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3 Motions Before Delegates
New Happy Hour at IR
Rally Mystery Solved
Airstream Dealers at your Rally
"To Airstream" Definition
Favorite Campground Contest
Updated Caravan Dates
The dates in the March Blue Beret for the 2015 Rocky
Mountain Caravans are incorrect. The correct dates are:  


Canadian Rocky Mountains: Aug. 11- Sept. 3, 2015  

US Rocky Mountains: Sept. 8 - 29, 2015    


The dates for the following 2015 caravans have been changed.  The new dates are: 



April 20 - May 8, 2015 


Southwest Adventure:   

Aug 23 - Oct 15, 2015 

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Wally Byam Took Airstream Around the World (Pilfered from Dale Schwamborn)

in Alaska

WBCCI Store Workers Needed
If you have some free time at the International Rally, consider volunteering a few hours to help at the Club Store. No experience required.  Contact Mike and MaryJo Brown. (317) 877-1745
International Rally
Committee Chairpersons Needed



Craft Workshop

Friendship Center


Full Timing Seminar







Sign Up Tables


Tours During the Rally


Traffic Control


Contact Cindy Reed if you would like to lead one of these committees.  


New Rally Vendors at Gillette
Autumn Ventures

All Pro Water Flow

Cellular Plus

Titan Tire

Techno RV


The Balloon Festival Rally Is Almost Full
Register now to secure your place.
Make Your Dues Go Further
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Following the article in last month's News and Views quite a few members opted out of receiving a print copy of the Blue Beret, thereby saving the club money.  To add your name to the list email or call Deb Sailor (937-596-5211).   She'll do the rest.
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New Seminars at the
Gillette International Rally

This year we have a variety of new seminars, including seven seminars from the Gillette area, with very comfortable facilities for our programs. The seminars from the local area are very informative and are normally well attended. Come early and come often to enjoy hearing from club members and the people in our host city.





The Membership Growth Seminar will share successful marketing tools, discuss membership demographics and brainstorm on next steps to engage, attract and retain Airstream owners.   


READIN' ON THE ROAD by Hedda Smithson    

After a long day of traveling, how do you "wind down" in the evening? Do you turn to the stack of books you carry in your Airstream? When you come to the International Rally in Gillette, WY, consider joining those of us who would like to have a discussion about books as well as how we read them.  



There are a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding the classic sport of fly fishing.  This presentation shows you how simple it really is.  Ken Langell has been teaching fly-casting and fly tying for 40 years and will prove to you that "even a child can do it."  You bring your inner child!


by Hedda Smithson

Does your Airstream look exactly like it did when you were first given the keys and the quick "This is what you need to know about a trailer" tour?  Well - ours doesn't. There have been lots of changes; come and hear what we did - and be willing to share your own "remodeling" adventures.



Mary Kelly will be full of juicy tidbits about how Gillette changed from a remote frontier area in eastern Wyoming to a major mining center when black gold was discovered there. Yes, when you see a train with one hundred coal cars headed east there is a good possibility it came from Gillette.   



Kimber Moore will be hosting her 3rd Wine and food paIrings seminar. This year she will feature rugged and delicate Wyoming faire and pair it with California wines. She will feature local sustainably ranched meats from the Duram Ranch, one of the largest Buffalo ranches in the world. Space is limited for this special event so there will be a sign-up sheet in the VAC tent. All rally participants are welcome to attend.  





You will come away from these programs with a better idea of the training that the dogs have and the work that they do.




Our members are very computer literate, but it always helps to learn new tips on computer safety. This seminar will share the latest information about what the bad guys are doing and how to keep a step ahead of them.



We are a group of travelers who encounter various delights as we go from place to place. However, we also discover that there can be various pot holes created by people who are creative irritations. Therefore, we have a seminar about personal safety on the road. Learn what pot holes are out there and how to avoid them so that your travels are always safe and enjoyable.





Lazy, no-good people are always trying to get to your money the sneaky way. Therefore, we will have a presentation about the ten most common frauds across the country and how to avoid being a victim.



