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Boondocking in the Black Hills north of Safford, AZ, by Wayne Rocheleau 

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Website Ad Leads to "Chicago Fire"
Performance for Humble's Airstream

When we heard that Jerry and Louise Humble's 1972 Airstream Overlander, aptly named "Project," appeared recently in an episode of the TV series "Chicago Fire" we asked them to fill us in.  Louise replied that, "Jerry and I recently spent 7 days in Chicago watching the filming of a portion of the popular TV show. The opportunity arose when I was looking over the WBCCI web sites and noticed an interesting article on the Region 5 site about the producers of "Chicago Fire" searching for an early 1970s vintage Airstream trailer.

It included a phone number for a contact at the Airstream dealer "US Adventure RV" in Chicago, so Jerry contacted them and they in turn gave us the contact number of the owner of a company called "Picture Cars." After talking to Jerry, they contacted the studio, we sent pictures of our rig, and the producers agreed that it was just what they wanted.


After Jerry spent an extremely busy week getting the rig road-ready for the 300 mile trip, we pulled the rig to the Cinespace Chicago Film Studio, located a few blocks west of the Chicago Loop. There we were able to observe the modifications made to the trailer prior to its being towed to the location site, a parking lot in a recreation area on Lake Shore Drive.  



The next step was preparing the parking lot so that it looked like an RV park. This consisted of blacking out the parking stripes and setting out utility pedestals made of plywood and PVC pipe along with picnic tables, trash cans and grills.  






 Modifying the interior included laying new floor and moving the fire extinguisher.   

We got to watch the final "dressing" (adding of interior props for realism) of our trailer before rehearsals and filming began.   


















As part of a very interesting week in Chicago, we were given a private tour of the studio and the sets of the shows 'Chicago Fire' and 'Chicago PD'."  


You can visit the iTunes Store to see the Humble Airstream "in action."  It's Season 2, Episode 19, titled "A Heavy Weight,"  $1.99 in standard def, $2.99 in high def. However, you can watch for free on the NBC page here:  The Airstream segment is at 16:15 in case you don't have time to watch it all. 

From a previous episode of "Chicago Fire"    



Sunset at Land Yacht Harbour, Melbourne, FL.
Photograph by Sam Smith
A Full Year of ALL WBCCI Events Coming Soon to WBCCI.ORG

Bit by bit, more WBCCI Regions are completing Google Calendars that display events for a full year instead of the traditional two months.  Hopefully this will allow members to plan their travels further in advance and include visits to other units' rallies and caravans.  Currently Regions 3, 5, 6, and 12 are displaying a full calendar-year of events.  Click on the Region Number to see their displays.  Any Region can join this group, but all units in the region need to participate.  Contact the ECC to find out how we can help you add your Region to this growing list.

The new look for Region Calendars on
The Charter Oak Unit's 2010
"Wandering to Wyoming" Caravan approaches Gillette

Photo by Sandy Sasuta, 2010 

Airstreams (almost) never die,
do they?

If 60% of all Airstreams ever made are still on the road, how many are still on rooftops around the world?  Our question to Joe Peplinski, the Obi-Wan of Airstreams, about these rooftop Airstreams came back with a detailed response:

That is the Grand Daddy Hotel in Cape Town, South Africa.  One of the Airstreams on the roof is #2397 from the Cape Town to Cairo Caravan!  It was owned by one of the doctors on the trip, Dr. Reginald and Dorothy Bigham of Delray Beach, Florida and was not shipped home after the caravan.

Rumor has it that it was sold in Nairobi, supposedly to actor William Holden, who founded the Mount Kenya Safari Club in 1959, where it apparently resided for many years.  It was discovered by the Grand Daddy Hotel owner at a trailer park in South Africa in the 2000's.  And #2397 is not just any Airstream; it is a rare tandem-axle 1959 22' World Traveler model, one of only a handful ever made. 

Each trailer on the hotel roof has received a custom remodel. Luckily #2397 was only lightly remodeled.  It is now known as "Pleasantville" and it still bears its CT2C WBCCI #2397. 





