your mobile device and an inexpensive adapter to monitor engine performance.

This lecture will discuss how to purchase and install an OBD-2 adapter, set up a mobile phone or tablet to connect up to the adapter and monitor engine performance while towing or for normal driving. We will show examples of the different apps and adapters that can be purchased online. We will go over several different apps, free or paid for, that will work with either Android or iPhone/iPad systems. We will also talk about what common issues can be diagnosed with the device that could possibly save you from an expensive repair bill.


How the Dometic Cooling Unit Works - A live working-model demonstration of the cooling unit and how it works.

This lecture will present a fully functional Dometic cooling unit and discuss in the simplest of detail how the unit works. A cooling unit can seem like a complicated piece of equipment but when dissected into sections, the operation becomes simple. Once you have a basic understanding of a unit, you can better diagnose common but frustrating cooling problems - most of which can be easily corrected. We will also discuss some simple modifications that you can make to your cooling unit to improve performance.


Diesel Discussion Roundtable - This will be a casual gathering for diesel enthusiasts to talk about the joys and pains of towing with a diesel. Take this opportunity to share your experiences and perhaps get answers to common problems.


Motorhome Overhaul Update - This lecture will be presented by Paul Fancey on the updates to his Motorhome Overhaul project.


Sheet Metal and Electrical Workshop - This lecture will be presented by Paul Fancey on working with electrical systems and sheet metal.


History of Wally Byam and Caravanning

This lecture will be presented by Dale "Pee Wee" Schwamborn on Airstreaming and WBCCI history featuring Wally Byam and Hellen Byam Schwamborn, the founders of the WBCCI.  


Evening of Blues and Dancing in the VAC Tent - We will be welcoming Memphis P-Tails as our band for an evening of blues and dancing. BYOC, BYOD (Bring Your Own Chair, Bring Your Own Drinks)


Join the VAC for these Daily Activities

Morning Coffee

Happy Hour and Potlucks

Evening Movies - Titles TBA

Chartering a New Unit

For the first time in several years members who are passionate about continuing the legacy of WBCCI are forming new units! The process takes a little time, but it's not that difficult to complete. To start the process, you need only 10 or more members (you can count new members, Members At Large, and those who want to move from an existing unit) and a letter to the President of the Region in which you plan to charter. Your Region President will grant a Provisional Charter. At this point, your new Unit can start having Fun, Friendship, and Adventure while completing the process. By the next IBT meeting (in January or July), you will be asked to submit a list of officers and constitution and bylaws. The requirements are flexible and outlined in Bylaws and Policy Appendix #6. You are encouraged to correspond with the International Constitution and Bylaws Committee as you complete this step. The IBT will act on your application at its next meeting, completing the process.


The requirements for chartering a new unit can be found in the Blue Book (Constitution Article XI, Sec. 2 and 3; Bylaws Article IV, Sec. 11 and Article VI). Just ask your Region President for help.


Click on the link to learn more about WBCCI's newest units: Southeastern Camping Club and the  Greater Los Angeles Airstream Club.  

President's Message
reprinted from the Feb. Blue Beret


This past month I've been spending time reading and reviewing the comments in the survey. (See results earlier in this issue.) It brings home to me the diversity of our club.


I remember an article I read a while back in the Escapees magazine in which Kay Peterson relates a story about four young women eating lunch at a park at an Ivy League school in the East. One of the girls felt something on her foot and looked down to see that a snake had crawled across her foot.   The snake was a harmless garter snake, but this young woman from New York City threw her lunch in the air and ran screaming "snake, snake, run for your life". Another of the girls, from Seattle, jumped on the table in fear, a young woman from Tennessee, undisturbed, continued eating, saying "it's only a garter snake." The fourth, a young woman from the bayous of Louisiana, reached down picked up the snake and carried it to some bushes and released it. Based on their backgrounds and their frames of reference, the way these girls saw this incident varied amazingly. Likewise the way we see the world can be very different.


