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May 2013                                                                           Issue
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Doing the unimaginable
Huron Garden Tour
On your way to Huron...
Upcoming Vote on Thor Motorhome Issue
Delegates' Workshop in Huron
Join the VAC Parade into Huron
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Favorite Campgrounds
Impact of Sequestration on RVing
Airstreams with Numbers on .org
Doing the unimaginable...

What have you done that you never imagined you could because of a WBCCI caravan or rally experience? Tell us the story and we might publish it on the website.  What better way to tell prospective members why "adventure" is a big part of our club's motto?    


Please include a picture if you have one.     


Garden Tour of Huron at International Rally


Huron has an abundance of beautiful public and home gardens that are waiting to be discovered! Join us for a full day of garden tours and seminars on your favorite gardening subjects. We have teamed with local businesses and homeowners to bring WBCCI members a wide variety of gardening styles and topics that will make your yard and garden a "home vacation" hot spot for your friends and family.  Homes are open only during the scheduled times with the homeowner present to tell you all about their gardens. Maps of the tour stops will be available at a later time. We'll end up the afternoon at East River Nursery for a garden seminar and shopping time at their year-round garden center and gift store.


There is no cost for this tour and you may join it at any time.   

What's New on WBCCI.ORG? 

 New format for Regions  


Thanks to a great suggestion by Stedman Brown (Piedmont NC Unit), lots of development time by Tim Kendziorski and Eric McHenry and a new database plug-in all units are now displayed on a Region Map so prospective members can view all the units in their local area at once.    








Clicking on the unit icon will display a link to information about each unit, including a link to the unit's website.   


Please help us make this better.  We had to select a single zip code to place the icon, so if you feel that a different zip code would represent your unit's location better, have your unit president send the preferred zip. We'll make it right.   


The new "Courtesy Parking Map" has made finding a courtesy parking site much easier for members on the road. Have you had a great courtesy parking experience? Tell us who you met and how the map worked for 

Home and Away Magazine features South Dakota
Follow these links on your way to the 2013 Huron International Rally.
You may need to enter Huron's ZIP code (57350) to access these sites.

Thor Motorhome Motion at International Rally
Have you cast your vote on the Thor Motorhome motion yet? This motion will determine whether Thor Class A motorhomes without the Airstream brand are admitted into the WBCCI.  Discuss this important motion with your unit officers and members and make sure your voice is heard.

If this motion is passed, an eligible member of WBCCI would be defined as
"An adult who owns a hard sided recreational vehicle manufactured by Airstream, Inc., or a class A motor home manufactured by Thor Industries, Inc., beginning with the 2007 model year, shall be eligible for membership. Ownership of a Thor manufactured class A motor home shall be by a LIFE or minimum 10 year member."

The Club's Vision Statement would then read: Wally Byam Caravan Club International, Inc. maintains its unique position of strength and visibility among recreational vehicle organizations as the recreational vehicle club of choice for Airstream and specified Thor owners.

The Club's Mission Statement would then read: Wally Byam Caravan Club International, Inc. is a diverse community of Airstream and specified Thor owners with a commitment to Fun, Fellowship and Adventure.

New "Delegate Workshop" to be held at Huron
WBCCI logo
In addition to a Delegates Seminar and Meeting at Huron, this year there will be a Delegates Workshop to be held on June 26 from 8 am-12 noon.

This workshop will give the Delegates an opportunity to meet in a less structured environment (no business to be discussed) and explore subjects of importance to them and their Units.

Join the VAC Parade Into International, in style! 
Wednesday, July 26
10 a.m. Meet up behind the giant Pheasant on Hwy. 14 
11 a.m. Parade into the International Rally in Huron, the way an Airstream should parade! 


To start, the VAC will be spending our Rendezvous at the Laura Ingalls Homestead in De Smet for the evening of the 25th. If you are planning to be in the VAC Parade and coming in to the International Rally with the VAC, you should perhaps plan on joining us for the Rendezvous. The cost is $27 and includes a wristband to see all the sights and attractions of this historic location. Yes, we will be "circling the wagons" on the prairie which was the inspiration for books like the Little House on the Prairie.


Wednesday morning at 10 a.m. we will leave De Smet and make our way towards Huron,  meeting up behind the giant Pheasant along Highway 14 just west of Memorial Park.  


There we will set up flags and get all pretty for the parade. This year will be a unique year in the history of the Vintage Parade as we will be broadcasting Vintage-appropriate music from a transmitter on the lead vehicle that we all can tune into and play from our vehicles. We will also be playing this music from a set of speakers on  the lead vehicle for all to hear. The town of Huron has been notified of our parade and hopefully many will come out to watch.


Even if you are already parked at International, you are welcome to hitch up and meet up with us at the giant Pheasant for the parade in. We are easy to work with and will do our best to accommodate you in the parade.


If you are interested in registering for the rendezvous, please go to  For more information please email


Book Discussion Added to Huron Schedule
Exchange your thoughts with WBCCI friends at Huron  

Meet us in Huron for an informal discussion on two books, the pros and cons of various eReaders, and a sharing of your favorite titles. Led by Hedda Smithson and Carolyn Beardshear

Nineteen Minutes,
by Jodi Picoult - A novel involving a school shooting and the topic of bullying in schools. 
Destiny of the Republic, by Candice Millard, on the assassination of James Garfield
Favorite Campgrounds from WBCCI Members
Jersey Shore Haven Airstream Park, By Doreen Venables 


Jersey Shore Haven Airstream Park in Cape May County, NJ is a wonderful place to spend the spring, summer, and early fall.  It is a small, wooded campground at the Jersey Shore. There is no place at the Jersey Shore where you can stay as cheaply as you can at JSH. There is a great pool, group fire pit area, and weekend activities for all to enjoy. Plus, you are close to all the amenities of Cape May County and the seashore towns. The seasonals are friendly, welcoming, and helpful to all visitors.      


Sequestration and RVing
If half of what we read and hear actually happens, sequestration will inevitably affect most Airstream life styles. I would urge all members to pay attention to your surrounding areas both National and State, how this may affect your future plans, and any Wally Byam rallies or caravans. Items I have read include the delay of opening both the north and south rim of the Grand Canyon and reducing operating hours of their visitor centers, reducing education programs in many parks, closing half of the visitor centers on the Blue Ridge Parkway, closing one visitor center on Mt. Rainer, and delaying the opening of the Going to The Sun Road in Glacier National Park. Campgrounds will be closed in The Great Smoky National Park, as well as a visitor center in the Grand Tetons.  
Click the link above to read the full article about the impact in specific states.  


New Images Available on WBCCI.ORG
Occasionally WBCCI members ask, "Why aren't there any Airstreams with Big Red Numbers in the clip art section?"   We thought that was a great question, so we asked Cam Murray (NorCal Unit) to fix that for us.  And he did!   Two new Images are available to download from 
Boyd's Campground, Key West, FL by Dan McDougall
California Wildfire Shuts Down CA Campground Areas 
Submitted by Richard Jirius

Campgrounds and trails remain closed at Point Mugu State Park in the Santa Monica Mountains after the Springs fire last week cut a blazing path from Newbury Park to Pacific Coast Highway, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Popular campgrounds at Sycamore Cove and Thornhill Broome Beach, accessed by Pacific Coast Highway, are to be closed until later in May, officials said. 


ReserveAmerica, the service that handles campground reservations, has been informing campers who had booked sites about the closure and refunding their money.