And here's the obvious answer to the next question. 
Courtesy Parking:  A Secret Perk That Isn't Secret!
By David Boyd
I have heard and read many times that Courtesy Parking is one of the best perks of membership in the WBCCI that few people know about or use. The ECC has recently added a Courtesy Parking Map to to make it easier to find courtesy parking "on the fly" if you don't travel with a tight plan, or if something unexpected comes up and you find yourself in need of a friendly port. (As well as far from the comfort of your home, of course.)

Many generous members of the WBCCI who have the space offer up a place to camp at their home to fellow members. These accommodations range from boondocking to full hookups. Since these arrangements are by definition a complementary courtesy, you get many of the advantages of being a house guest without the same level of imposition on your host. However, it's good to remember you're still a guest and consider a token gift, treating your host to a nice dinner or whatever seems appropriate in the moment.
Courtesy Parking Map
Courtesy Parking Map on
In discussing Courtesy Parking with many people who offer parking and/or have enjoyed the hospitality of other Airstreamers at their personal Terraports, I found that everyone with something to say about Courtesy Parking had high praise and many also had interesting stories to tell, from a bad day turned great by finding a friendly Airstreamer when local campgrounds were full to friendships of many years formed at an impromptu pot-luck with their guests. One couple even found new friends who welcomed them to park at their home when they were evacuating before a hurricane!

K. T. of the South Carolina Low Country writes that "We have had many Airstreamers visit us for a day, a week or more... We have been notified days ahead and even as little as a half hour ahead. Always great folks." She mentioned that they have developed long-standing friendships with some of their guests, visiting each other several times and meeting up at rallies. She goes on to write that they have also been Courtesy Parking guests many times: "It started when we could not find a campground. We have always had great hosts and it is nice to meet other Airstreamers along the way. We always have a great time."

Shari Davis (#1824) is past President of DenCo and of the VAC. She writes: "We offer courtesy parking and have had Airstreamers drop in... it's always been a very positive experience. We have also had mini-rallies with friends... especially after late night get togethers (Rally planning parties, etc.)" Shari has also enjoyed the Courtesy-Parking hospitality of other members, adding "Several years ago, I was traveling cross country by myself to a rally and much preferred staying with a friendly Airstreamer than alone in a campground. I met the nicest people on that trip and have since met up with them several times."

Courtesy Parking is exemplary of our values as an organization. It's a chance for our members to share Fun and Friendship, and have the Adventure of meeting new Airstreamers in the bargain. While working on this article, I happened upon my first opportunity to enjoy this perk of membership; I'll be enjoying the hospitality of some fellow Airstreamers on my way to Gunnison in July!
Indy meets Phoenix via Courtesy Parking

Newest WBCCI Unit, the "Southeastern Camping Unit,"
Approaching One Year
by Matt Hackney

A new unit has formed in Region 3 since the last International Rally.  That unit is the Southeastern Camping Unit.  During Alumapalooza 4, a group of 11 families met to discuss opportunities for expanding their level of Fun, Friendship, and Adventure.  Discussions included an interest in outdoor adventure, exploring public parks and traveling to new places.  A week later, during an AirForums gathering in Cloudland Canyon State Park near Trenton, GA, an additional 15 families were informed of the idea and many expressed their interest in participation.  Eleven months later, the Southeastern Camping Unit has a membership of 49 from 11 states and 50 affiliate members from an additional 9 states.

When asked why the group included the word "camping" in their name, Unit President Roy Beavers explained "These folks like to be outdoors.  They enjoy athletic activities that include kayaking, hiking, campfire building, and pot luck meals!"  Since the group received a provisional charter in July, they have held rallies in 5 states, created a members only Facebook page, and held countless other informal gatherings.  As Beavers explains, "We try include a variety of activities and locations so both retired and working members can enjoy them."  The SE Camping Unit has held rallies in conjunction with a Georgia Conservancy paddle trip on the Okeefenokee Swamp and several rallies during AirForums gatherings in North Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida.  In August the group is participating in a joint rally with the South Carolina Coastal Unit.  Rally plans include attending an Atlanta Braves game.


So what are they doing differently?  The formula includes a Facebook Page where members can invite others to meet them for weekend trips.  Unit Membership Chair Beth Hackney determined that making that page closed to non-members would provide additional protection of personal information so members can freely share their travel schedule.  In addition, they have a unit webpage ( and newsletter. 