In the comments I read regarding the International Rally I found: the rallies are too long, the rallies are too short. I read we are just getting too casual, and we are absolutely too formal. I also saw a lot of what are reruns of negative comments from years past; in some cases its admittedly secondhand. Whatever one thinks, everything written is the honest view of at least some of our members and is therefore not to be taken lightly. While it's true that there's likely no way to respond to all comments by making changes in processes, you can often make some adjustments.   In some cases, changes do need to be made; in others perhaps the only thing to do is listen and respect the opinion of the member.


Another truth is that when someone sees something in a certain way, to them that's the way it is. Often it's only a matter of opinion; much of what divides us is like this. Which is better, Chinese or Mexican food? There is no "better," only individual preference. Sometimes there is truth in one of the opinions; frequently there isn't.   My point is simply this, a lot of what divides us is simply opinion and a matter of perspective and a lot more is trivia. Still, it can become a major factor that distracts us from some real unifying truth; we are all Airstreamers sharing common goals and purpose.


Some of us are RV travelers of the original school of WBCCI members, where 15% of us attended the International Rally each year (with our suits) and spent many weeks in our RV. Many of the newer and more progressive members view this as a camping club, with T-shirts and shorts for the dress of the day. We want our rallies shorter, weekends when we can escape from the daily routine and enjoy the countryside. We don't want our events to have too much organization or to be too formal. Not asked on the survey, but a very frequent comment is that we place too much emphasis on the Protestant Christian religion. Don't get mad at me; I'm a Christian and mean it, but it's there and ignoring it doesn't help.


Until just recently the traditional member was firmly in the majority. This is not true anymore. Over 50% of our members have been members less than 10 years and 25% less than two years. 28% work and 59% are under 70 years of age. Almost half visit online forums and a very substantial percentage read online newsletters and communications.


All this is no problem; it's possible for us to find common ground. Let's cut each other a little slack. Sure, we're not the same, we will never be nor should we be. We do all share a love for our Airstreams. We all want to attend rallies and social events with other Airstreamers. Some events may not work for all of us,but here's the thing: there are events that are to your liking, and you can attend and enjoy lots of events. WBCCI exists only to provide Airstreamers with events of all kinds, something for all Airstream owners. Let's do everything we can to make that member from New York City and the Bayou member from Louisiana happy; there is nothing wrong with either. Let's listen, love and respect them without judgment. Let's stick to our roots and not follow trivia into division.  


I think about our club, who we are, who we were, and who we will be.  I think our club probably reflects our society. It's becoming more and more diverse all the time; not sure why but I am sure it is. The truth is that for any organization to long exist, thrive and remain relevant it must have two things: a tolerance for diversity and a willingness to conform to the views, opinions, and values of its members. As Airstream owners we have excluded those who own RVs of other brands; this was a conscious decision and we all accept it. At this point, however, we can ill afford to reject those members whose opinions do not conform to ours.


While you may not agree with some of the results of the survey, remember these are the opinions of the members and all members need to "give & take" and work together for the good of the club.

Photograph by Jim Lee
Digital Directory was well-received

The first WBCCI Digital Membership Directory was successfully downloaded by over 1000 members and we have received many positive comments about its format and practicality.  There were a few issues getting the downloads to behave properly, but we hope everyone who requested a Digital Directory now has copies for all of his/her devices.
Our plan is to send a quarterly Digital Directory to all WBCCI members who have not opted out.  Look for the next version in March.  Please send the ECC your thoughts for improving our directory.  Your suggestions are always welcome. 
Header Photo by F Mark Hubbard
In This Issue
Many WBCCI members know Dale as "PeeWee" but here's a chance to learn more about Wally Byam's Airstreaming cousin. 

California Dreamin?
Photo by Jim Dalton
On your way to California from Las Vegas?  Here's a stopping point for you. 
Click HERE for a lengthy article on the Giant Rock in the Mojave Desert. 

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