The Sheriffs Department's Bomb Squad deals with "explosive "situations. They will present a program about the equipment that they use and the types of situations that they face.





by Carolyn Beardshear

This is an App sharing session, not really a seminar. Bring your favorite SmartPhone or Tablet App you use when traveling and demonstrate it for the group. Please email the ECC in advance and tell us which App you'd like to share and which device you'll be using so we'll have an appropriate AV adapter for the projector and can avoid duplication.


Many apps are free or are nominally priced, but not all apps are equally useful. Take advantage of your Airstreaming friends' experience before you buy.


Don't have favorite App? Come anyway and learn how these little devices can make Airstreaming easier and even more fun!



by Ronnie Erb and Carolyn Beardshear

Region and Unit webmasters (or potential webmasters) are invited to attend this hands-on session on tips for improving or starting your website. Bring your computer.




Not sure where to find the information you want on the club's website?

Ronnie will take you through the basic structure and lead you to a better understanding of the menus and user functions.



by Howard Lefkowitz 

The care and Feeding of your RV.  This consists of tips and tricks from the old timer.  Spare parts, special tools, maintenance info and repair procedures for both Motor Homes and Trailers.

Batteries, Chargers (Converters), Inverters and Solar Panels.  How they work in your RV, trouble shooting, testing and repair.

Water Heaters, Furnaces and Refrigerators.  How they work in your RV, the commonality of gas appliances, trouble shooting, testing and repair.

Cooling, Heat Pump and Heat Strip.  How they work in your RV, trouble shooting, testing, repair and when to get a repair shop for your air conditioner.

Wi-Fi, hot spots, cell phones, computers, tablets, etc.  How they work, data security, things you should never do and what is the best approach for your needs.

Safe hookup, towing, braking for both the tow vehicle and trailer.  Why the various weight  limit rating are important and how they affect your safety and towing.

Trailer and Motor Home Round Table.  Bring your Questions and Problems.  Some topics to be discussed include tire pressure, why GFCI, what you should be doing at the Rest Stops, etc.   

by Tim Kendziorski
Dometic Refrigeration Units
This will be an informative technical lecture on how the Dometic Cooling unit works. We will take this seemingly complex piece of equipment and break it down to the simplest level so that anybody can diagnose cooling problems with their unit. We will have an actual working cooling unit for all to examine.


Make Your Voice Heard 

At the 2014 International Rally in Gillette Delegates will be asked to vote on the following motions:   
These motions have been deemed appropriate by the CBL committee, whose report has been sent to Unit and Region Presidents.  Click on each motion or consult your Unit or Region website or officers for additional information. 

Please ask your unit officers to conduct a discussion of these motions and instruct your delegate to vote in accordance with your unit's wishes. 

Did you know that if none of your unit members can attend the International Rally, an affiliate member can serve as your delegate? 
All-Rally Happy Hour at Gillette


 This year's rally participants can enjoy a group Happy Hour every day in the Box Elder Campground "MIDDLE SOUTH COMMONS AREA."   


Look for the signs, bring your chairs, happy hour snacks and refreshments.   

Open daily to all Rally Participants 

Vintage Airstream Club Members,
Please Read

by Teresa Taylor, Membership Chair

VAC is well on its way to implementing a new Filemaker membership database. For this database to work properly it is important for VAC members to keep us informed of changes.
If you are reading this article in the WBCCI News and Views but you are not receiving the the VAC email newsletter, then VAC does not have your correct email address.


Please email

your correct email and keep us updated on your postal address, too. If you have bought, sold, or have not given us information about your Airstream or Argosy, let me know. We are adding trailer and motor home information to the database.


If you have received one of these postcards reminding you to renew, please DO IT NOW because your membership has expired! You can renew online at or send your check to Vintage Airstream Club, PO Box 612, Jackson Center, OH 54334.   

If you send a check please let me know by email at so I know your renewal is on the slow road to Seaside, Oregon. I will make sure you are in the loop to receive your Spring Vintage Advantage.  