One unique facet of the unit is the involvement in AirForums activities.  Most of the members were already active in the AirForums and attended many annual gatherings. SECamping looks at these events as opportunities share our WBCCI experiences with those who have Airstreams but have never joined the WBCCI.  In fact, the unit membership includes 15 who were not previously members of the WBCCI.  During a recent rally at Harrison Bay State Park near Chattanooga, I asked the members to give me a few words to explain what they like most about their experience:

  • fun group, fun days
  • no rally too big or too small
  • no paradigms - we've never done it this way before
  • laid back - many planned activities but no pressure to participate
  • showing folks who don't own Airstreams what they are missing

In addition, plans for the coming year include rallies at Highland Haven Airstream Park, Alumapalooza 5, travel to the International Rally, and additional state park rallies.  As with any WBCCI Unit, you don't have to be a unit member to participate in a rally.  Visit the unit webpage if you would like to learn more about upcoming activities or ask someone wearing the distinctive flamingo logo of the SECU (designed by a favorite of many Airstreamers, Antsy McClain!)   


Agreed Value for your Vintage Airstream

By Hunt Jones 

Photo by Dale Schwamborn

We have great news for those of you who have been searching for Agreed Value Physical Damage for your vintage rv/trailer!  That's right, Agreed Value! Not "Actual Cash Value" (ACV), which means virtually nothing, regardless of the amount you see on your policy's Declarations Page and not "Stated Value," which is open to considerable interpretation by a claims examiner in case of damage.  Agreed Value is the amount you and an appraiser determine that your rig is worth before you actually receive coverage.  This means you have full coverage for that amount should you incur a total loss.  


We have been searching for an insurance company/broker who is willing to write this type of coverage for more than 15 years! If you think you're covered now for Agreed Value Physical Damage, please read your RV policy.  I would bet the coverage is ACV, and the Actual Cash Value is zero for a vintage rig because unlike antique automobiles, there are no books to determine what your old rig is worth.  A few may have Stated Value which is what you, but not necessarily your carrier, believe it may be worth as that amount is open to interpretation.   Some agents may write Agreed Value through a Direct Writer (captive agent) insurance company without an appraisal... I wouldn't care to test that though.  


FCIS (Farm and City Insurance Services) in Forest City Iowa is an insurance agency/broker licensed to write a policy with Agreed Value Physical Damage and other important coverages for your vintage rig. Policies are written through three major carriers in all states except Massachusetts and Hawaii.   The all-important Physical Damage (Comprehensive and Collision) is Agreed Value.  Other important elective coverages for vintage rigs include Vacation Insurance (for Open House to cover bodily injury for liability for the public when your trailer is unhitched), Personal Effects, Towing and Labor, and Extra Expense for lodging when your trailer/rv is laid up while on the road.  Further options are also available, and a list of more applicable coverages can be chosen for Vintage "Full Timing" where the rig is used as a primary residence.  An entire package is offered for vintage motor homes too.  The premium for these coverages is surprisingly reasonable.


To qualify, you will need to call 1-800-331-1520 and let the menu direct you to the correct department to answer some questions for an application.   Or, you can go to FCIS's website for a quote.  Either route will subsequently require photos of all four sides of your rig plus the interior.  You will also need a typed appraisal on letterhead from a trailer/rv restoration specialist or ask FCIS for a certified appraiser in your area/state.


This is a rare opportunity for all of us.  Take advantage of it through!


Vintage RV Restoration Shops/Appraisers

This list is the first compilation of those vintage rv restoration shops/services or vintage rv appraisers personally recommended by those responding to our recent request via Tin Can Tourists.  Appraisals are required to qualify for the Agreed Value Physical Damage Insurance program through the FCIS Agency.  As more referrals are received, we will add them and forward to FCIS.  FCIS also uses an outsourced appraisal service in most states.

Thank you to Tin Can Tourists, Forrest Bone, and Hunt Jones for providing this valuable information.  Please contact them for further information or referrals. 


FCIS is a WBCCI corporate sponsor. 
New Format for WBCCI.ORG

The club's main website,, has been reorganized for easier access to the pages members use the most.  You'll notice different menus and menu order, but the content is the same.  Only the format has changed.

Speaking of formats, we have added a plugin so the website is now accessible - and legible - from your SmartPhone. 
Both of these changes resulted from suggestions by members.  Send us yours today!
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