If you haven't seen one of these postcards in your mailbox, relax. Your VAC renewal date is still well into the future.    

Keep wearing that VAC sticker with pride.  

Mystery Rally Picture 
In last month's issue we asked if anyone could solve the mystery of this Airstream Rally picture. Here's what we received. If you can shed any further light on this event, please let us know.   



"My guess would be that it was of the 1955 Eastern Canada Caravan at Algonquin Prov. Park. The camping site for that stop on the caravan was an abandoned WWII air field next to the park. When we were scouting for the Golden Anniversary Caravan we visited the site but could not use it because it was now overgrown and had no acceptable access. We did use the Prov. Park campground which I believe would be in the trees at the far end of the parked Airstreams.


If you look in Trailer Travel Here and Abroad on page 84 & 85 you will find an interesting story about how caravan parker Edward Jost  established the neat row style of parking and the kids went quickly into the cool water (which you can see in the background of the picture). While we were scouting the GA Caravan we were fortunately able to find locals who remembered where the original caravan parked at all of the sites - although none were able to be used by us since they were now developed (or as in the case of Algonquin, overgrown). Hope this is of some help and perhaps gives Joe Peplinski a path to follow."  

 - Bob Bennett

The Mothership
Image by Dale Schwamborn 
Thank You, Airstream Dealers
by Linda Agre, Region 7 President 


One of the 'perks' of being a Region President is that it forces you to look past your own Unit rallies and join in on other Unit rallies in your Region. What a great experience to get out of your 'comfort zone' and see how and what other units are doing. This is exactly what happened to me last fall. I looked at the upcoming Wisconsin rallies. Marquette, Michigan? August 16-18? Can do!

            As you know the UP of Michigan is a beautiful place to hold a rally. What a plus to have the WBCCI members of the UP host this rally. If I remember correctly 22 units were in attendance plus ONE AIRSTREAM DEALER! WOW! How did the rally Wagon Master convince an Airstream Dealer from Traverse City, Michigan to not only come to a Wisconsin Unit Rally but also bring a new Airstream trailer and door prizes, conduct tech seminars, provide treats for all rally goers, stay the whole week end and bring his wife? It was wonderful! Larry and Gail Kelsey of Nature and Me RV drove across the dreaded Mackinac Bridge just to let us know that our dealers do care.

            This lead to an idea. Let's involve more Airstream dealers at our Unit rallies. As I do not remember the Minnesota Unit ever having an Airstream dealer in attendance at a rally since I had been a member, I asked the Minnesota Unit President Steve Jedlund to contact Shorewood RV Anoka, MN to see if they might be interested. Lo and behold they were delighted! Not only are they coming to our "Flamingos and Airstreams" Rally June 5-8, 2014 to conduct seminars, but they will also bring a service department tech along to do simple on-site repairs. Double WOW! Thank You, Shorewood!

            In your travels around this great United States of America and Canada remember to stop in at the Airstream Dealers along the way and thank them for the service they provide. Let every Airstream owner know if a dealer has gone 'beyond and above the call of duty'. I just let you know of two of those dealers.


P.S. If you are in the area of the Minnesota Airstream Park in June please join us for this rally. Our Welcome Mat is out.



Airstream Dealers Map 
What does "to airstream" mean to you?

Send the ECC your definition of "Airstreaming" (as a verb) and you might see it appear on a t-shirt in the near future. Multiple definitions are possible, so you can send more than one. Note: No credit will be given to the authors but your contributions will be enjoyed by many.
Favorite Campground Contest
Nominate your favorite Canadian or US campground to win a "WBCCI Best Campground" award.  Members can vote on the nominees in the April issue of News and Views. We'll publish the results in May and the winning campgrounds will be notified of their selection by WBCCI Airstreamers!  Members get to share information and the campground owners know how much Airstreamers appreciate them. 

To nominate a campground, please send the ECC: 
  • the campground's name 
  • location (nearest city, state or province) 
  • approximate cost per day  

C'mon, Spring!
Photo by Erin Beals, Central Indiana Unit